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Fall Fun


With our non-stop activities and going in a million different directions, we seem to have to “schedule” in the fun things.

One of the best things about October in Lexington is Keeneland. There’s no place like it in the fall.

Pre-kids, we’d go with friends a few times a meet and even tailgate beforehand…and go to dinner after! Obviously, life is more hectic now, but I like to go to the races at least once in the fall and the spring. It’s always fun to bump into friends and people that you know. Travis is there quite a bit for work, and sometimes I will tag along. When the kids were in elementary school, he’d usually pick them up once or twice and take them for the last few races. It’s just a fun thing to do especially when the weather is nice!

I shared a post all about Keeneland last spring…and here are a few pics with the kids…

through the years…

and now…

We were able to go to the last few races on Friday, and I’m so glad we made it work!

The first race we were there, Travis had the kids each choose a horse, and he placed a trifecta bet…

…and they WON!

Hadley actually had winners in almost every race…and they hit another trifecta too. Hadley said, “This is easy!” {follow us for more parenting tips…}

Keeneland has great food and some great people watching too.

We had a really great afternoon. While it was a short visit to Keeneland, it was a good one!

Other weekend fun:

On Sunday, Hadley helped me put out the cobwebs, spiders and skeletons.

Then, the kids carved their pumpkins. I will say that while it’s bittersweet how quickly they are growing up, I’m not mad about the fact they can carve their own pumpkins!

They both had a “vision” and executed the plan. I love this tradition, and I hope we can do it every year.

When I shared my Pumpkin Everything post a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to try the Slow-Cooker Pumpkin Cake that I’d saved on Pinterest.

I added the ingredients to my Clicklist order this weekend, and made the cake on Sunday.

I followed this recipe…


Mix and put in slow cooker…

Serve with a dollop of Cool Whip on top. We all enjoyed some after carving pumpkins on Sunday night.

It was so good! Now I’m thinking this is a fun way to make a cake without having to worry about the oven!

What are some of your favorite fall activities where you live? I’m so glad we made sure to get in a couple of our traditions this fall.

Tomorrow, I’m sharing the books I read this month.

I hope you have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Fall Fun

  1. Ahhh Keeneland and the cake look amazing! I think sometimes we think if we can’t do a whole day something isn’t worth it, but you made it work for a couple of hours! That’s great! The weather was gorgeous for Keeneland! Have a great day!

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    1. The kids polished the rest of the cake off last night. Another perk of showing up late to the races…we got a good parking spot 😂the weather was great, so I’m glad we made it work:


  2. That’s something uniquely Kentucky, I feel like. I’ve never been to a horse race in my life! Fun that you’ve kept going year after year!

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  3. What a fun weekend! I love all the fun things you have to do near you. I used to love pumpkin carving! Yours all turned out great. I hope you have a great day!

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  4. I loved when my kids were finally old enough to carve their own pumpkin… but just a couple years later they all realized that it was quite gross and smelly and that they didn’t enjoy pumpkin carving! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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