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Fall Home Tour

Happy Thursday and Happy September 22nd…or as my calendar says, “autumn begins…”

Well, it’s my favorite time of the year! In case you missed the memo, I love fall. Also, I love a good quote, so here are a few of my favorite fall quotes:

I finally had the chance to decorate over the weekend. Actually, I thought I would be able to decorate one day last week, but I couldn’t find my tub of fall decorations.

We found it under the basement stairs on Friday. I’d forgotten that last year I purged and went from two tubs to one by donating or tossing older fall decor.

Friday night before we went to my school’s football game, I pulled a few things out trying to remember where I usually put things….by Saturday morning when I wanted to finish up, I turned to last year’s blog post to help me out!

I’m basically Oprah for pumpkins. “You get a pumpkin and you get a pumpkin…” haha

I know I love a good home tour…especially a seasonal one, but these blog posts also help me remember where I put my decorations!

Last year’s post started with my front porch, but the only thing I have out there right now are two mums in my planters. I hope to start adding to the porch this weekend.


I put my decorations in the exact same spot on the entry table as last year. The only thing that is different is that I now have two arches here (year round) instead of our family photo.

A few faux flowers, a tea light, and some pumpkins spruce up this table.

Living room:

I love the tray on the coffee table in the living room. It’s a great spot to change out seasonal decor. I’ve had this light up pumpkin (I have two) for two years, and it’s a favorite. A pumpkin spice candle from Antique Candle Co and a small fall wreath for the base of the candle are all I needed to create some cozy.

One of my Michael’s purchases this year, was this wooden pumpkin candle lantern. It fits perfectly on the wooden stool. My other decorations I’ve had for years. I add a few fall touches to our built ins, and then change the candle in the fire place lantern. We’ve had this little jack-o-lantern (with a tealight) for years, and it’s always nostalgic to put out. The kids always loved it when they were little.

I used the same pumpkin pillows that I’ve had for a couple of years. I love how they look on our new couch.


I keep it pretty simple in the office and just swap out the chair pillows for my “Morning Pumpkin” pillows. Then, this year, I decided to put out this fave pic of the kids in the frame that always sits on that table. This was October 2010 and Hayden and Hadley’s first trip to the pumpkin patch…such a sweet memory.


I love this plaid pumpkin pillow in our sitting area. I picked up the turquoise pumpkin at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago, and added it to our island tray. It’s actually a candle, but I’ve been burning the Trader Joe’s Vanilla Pumpkin one recently. I always change out a nice hand towel each season on the oven, and put this pumpkin sign where one of my favorite cookbooks typically sits. I added the apple cider candle too.

The buffet is a fun area to decorate. I change out the flowers as well as my China plates to include these cute pumpkin ones.

Last year, I got this table runner and then I’ve had these plate for a few years. I picked them up at Target. I also add a couple of pumpkins in the tray.

The fireplace is my favorite part. Orange candles, leaves and pumpkin garland. So easy to hang up. I picked up the “Gather with a grateful heart” sign at Michael’s as well as the yellow pumpkins.

I have cute little metal stands that usually have topiaries in them, and I wanted something for fall to sit in them. I picked up these pumpkins the other day. They come in orange, yellow, and white. I chose yellow to compliment my orange candles. (By the way: Fall decorations at Michael’s were 40% off) {At this point, I feel like Michael’s should sponsor this post!)

Then, I added a string of lights behind the fall leaves for a little extra glow at night.

Sun room:

Swapping our regular pillows for these pumpkins ones as well as the burnt orange throw are a quick way to decorate out here.

I always change out the candle on the tray as well as the back door wreath to something more fall appropriate. I’ve had the plug in pumpkin for years, and actually didn’t have a spot for it in the living room like usual thanks to the mirror I bought last year. Anyway, I decided to move a lamp and plug in the pumpkin on the nights we sit in the sun room.


I keep it very simple in the bedroom with a season candle and another one of the pumpkins from Michael’s. It’s nice to read or fall asleep at night to the glow of the pumpkin and a fall scent.

Yesterday, was 90+ degrees, and today the high is 70 with some 60 degree temps in the future too. It’s like Mother Nature knew what she was doing 😉

With cooler temps finally arriving, I definitely hope to get the front porch decorated this weekend.

Happy Fall {y’all!}

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Friday Favorites {#84}

Hello and happy Friday! I’m so glad that it’s Friday. This week turned out to be more than I expected it to be, so I’m jumping right in to this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here’s a peek at some favorites from the week.

Favorite Pic:

Well, even though the Chiefs lost in a heart breaker Sunday night, my favorite pic from the week is still sweet Homer in his Chiefs scarf!

Favorite Moment:

My favorite moment from the week has to do with all things fall. I finally got a few touches of fall throughout the house, and I’m pleased with how everything turned out.

One of my favorite decorations is still my light up pumpkin that I got at Michael’s last year. I loved it so much that I purchased a second one for our bedroom last year too. This year, I picked up the small autumn berry wreath to add to my pedestal with fall candle.

I tried something different with the kitchen table this year with a new runner, some new cute pedestals from Hobby Lobby and pumpkins from Trader Joe’s.

My front porch is coming right along.

This year, I picked up mums from Trader Joe’s because I couldn’t resist the great price, and they were in cute baskets!

I also ordered the big mums in the planters from the kids’ school, and they arrived this week as well. Lastly, my front porch pillows that I ordered off Etsy seven years ago, needed to be tossed. I ordered this four pack of pillow covers from Amazon and used two for the porch and two for my sun room chairs.

Favorite Kid Quote:

My kids got in trouble earlier this week for not meeting my bedtime curfew for them. After a couple of days of no Xbox, Hayden said, “Mom, the punishment doesn’t really fit the crime.” I laughed and asked where he heard that saying. He said his social studies teacher says that sometimes! Good to know he’s listening at school.

Favorite Clothing Item:

Did you seem my Walmart post this week? So many favorite clothing items that I’m wearing on repeat, especially the crew neck sweatshirts!

Favorite Food:

With the cooler temps this week, I made two of our favorite meals for dinner: Pizza Pork Chops and Shay’s Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Favorite Trader Joe’s Find:

Lauren shared about her Trader Joe’s candles. In all my years going into Trader Joe’s, I’ve never known they had candles. When I went there last week for some of their mini pumpkins and gourds, I asked one of the employees if they had any candles…and she pointed me in the right direction. The Honeycrisp Apple was the only one they had in stock; I picked up two! Y’all, it smells so good!

Favorite Fall Quotes:

I love these quotes:

Just my favorite ways to think about fall!

Favorite Mom Meme:

My Gma sent me this, and I laughed…and can relate!

And this…I feel this one deeply.

Another Fave:

After three rainy days, yesterday was beautiful, and I was able to get out for a walk. I needed the fresh air.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

How about this memory from 2011? They look so alike in this pic….I’m either bribing them with a snack, or they might be looking at me like I’m a moron. #itstartedyoung

Weekly Recap:

I had three posts this week! I recapped the weekend, shared our Fall Fun List, as well as What I’ve been Wearing (all from Walmart).

What are your plans for the weekend? We have a cross country meet on tap and not much else. Remember when I said that last weekend, but ended up super busy? I think this week I actually do mean that we don’t have as much going on…and I’m here for it.

Thanks so much for reading,

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Fall Decorations, Y’all!

Happy (official) first day of fall!

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of the year. Give me all the pumpkins, cooler temperatures, and sweaters, and my heart is happy. While I like decorating for Christmas, I love decorating for fall. I usually try to have my inside decorations up by mid-September and then my front porch finished the next week. I guess I might love fall decorations more because I get to enjoy them a little longer!

I usually take pics of where I put things which makes decorating a pretty quick process. I swap some regular decor with the fall stuff, and put the regular decor in the fall decoration tub until I need to swap it out again.

So, today I’m giving you a peek at what fall looks like in my house.

Inside Decorations:

I swap a cookbook in the stand for this pumpkin sign. Then, I added some mini pumpkins from Trader Joe’s to the tray in my kitchen.

I previously shared about my new light up pumpkin from Michael’s. It’s perfect on my coffee table with the apple scented candle from Bath and Body Works. The pumpkin was the only new purchase this season, and I mentioned I should have purchased two of them. Well…

I did! I went back over the weekend, and picked up another one. I never decorate in the bedrooms, but I have a lantern that typically sits on my dresser. I swapped the lantern for the light up pumpkin, and I love having that little touch in our bedroom.

I only put a couple of fall items in our sunroom. I have a candle out there with the little wooden pumpkin in the tray.

I changed out the traditional wreath on our outside sunroom door for this fall one that I had forgotten I even had!

In the kitchen, I kept the buffet pretty much like last year except I added the white ceramic stack of three pumpkins (that lights up!) and added one more pumpkin in the cabinet that wasn’t there last year.

Close up of the buffet decorations:

My entry way table looks a little different than last year, but I still used what I had.

I usually put away the cloche that typically sits on the kitchen buffet, but I instead added mini pumpkins and gourds to it and moved it to the entry table. I also included a candle, a pumpkin, and added some faux orange sprays of flowers from a bouquet I had used in previous years.

Close up of entry way table decor:

I’ve had the light up pumpkin from Kirklands for years. I love it. Then, I just added a cute little wooden pumpkin that I’ve also had for quite some time to the antique trunk.

My kitchen mantle looks exactly the same as last year.

Then, sprinkled all throughout the house, I have fall pillows that I’ve acquired through the years.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Weekend Top 5 post, I picked up some pumpkins at Trader Joe’s, and I’m almost finished with my front porch decorations. Hopefully, I can get that finished this week.

These decorations always help make the inside of our house more cozy and festive for the fall season.

They say, “Home is where the heart is.” Well, I think my heart is wherever the pumpkins are…😂

Thanks so much for reading!