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Weekend Top 5

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was a good one. I swear I always underestimate how much we have going on. If you talked to me on Friday, I would have said, “On Saturday, we only have a cross country meet and then not much on Sunday.” Well, I didn’t sit down all of Saturday. It was a just a “go, go, go” kind of day, and then Sunday I was really productive around the house and getting things in order for the week.

I’m not sure when I will catch a break, but I feel like I need one. Here’s a recap of our weekend with The Weekend Top 5.

When I say a highlight of my weekend was getting pumpkins, you’ll see how crazy I am this time of the year. I forgot my lunch Friday, so I stopped in Kroger to pick up a salad. As I walked into the grocery store, I saw they had the stackable “fantasy” pumpkins that I buy every year from my favorite garden center. These were really reasonably priced, so I went ahead and picked up a few.

I had always planned to go to my favorite spot after school, and still went there to pick up a couple of smaller pumpkins. The kids joined me since I had picked them up from school. Last year, there was apparently a pumpkin shortage, so my favorite place was pretty sparse. They were back in action this year!

I was happy to see that they had quite the variety of fantasy pumpkins, gourds, mini pumpkins, squash and more!

Then after I got everything put out on the porch Saturday afternoon, I went to Trader Joe’s for a few things for lunches and then bought a few extra mini pumpkins and mums at Trader Joe’s. I usually get mums from Trav’s work, but couldn’t pass up the mums in the cute baskets.

It’s sort of embarrassing how pumpkin obsessed I am but a mid-September Saturday is my black Friday 🤣 I’m not 100% finished with my front porch, but how about this cute moment on my front porch table?! I found this little stand and Hobby Lobby. It’s perfect for holding a cute little white pumpkin for the next couple of months!

Another highlight from the weekend was Hayden’s cross country meet. One of the kids’ friends came to cheer him on.

I won’t sugarcoat it…it was a difficult course on a hot day. He put forth his best effort. He was a little down after the race, but everyone ran a little slower and and rose to the challenge.

Hopefully, the temps will finally cool off and these runners can catch a break this week.

After the race, Hayden went and played in a golf match…and loved every second of that.

Hayden picked up dinner with a friend after golf, and Travis worked all day and wanted to stay in on Saturday night and have leftovers. Honestly, I wanted to as well, but Hadley wanted to go out on the town. She and I grabbed a quick dinner at one of our local spots. She caught me up on all the details of middle school, and then we all hung out the rest of the night with a decent bedtime. I swear that dinner on Saturday night was the first time I sat down!

I was up pretty early on Sunday morning, and decided to light my fall candle and finish my book. I didn’t get very far with my indoor fall decor, but the candle had me in the fall spirit!

I finished Yoga Pant Nation which was the third book in the Class Mom series. I still think the first book was my fave, but this one was great too and provided a lot of laughs.

A couple more Sunday highlights included church and Sunday Night football.

post church Sunday smiles

Per tradition, Homer let me dress him in the appropriate Chiefs attire. He’s become such a good boy! (besides the fact he’s not supposed to be up on that couch!)

He could be the official mascout of the Chiefs…Homer (AKA: MaHomer!)

For fun, here he is in September 2019 and September 2020.

I finished this before knowing the outcome of the game! I hope the Chiefs didn’t disappoint me. (*update: just woke up to the score 😩…thankfully, Homer still looks cute in his scarf)

So, there’s a peek at our weekend. I hope you have a great week. The temps are finally going to cool off a bit, and I’m here for it! See you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Talk.

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Top 5

  1. Homer!
    I almost got mums this weekend but didn’t! I want purple and yellow for a theme I’m doing so I better get on it. I want white pumpkins, too. Obsessed with white. Your arrangements look so good! Saturday was so hot! We have a very early fall break and first time teachers really get one! I cannot tell you how ready I am! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Purple and yellow will be so fun! I always overthink what mum combo I want 🤣 our fall break is usually the first of October, but this year it’s a little later. I’m already ready for it


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