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Friday Favorites {#39}

Hello and Happy Friday! How was your week? We had a pretty good week of school, work and activities. My favorite part of the week was that it actually felt like fall!! We’ve had pretty mild and even cool temps, and it’s just been amazing. I put out my fall decorations last weekend, and I’m so happy that I did. I would have enjoyed them no matter what, but since it actually feels like fall outside, that’s made the house feel even more cozy on the inside.

As always, I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Friday Favorites link up.

Favorite Moment:

Hadley was excited to show me that she was featured on the 5th grade website.

Favorite subject: grammar 👏🏻 #shegetsitfromhermama

Favorite Kid Quote:

The other night, Homer was snuggling with Hadley. He hops in her bed every night for about ten minutes before she kicks him out, so she can get her beauty sleep. As I walked past her room, she asked me to take their pic.

When she looked at the photo she said, “Couples goals!” Cracked me up!

Favorite Clothing Item:

I ordered this sweater (two of them, actually) from Nordstrom Rack. I love a roomy sweater because I feel like I can wear it to school or wear it with jeans or leggings….the price couldn’t be beat.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the link online…but here it is:

Favorite Pic:

Homer let me dress him up in his autumn bandana from Golden Dog Co (a shop on Etsy.) He will tolerate bandanas for a bit if they are flipped with the scarf part on his back. I let him wear them for a bit until he notices. haha

Favorite Food:

Nothing says fall like Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bagels and Pumpkin Cream Cheese. I don’t even like cream cheese, but love their pumpkin flavor.

Other Faves:

I’ve binged The Home Edit on Netflix over the past week (mostly last weekend!). It’s soooo good! Hayden even watched some episodes with me. He’s my tidier child, so that makes sense 😉Seeing these two ladies work their magic on celebrity and “regular” people’s homes and closets is so satisfying. (That’s how Hayden described it!)

His other remark could go in the “favorite kid quote” section of this post because it made me laugh. After seeing the before and after of one completed closet, he said, “Mom, they need to help you with your closet. It’s a DISASTER!” #hesnotlying

As I mentioned above, I put out my fall decorations last weekend.

I always take pics of my seasonal decorations, so I was able to decorate for fall in about an hour when I looked back at last year’s pics. After getting everything put where I wanted it, I felt like I needed one more thing (Travis would beg to differ) 😂,so I went to Michaels, and saw this light up pumpkin! It’s battery operated and so cute! Plus, I got it for 40% off. I almost grabbed a second one but reeled myself in! So, the only decoration I purchased this year was the LED pumpkin. I consider that a win! #andTravisshouldtoo

At Trader Joe’s, I picked up a few mini pumpkins and gourds to put in the kitchen.

The kids and I stopped by Bath & Body Works on Saturday for a few candles. I had a 20% off coupon, and I knew they were having a buy 1 get 1 free for the 3 wick candles. Honestly, I usually just buy the single wick ones because the 3 wick ones take up more space on the counter or on a shelf, but it was such a great deal to get one free.

I also picked up some single wick candles. Hayden picked out the Apple Weather scented candle, and Hadley chose the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle one.

I rarely go there, but on Sunday, I went to the At Home store, and picked up a couple of things. I need to remember to go there for servingware. I usually have success finding white plates or dishes at Home Goods or TJ Maxx, but At Home had so many awesome pieces. I held off for now on servingware, but did buy this quart basket to hold odds and ends that collect in the tray on my kitchen island. Inevitably, loose change, allergy medicine, paper clips, etc. end up scattered about on my decorative tray. Now my rule is, if it doesn’t fit in this basket, it’s trash or needs to go where it belongs.

I also found this this set to hold utensils. I wish I could keep it out all the time, but I bought it to use when we have people over….when that’s a “thing” again.

I love my Golden Girls, and their show debuted 35 years ago this week. I saw this on Facebook and loved it. That show is a classic.

September 14

Let me tell you Hayden’s favorite part of the week. The kids talked me into getting them Chick-fil-a yesterday (that’s usually a Friday thing) and then Hayden proceeded to watch the US Open while he ate his lunch…followed by a “round” of golf in the front and backyard for recess 😂

Living his best life!

Favorite Mom Meme:

This meme made me laugh. Since the day Hadley’s personality started to shine through, people would say, “She looks like you!” and I would (still) always reply, “Well, unfortunately she acts like me too!” 😬#sassandsarcasm #amen Sis does have a heart of gold, though!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

This memory was in my Facebook Memories this week. I included the whole caption, because the sass that I mentioned previously is evident in this post.

I also remember Travis sending me this photo! He’d taken her to a doctor’s appointment, and she was so worried about missing school since she was supposed to share her poster with the class. I loved how excited she was and the fact that Travis knew I’d want a pic of her with her poster.

Weekly Recap:

Here are this week’s posts if you missed one!

We have cooler temps, a baseball tournament and a cross country meet this weekend! I also hope to make some pumpkin bread if time allows!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a great weekend!

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