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Baseball Wrap Up


Well, this is probably a post that’s more for me than anyone else. I want to have all of my baseball memories in one spot!

Hayden headed into this spring baseball season with some hesitation. I think he was worried about juggling both track and baseball. I will say there weren’t any other kids on the middle school track team who played baseball. We got “lucky” with the schedule as he only missed one baseball game for a track meet, but it was a lot to juggle.

I did encourage him to finish up baseball with his 12-year-old season because I knew he’d have fun with his team, be a leader for the younger kids, and, honestly, I knew he still had some baseball left in him.

As the kids have gotten older, of course they’ve had to make decisions and start cutting out sports or activities because we can’t do all the things all the time! Hadley did gymnastics for a couple of years and stopped with Girl Scouts once she got to middle school while Hayden played soccer off and on for a few years. Hayden has really found his groove with running, and I think that will be a focus for him moving forward.

Baseball is the one sport that stuck with Hayden…for the past nine years.

Like many sports, baseball was an outlet for Hayden to temper his anxiety and shyness.

Like most things in life, Hayden started baseball with his sister by his side and some of his best baseball memories include Trav as his coach.

I will never forget seeing him on the pitcher’s mound for the first time. I texted Trav and said, “What (the heck) is he doing out there?” Trav said, “He wanted to try give it a try.” As an introvert on the mound, he blossomed with confidence after hearing, “Strikkkkeee!” for the first time.

From digging in the dirt to striking out batters…From t-ball to the Majors…From losses to wins and all the memories in between…Hayden has accomplished so much and made us very proud.

While he accomplished so much on the field, our hearts swelled with pride when he was given the Sportsmanship award last fall. I’m not entirely sure what goes on in a baseball dugout, but I love hearing him cheer for his teammates and give tips to the younger players.

Through the years…

…from the Mud Hens…

…to the Timber Rattlers…

…to the Twins…(how fitting!)

….to the Mariners…

…to Turkey Feet…

…and Crush in the summer…

Team Crush. Photos by Chet White

…to the Reds as an 11 and…

…12 year old…

Hayden has had quite the baseball “career.”

The last game:

Honestly, I’ve been a bit emotional this season…not necessarily tears, but just more about savoring each baseball moment. Every at bat, every play at first, and every pitch meant something a little bit more this season.

We snapped a photo before his end of season tournament game because you just never know when the last game will be.

Hayden played first which is where you’d usually find him if he wasn’t pitching this season.

He had a couple of great hits to do what he could for his team.

Ultimately, they lost, so Saturday was the end of the season. And…we were all ok! While a win would have been nice, it just wasn’t in the cards for the Reds that day.

A few fave photos through the years…

During one of Hayden’s coach pitch seasons, the Twins won the end of the season tournament.

Lots of memories with Hadley playing on the same team, digging in the dirt, Trav coaching third base, and post-season awards.

This is one of my favorite baseball photos that my talented brother-in-law snapped after a game when Hayden was 8 (I think!)

So many at bats, so many strike outs while pitching, and so much advice from Trav through the years…

Quite a few stolen bases too!

He played through many hot summer games and usually had a smile on his face. Those games provided additional memories for us as a family, more laundry for me, and a few rings and trophies for Hayden.

It’s been an honor to watch him grow, mature, and flourish on the field.

Hayden…We are proud of you. We’ll always be your biggest fans. No one supports you like your dad or loves you like your mom.

It’s been quite the ride, and there’s nothing better than seeing your kids have fun, learn life lessons, make choices, and grow into who they are supposed to be.

If you need me, you can find me clapping for Hadley after her upcoming recital and cheering for Hayden as he runs track, cross country, and up and down the court for basketball.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Friday Favorites {#115}

Hello and Happy Friday! This week was a good one, but it was a doozy! I was busy most of the week coordinating summer school while still also managing my kids’ busy social lives and schedules. I relied heavily on my mom friends, and I’m grateful for them!

Today, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are my favorites from the week:

On my weekly Trader Joe’s run, I saw this candle when I checked out. I picked one up. The Mango Tangerine scent is perfect for summer.

The studio dance photos came in this week, and they are so great!

Then, the moms split the cost on some of the group photos. This is such a great group of girls.

Swim team started this week for Hadley. She had her first swim meet on Wednesday night. This is her second year in the 11-12 age group, and she’s happy to be on the older end of the age group!

She definitely found her stride (stroke?! 😆) with each race on Wednesday. She swam free, back, breast, and free relay. She got second in the breast stroke and her relay team was first! The swim meets make for late evenings, but it’s always fun to watch them swim and improve each week.

While Hadley’s been swimming, Hayden has been busy at basketball camp during the day, and baseball at night.

Tuesday night was the last regular season game, and here is lucky number 7 up to bat.

The tournament starts this weekend, and then that’s a wrap on baseball for Hayden (forever?) #sadbaseballmom

Favorite Mom Meme:

This is me pretty often but definitely this week!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

In honor of the first swim meet of the season, here’s a throwback to the kids’ first ever swim meet in 2017. Hayden “retired” in 2019, but Hadley continues to swim and loves it.

Weekly Recap:

I had a couple of posts this week. Here they are:

I hope you have a great weekend! See you back here next week.

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Friday Favorites {#110}

Hello and Happy Friday. How was your week? Ours had some ups and some downs, and I think we are all looking forward to the weekend…that’s for sure.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Favorite Photo(s):

The kids on Easter is a favorite. The tree was blooming so beautifully and the sun was shining. These two really are growing up on me!

The kids had two track meets this week (and one more tonight), and I’m having the best time watching them do this together. It’s super sweet that they will have these memories!

Favorite Moment(s):

We had so much fun at Keeneland on Saturday. It was just so nice to catch up with some great friends and hang out.

I’m so thankful that the egg dyeing tradition has continued. I’m also very thankful that they can do most of it on their own 🙂 Kind of like pumpkin carving…I’m happy to just sit back and relax!

Favorite Food:

Well, what does one do when they have a dozen hard boiled eggs and is the only one who eats them?! They make a week’s worth of chef’s salads!

I packed them in my handy dandy salad lunch container that my mom got me.…

Easy lunch!

Favorite Clothing Item:

I have a darker denim jacket that I’ve had for a few years. When I saw this distressed one that was on sale (for $15) at Old Navy, I jumped on it. It doesn’t seem to be on sale now, but it’s perfect for the days when I need an extra layer but don’t want to wear my heavy winter coat.

I already have this cardigan in “cadet gray”…

…but I purchased it again in this hot pink color. It’s the perfect cardigan for spring. This was my outfit on Wednesday and so many people complimented me on the color. 💓

9,000 4.5 ⭐️ reviews, affiliate link above

Favorite Kid Quote:

Well, I don’t have a kid quote this week…but Hadley’s school chorus had a performance on Wednesday, and I loved hearing the two songs they’d been working on.

Favorite Mom Meme:

The number of times that I come home to find that they’ve left lights on for hours are too many to count.

Other Faves:

I picked up these tulips from Trader Joe’s, and they were showing off in the morning sunlight.

Besides two track meets, Hayden has also had two baseball games. He did an awesome job pitching on Tuesday night.

At Wednesday’s meet, the coaches had the kids run different events. Both of my kids ran the 100m dash which was fun to watch. They’ll admit they are more distance (Hayden) and mid-distance (Hadley) runners, but I love seeing them push themselves and try something new.

Who do you think ran the 100 m race quicker?

By the fourth track meet of the season, I finally figured out exactly what I needed to pack for the two to three hour meet…including my Kindle.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

Do you ever see a photo from the past that you clearly remember taking? This is one of them from me. During a very difficult season of life in 2013, I remember asking the kids to sit on the porch and smile, snapping the photo, and counting my blessings. #pinchycheekcute

Weekly Recap:

This week I blogged about a little bit of everything. I recapped the weekend and Easter on Monday, wrote about Keeneland (and what Travis does for a living) on Tuesday, and then shared favorite spring shoes and sandals yesterday.

What are your weekend plans? We have a track meet, baseball practice, church and a few other things on tap. See you back here Monday.

Thanks so much for reading.

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Friday Favorites {#109}

Hello and Happy Friday! How was your week? Per usual, we had a good one, but I will say I felt like we (ME!) had to manage our time wisely and plan for every second. Besides baseball or track in the evenings most nights, both kids had tests to study for, I had some errands to run, and more.

As always, I linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

I’m rewinding all the way back to the weekend.

I’ve been loving the Beachbody workouts, and I’m so glad that I purchased this subscription last summer. With so much going on, I’m still not perfect about getting workouts in, but it’s so nice to just head to the basement when I have thirty minutes to spare.

I completed the Morning Meltdown 100 program on Saturday. I very rarely did these workouts in the morning, but I really enjoyed them. Like most programs, Jericho (the head instructor) provides a mix of cardio, weights, yoga, and more.

This is the second program I’ve completed (also, Muscle Burns Fat) where it is the instructor’s first program with Beachbody. I know it may seem silly, but the last workout is always so special; they often tear up with gratitude for those who’ve joined them on their journey. I sure did get used to Jericho and her cast and I enjoyed this program.

With my mom and Gma visiting, we we out to a late lunch with my brother’s family on Saturday. I got the New Mexican Breakfast, and it was delish.

Saturday night, Travis and I went to see Black Jacket Symphony with some friends. They covered songs by Police, and it was a good time.

Hadley after church with the cherry blossoms in bloom are a favorite, for sure.

The kids loved all the Easter goodies they got from my mom and Gma. The kids thought it was fun that the baskets (that my mom made!) included edible grass.

On Monday, I tagged along with the Criminal Justice class to EKU. We toured the College of Justice, Safety, and Military Science, and it was so interesting. We ate in the food court on campus which of course high school kids thought was so cool. Chick-fil-A and Moe’s in the middle of the day was so fun for them. I love a college campus.

Hayden had two baseball games this week, and thankfully they were the earlier games.

Lucky #7

He touched an awesome game last night which was fun.

The kids had a track meet on Wednesday. Hayden ran his first ever 3200 and then turned around and ran the 800. Hadley ran the first leg of the 4×200, and did great. It’s always so fun seeing friends from other school as well.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Due to the storms we had on Wednesday, the kids’ school didn’t have power all day yesterday. When we asked how school was, Hadley said, “It was fine. We just did paper/pencil work. Back to 2019, baby!” 🤣

Favorite Mom Meme:

This! haha Why is it so hard to open a box correctly?!

Friday Fun:

Well, I guess “fun” is all relative, but have you heard of the website Someone mentioned it recently, and I checked it out.

In high school, two of my favorite classes were Keyboarding 1 and Keyboarding 2. I can’t believe those were classes, but I loved typing.

Actually, when I was in middle school, I asked for a typewriter…and it was the kind that could go back and white out errors. I swear I had friends. Why do you ask? 😆

There are one minute timed tests. I don’t want to brag, but my highest WPM score was 80 WPM on the medium test. If you try it, let me know your score!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

In honor of their first track season that is currently underway, here is a pic from October 2015 which is when they ran their first ever mile for a districtwide PTA run.

They crossed the finish line together.

{Real talk: I remember at the start of the race legitimately being worried that my two kindergarteners were going to get lost during this race! I mean we just let them go! I was like, “STAY TOGETHER!” and was worried until they crossed the finish line…

…which they did…together!

This pic of them made the local Lexington magazine which is too precious!

Weekly Recap:

This week we had our Not Just a Mom link up, I shared all about my trip to Aldi, Let’s Look at date night, and then my easy Easter table for our dinner last weekend.

Here they are:

Y’all, the Aldi post was so popular on my Facebook feed. I honestly neglect that space and mostly just have it set up to share my blog posts. Anyway, that post had probably triple the number views and tons of comments that day. Who knew Aldi was so popular?!

What are your weekend plans? I’m honestly not sure what we are up to tonight and tomorrow, but we’ll celebrate Easter with family on Sunday.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks so much for reading.

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Friday Favorites {#108}

Hello and Happy Friday! I’m so happy to see Friday.

I feel like I’m limping into the weekend. We went from 0 to 100 between last week and this week. We’ve had two late nights at the ball park and a late night on Wednesday at a cold and rainy track meet. I’m very ready for more spring like weather. Well, joke’s on me…tomorrow’s weather includes some snow flurries!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorites from the week:

Last weekend, I was at Trader Joe’s and this miniature bouquet of peonies were calling my name.

Last weekend, I started watching Season 2 of The Home Edit. I love this show. It’s always fun to see Clea, Joanna and their team work their magic.

This meme is relatable after watching the first few episodes.

I saw that the ladies shared this on their Instagram. What’s your Get Organized name?

I’m sentimental denim…and this isn’t wrong! It’s very hard for me to throw things away…including my jeans.

Yesterday, Clea shared that she has breast cancer and is undergoing surgery today. She was so eloquent on Instagram stories sharing her journey. Prayers for her during season of life.

I still feel new to Antique Candle Co candles, but I couldn’t pass up the Country Pear scent being on sale. It arrived this past weekend and smells amazing.

Reading has been another favorite recently. I read two books over break. Both were good, but I cried until I had a headache at the end of Pack Up the Moon. I will share both books and whatever else I read this month in my April What I’ve Been Reading post.

The neighborhood kids playing outside was definitely a favorite of the week. Everyone seemed kind of scattered for Spring Break but by Sunday my driveway was full of kids playing basketball and running around. It made my heart so happy.

On Sunday, instead of having a slow cooker dinner (I saved that for Monday), we grilled out since the weather was so nice. The cousins were over and playing with the neighborhood kids, so we decided to make an easy dinner to enjoy outside.

Baseball Boo is back! Hayden had his first game of the season on Tuesday. He looks so cute in his uniform.

Tuesday was soggy, but the rain cleared just in time for the late night game. They played in the cold under the lights, and Hayden was the starting pitcher. It was fun to see him back out there.

The kids’ first middle school track meet was another favorite. The weather for the meet was miserable with a capital M. Mis-er-able. It rained all day long, but they still had the meet.

Let me tell you who loves a track meet…even in the rain. Travis White.

(not kidding) Here is his setting his watch before one of the kid’s races.

I texted him during the day because I’d seen the email from the coaches about wearing black under their uniforms, and he responded that he’d laid everything out and packed bags (snacks, rain gear, extra shoes, etc) during his lunch. This is his skillset, and I am here for it.

I love watching them participate, and I think it’s so fun that they are doing this together.

They both ran the third leg of the 4×800 in the pouring rain.

Then Hayden ran the 1600 and Hadley the 400. They both did an awesome job considering it was their first meet, they were running with 7th and 8th graders, and the weather was horrible.

Hadley said, “I love track!…I’d love it more if it wasn’t raining, but I loooove track.” The best!

Like cross country, I think track teams have so much fun together supporting one another and growing and improving with each and every race.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Travis was telling Hayden about the importance of having a pre-race routine. I said, “Routines are good. Help you stay focused…in life, school, workouts, etc…” Hadley said, “Yeah, like I have a nighttime skin care routine which is important.” 🤣 (She is in the bathroom no less than 22 minutes every night…*sigh*)

Favorite Mom Meme:

OMG…especially at bedtime.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

I’m feeling pretty sentimental this baseball season. This is Hayden’s 12-year-old season, and may be his last baseball season (for now? forever?). As the kids get older, it’s time to start making choices, and I do think Hayden’s main focus will be on running in the fall and the spring. We’ll see. With anything, we just want him to have fun, do his best, and know that we will always support him.

Here he is as a 4-year-old before his first ever t-ball game:

….and he had the best teammate: his sister!

Weekly Recap:

I was busy posting this week! It was a good week of this and that: some quick meals, Amazon purchases, Easter decor, and all the details on our few days in Asheville last week.

Not Just a Mom:

On Monday, the Not Just a Mom crew is hosting our monthly link up.

This month’s topic is: What’s For Lunch

If you’re a blogger, we’d love to have you join us for the link up.

What are your weekend plans? Due to more rain and even colder temps than Wednesday, tonight’s track meet is cancelled. Honestly, we don’t have much on our agenda, and I couldn’t be happier!

See you back here on Monday.

Thanks for reading,

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Friday Favorites {#83}

Hey, hey, it’s Friday! We made it to the weekend. How was your week? We had a good one. This is the time of the year where Travis is very busy with work, so I’ve been extra busy taking the kids here, there and everywhere. It was a pretty normal week, but the kids also had an orthodontist appointment and Homer needed an allergy shot, so I felt like I was just driving from place to place!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorite Moment:

Hayden’s baseball team celebrated their season last Friday night. Even though we have a couple of tournaments left, they wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, and one of the coaches has a pool in his backyard! The boys ran around and then ate before meeting a pitcher on UK’s baseball team. Alex Degan is also the FCA representative for the the baseball team. He spoke to the kids about his sports career as well as his faith journey. Then, the coaches handed out trophies and awards before they had dessert and an evening swim!

Hayden’s team has been playing with the acronym SAFE in mind. Sportsmanship, Attitude, Fun, and Effort. We are so proud of Hayden because his coaches voted for him to receive the sportsmanship award. Hayden has had so much fun with this team, and any of them could have received that award. What a blessing that Hayden’s coaches saw that attribute in him and celebrated it.

We had a great night hanging out with the team and their families!

Favorite Pic:

I shared in yesterday’s post about Hadley’s troop wrapping up their Girl Scout careers on Sunday. It’s so sweet to see them all together. We all feel like these years have gone by in a blink. The girls deserved to be celebrated, and we had lots of fun doing so while reminiscing about all that they’ve accomplished through the years.

Favorite Food:

I made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s for a few things, and two of my fall favorites were in stock: pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese. Hadley loves the combo too.

Favorite Kid Quote:

We went to the UK/MU football game on Saturday. Dang it. My beloved Tigers were down early. After I said, “Ugh” Hadley said, “Well, be glad you’re sitting by me… I don’t understand football at all!” 😂 My Tigers made a comeback to tie it up late, but fell to the CATS in the end. I was happy that at least it was a close game!

Favorite Activity:

The UK/MU game was a favorite activity this week. After not being able to attend any games last year, we felt like we hadn’t been to Kroger Field in forever. We’ve been tail gaiting with the same friends, in the same spot for years. Some friends we see often anyway, but others we only see at the games.

I was outnumbered in my MIZZOU shirt…surrounded by CATS fans.

The kids had lots of fun before the game at the CAT walk. Later, Hayden and friends ran into a couple of basketball players, and Hadley took their pic!

Hayden was a crazy CATS fan in the game, and Hadley met up with her friend after the first quarter.

It was a beautiful night for some football. If only my Tigers could have won…

Favorite Mom Meme:

Two words: middle. school. 😅

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

On Wednesday, Travis and I celebrated twenty years of being together. We went on our first day on September 15, 2001. We went for a run on the MKT Trail in Columbia, Missouri followed by dinner at Bambinos.

Christmas 2002

Where has the time gone?!

Weekly Recap:

I had a few posts this week: our Not Just a Mom link up, a day in the life post, and a walk down memory lane for Hadley and her Girl Scout troop.

What do you have on tap for the weekend? We have a busy Saturday with not much on Sunday. I’ll take it!

See you back here on Monday.