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Friday Favorites {#83}

Hey, hey, it’s Friday! We made it to the weekend. How was your week? We had a good one. This is the time of the year where Travis is very busy with work, so I’ve been extra busy taking the kids here, there and everywhere. It was a pretty normal week, but the kids also had an orthodontist appointment and Homer needed an allergy shot, so I felt like I was just driving from place to place!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorite Moment:

Hayden’s baseball team celebrated their season last Friday night. Even though we have a couple of tournaments left, they wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, and one of the coaches has a pool in his backyard! The boys ran around and then ate before meeting a pitcher on UK’s baseball team. Alex Degan is also the FCA representative for the the baseball team. He spoke to the kids about his sports career as well as his faith journey. Then, the coaches handed out trophies and awards before they had dessert and an evening swim!

Hayden’s team has been playing with the acronym SAFE in mind. Sportsmanship, Attitude, Fun, and Effort. We are so proud of Hayden because his coaches voted for him to receive the sportsmanship award. Hayden has had so much fun with this team, and any of them could have received that award. What a blessing that Hayden’s coaches saw that attribute in him and celebrated it.

We had a great night hanging out with the team and their families!

Favorite Pic:

I shared in yesterday’s post about Hadley’s troop wrapping up their Girl Scout careers on Sunday. It’s so sweet to see them all together. We all feel like these years have gone by in a blink. The girls deserved to be celebrated, and we had lots of fun doing so while reminiscing about all that they’ve accomplished through the years.

Favorite Food:

I made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s for a few things, and two of my fall favorites were in stock: pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese. Hadley loves the combo too.

Favorite Kid Quote:

We went to the UK/MU football game on Saturday. Dang it. My beloved Tigers were down early. After I said, “Ugh” Hadley said, “Well, be glad you’re sitting by me… I don’t understand football at all!” 😂 My Tigers made a comeback to tie it up late, but fell to the CATS in the end. I was happy that at least it was a close game!

Favorite Activity:

The UK/MU game was a favorite activity this week. After not being able to attend any games last year, we felt like we hadn’t been to Kroger Field in forever. We’ve been tail gaiting with the same friends, in the same spot for years. Some friends we see often anyway, but others we only see at the games.

I was outnumbered in my MIZZOU shirt…surrounded by CATS fans.

The kids had lots of fun before the game at the CAT walk. Later, Hayden and friends ran into a couple of basketball players, and Hadley took their pic!

Hayden was a crazy CATS fan in the game, and Hadley met up with her friend after the first quarter.

It was a beautiful night for some football. If only my Tigers could have won…

Favorite Mom Meme:

Two words: middle. school. 😅

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

On Wednesday, Travis and I celebrated twenty years of being together. We went on our first day on September 15, 2001. We went for a run on the MKT Trail in Columbia, Missouri followed by dinner at Bambinos.

Christmas 2002

Where has the time gone?!

Weekly Recap:

I had a few posts this week: our Not Just a Mom link up, a day in the life post, and a walk down memory lane for Hadley and her Girl Scout troop.

What do you have on tap for the weekend? We have a busy Saturday with not much on Sunday. I’ll take it!

See you back here on Monday.

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  1. So happy to hear your son won the sportsmanship award but somehow I am not surprised. Your kids come across as being incredibly sweet.


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