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Life Lately

Hello there!

I hope you had a great weekend. Memorial Day always kicks off summer, but it’s an important time to remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Memorial Day

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a post, but today I’m getting caught up!

I’m sharing a bit of Life…lately.

A couple of weeks ago, Hadley attended a friend’s bat mitzvah, and looked so grown up!

She borrowed a dress from a friend, and then we ordered these cute shoes from Amazon. The outfit came together nicely. She had a great time with her friends.

We also had Youth Sunday at church. The kids all looked so grown up. Hayden handed out the bulletins and Hadley helped with offering.

It’s peony season at Trader Joe’s which I love!

Of course, we’ve had lots of sporting events including a recent CATS game. Travis took them, and Hadley sent me this photo. They had a great time.

Hayden was excited to get his baseball signed by a few players.

Then, we also watched my school’s baseball team the regional tournament.

We celebrated the last day of school. 6th grade seemed to fly by!

On Friday night, we went to see Top Gun Maverick.

It was SO good. I don’t know the last time I enjoyed a movie so much. I loved the nods to the first one, and we were on the edge of our seats with the action. The kids enjoyed it too.

They’ve been busy finishing up track season.

Two weekends ago they ran in a race just to get in more practice and work in speed. Then, this past Saturday, they ran in the state meet.

Both were in the 4×800 relay, but then Hadley got moved up from alternate to run the 4×400. So, Hadley ran in the first and last race of the meet. 😂 At least the weather was beautiful.

Anyway, they both did their part in they relays and ended on a high note for the season.

…and it’s officially summer. Of course, Memorial Day weekend is the most crowded, but we all went to the pool on Sunday and I had a skinny marg to kick off summer.

The kids spent a few hours there yesterday too, but I had a hair appointment and a few other errands like going to Trader Joe’s. Travis and I watched an episode of Ozark before grilling out for dinner.

With summer, I will still blog but it may be bit less…I will just see where the days take me…

Later this week, I will share the books I read in May and some Friday Favorites.

12 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Such good stuff! I love that your pool serves skinny margs! Top Gun was so good! I was prepared for it to be just ok. I am still working today and can’t fully be in summer mode yet. We also got school emails over the weekend. Yes, really. Enjoy your day and hope the credit recovery goes well.


    1. We all loved it so much. What a great movie. I hope you have a good day. Bummer about the emails. I had to send one last night to the teachers working this week but I waited until 8PM 😂


      1. Our kids didn’t want to see it. I’m glad your kids liked it, too. Did you prep them with the original? Oh, so you are part of the problem sending emails? Lol! Monday night is ok because most will have waited til this am to check!


      2. I hope they waited to check email until the morning…but I was afraid if I waited until the morning I wouldn’t have time. Hayden had seen the original. As soon as I left the movie, I said we have to watch the original again! I loved that movie


  2. I remember the days of going to friends’ bat mitzvah’s. I thought they were so fun and cool as a kid! Hope you enjoy the first week of summer!

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  3. I just saw Top Gun and agree that it was the best movie I’ve seen in quite awhile. Enjoy your first week of summer!


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