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I know y’all are used to my Trader Joe’s hauls, but today I’m sharing something different…my recent trip to Aldi.

We have an Aldi in Lexington, but I rarely shop there. Honestly, when I do, I always wonder why I don’t go back often. I guess I’m just used to my routine of Kroger and Trader Joe’s but Aldi has lots to offer.

Some Facts about Aldi:

  • Aldi is known having a basic layout and “no frills.”
  • Bring a quarter because that’s how you get your cart. When you return your cart, you get your quarter back.
  • Bring your own bags because there are no Aldi bags at checkout. There are often a few boxes that you can use to bag your purchased items.
  • Speaking of bags, you do the bagging yourself!

Some Aldi purchases:

Well, this past trip all started with a ham. My Gma was visiting, and suggested picking one up to have an early Easter/Palm Sunday supper. She shops at Aldi, and says they have the best ham for the price, so that’s where we headed to get our supper planning started.

I think she found the biggest ham in the bunch.

Since I hadn’t been to Kroger yet, I decided to pick up some things I knew we’d eat for the week.

  • Oven roasted deli meat
  • Grilled chicken breast strips

I would have picked up the deli meet and chicken strips at Kroger anyway, so I thought I’d give these a try.

  • Bagel Skinnys – I had one of these with turkey and cheese that I picked up at Aldi. Very good!
  • Mini Bagels – I picked these up for Hadley. I got up something similar at Target a few weeks ago, and she loved them.
  • Crackers – We got these to go with a goat cheese log for an appetizer.
  • Mini quiche- We put these in the air fryer to have as another app, and they were so good!
  • Mini bear grahams: I thought the kids would enjoy these for a school snack.
  • Honey Crisp apples: I started buying a similar pack at Trader Joe’s because I like how small the apples are. The ones at Kroger are always too big for one person.
  • Chex Mix: A fave for all.
  • Bob Evans mashed potatoes: Of course, these are at Kroger too, but I snagged them for a side dish to serve with the ham.

Aldi has a huge cheese and meat selection as well as charcuterie options. Some pre-packaged ones included meat, cheese, olives, nuts, dried berries and more!

  • Gouda – to go on the crackers or sandwiches
  • Goat Cheese (Cranberry Cinnamon) – This goat cheese (served with crackers) was SO good. I would go to Aldi just to pick it up!
  • Caramels – My Gma said how great these chocolate covered caramels are, and they didn’t disappoint.

I didn’t do a ton of price comparison, but I do feel like most everything was a bit cheaper.

The thing about Aldi is I don’t feel like I can go in with a specific list. Of course, I know they will have cheese, crackers, meats, etc., but, for example, if I want Sparkling Ice drinks, those are at Kroger. Kroger really is one stop shopping whereas Trader Joe’s and Aldi have specific finds that make them unique.

That being said, one of the things I like about Trader Joe’s is just going in there to pick up whatever looks good or something knew I’d like to try. I can do that at Aldi too.

Do you have an Aldi near you? Do you shop there? I hope to stop in there more often now that I have a few faves from there!

Thanks so much for reading,

11 thoughts on “Aldi

  1. I think you have the right attitude with ALDI. I want to like it, but I think I can only use it for the extras. My family was not tricked by their version of wheat thins, etc. We are pretty brand loyal with our snack foods. I like their produce and charcuterie stuff but everything is so limited in other categories. It’s also not super convenient for me. Kroger is within walking distance and Trader Joe’s is closer than ALDI.


    1. Hayden is picky about brand too! Kroger actually subbed Chezits the other day and he said, “what’s this?” I just liked that Aldi has some things I haven’t seen before…a change of pace.


      1. Ha – Kroger tries to do that to me, too! I am especially impressed with ALDIs charcuterie board items. Many of their cheeses and meats are just like Trader Joe’s. I just don’t know how to shop there!

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  2. My sister is a die-hard Aldi enthusiast but I just don’t get the hype. I will pick up cheese there for charcuterie but everything else just tastes off to me. I can also never trick my husband or kids, they know right away I did not buy the usual cookie, cracker, cereal etc. In the end it costs me more to shop there because no one eats the food and then I have the guilt of wasting it.


    1. I was shocked (again, haven’t been there much) to see some of my regular grocery store things liked Chex mix and Bob Evan’s potatoes. I definitely only picked up things I thought we’d all eat. It’s not a convenient trip for me, but I plan on checking it out occasionally


  3. Our version of this is actually called No Frills. It still sells the same brands as the grocery store I usually go to, Loblaws, but many other things are cheaper. I go there when I’m walking to do groceries since it’s in my neighbourhood but it’s not a regular stop.


  4. I started shopping at Aldi during the pandemic when I had a lot of time on my hands. I remember buying eggs for .57 a dozen when they were around $1.50 at Kroger (now they are well over a dollar even at Aldi- thanks inflation ;(). I am a sucker for a good deal so I have been consistently shopping there even though there are a few things I don’t buy there anymore because family members say the items don’t taste the same as name brand items. I am either not that picky or the low prices mean more to me than a 100% match on the name brand items so I would shop at Aldi for everything that I could. I still go to Kroger regularly but I love that I can get many items at Aldi and save money.

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  5. I will have to consider buying my ham there this week! When I remember to go to Aldi, I’m always happy that I stop in. No, you can definitely not go there with a list, however, I have gone on two beach trips now where, because we were driving, I picked up a lot of our items for our beach house at Aldi before going. I found there to be a significant savings in that. Their candy, I have been told, is the same as Trader Joe’s. I do not know if that is true but the prices sure are better 🙂

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