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Monday Meals

Hello and Happy Monday. Well, *sigh* it’s the Monday after break which always proves to be difficult.

My friend sent me this yesterday and itโ€™s very relatable!

That being said, today also marks the downhill slide to summer!

After Spring Break really is our busiest time of the year. Nothing fills up a calendar quicker than baseball practices and games. Well, of course Hadley also has dance, and now both kids are doing track this spring with meets during the week as well. The good news is that our weekends will now be lighter, but the week days will be booked solid.

I’m sharing some quick and easy meals that I will turn to while making dinners these next couple of months.

I really do try to have something home cooked Sunday-Thursday. Even on a really busy night, I don’t want to do drive-thru if possible.

I’ve shared before that I try to cook something Sunday that will provide leftovers on Monday. Even if we don’t have much on a Monday, I rarely feel like cooking. Tuesdays tend to be Mexican theme, and then Wednesday is often pasta or something can make leftovers on Thursday. This isn’t always my schedule. If don’t have leftovers to serve, I often will do pork loin, brinner, or soup and sandwiches.

With our schedule filling up on week nights, I’m sharing a few meals that I turn to in order to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible.

A few “go to” meals:

  • Andrea’s Creamy Beef Casserole: This meal is a family favorite. We definitely eat this more in the colder weather months, but it’s such a great hearty meal to eat all year long.
  • Lazy Enchiladas: These are so easy and delish. All you have to do is cook taquitos as directed. Then, you pour a bit of enchilada sauce on the bottom of a casserole dish, put the taquitos on the sauce, cover the taquitos with sauce and shredded cheese. Then, you bake them at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. That’s it!
  • Trader Joe’s Carnitas: I make these at least once a month. Put the carnitas in the slow cooker, cover with salsa verde, and cook on low for 3-4 hours. I then put the meat on half of Trader Joe’s Southwest Chopped Salad while the kids and Travis will put the meat on hard or soft taco shells.
  • Cheeseburger Salad: I actually have been eating this quite a bit for lunch lately. It’s so good!

I brown the turkey in a skillet and then add some taco seasoning and water to let it finish cooking. I add chopped lettuce to the bowl, top with cooked ground turkey, add chopped pickles, a sprinkle of shredded cheese, and then a drizzle (1 Tblsp) of this awesome sauce from Trader Joe’s.

*I get at least three salads out of 1 lb. of meat.

  • Shay’s Frito Pie: I’ve made this a couple of times, and it’s a family fave.
  • Baked Chicken: I’ve shared this recipe many times, and it’s such a good one. I always get two nights out of it, and the chicken is easy to pair with bagged salad or Bob Evans mashed potatoes.
  • Brinner: Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?
  • Pork loin: I often buy the Smithfield brand that you just cook in the bag. There are a few flavors, and my family loves these. The only thing is that they do cook for about 45 minutes, so I just need to remember that as far as timing goes.
  • Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken – I’ve been making this for years! It’s so easy, delicious, and makes so much!
  • With the warmer weather, we’ll grill out when we can.

Other time savers:

  • Rotisserie chicken


  • Bob Evans microwave mashed potatoes
  • Bagged salad – Dole chopped Caesar is a fave!
  • Fruit
  • Biscuits or Jiffy cornbread

I’ve been picking up this Bisquick mix recently, and it’s perfect for making a few biscuits quickly.

Shay‘s Simmers cookbook is a perfect resource for having meals ready right when you get home.

What we are eating this week:

Other meals I want to try soon:

I keep tabs open on my phone with recipes I see that I want to try. Then, if I think I will make it again, I will write it on a recipe card.

What are some of your quick “go to” meals? I’d love to add to my list. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a cooking rut. Not to mention, the grocery store can be hit or miss with what they have in stock. I swear, lately my Clicklist order has felt like March 2020. My order this past Saturday had 14 substitutions and 3 items not in stock at all. Also, the most random things are hard to find…cotton balls, for example!

At the start of break, knowing we were headed out of town, I didn’t go to the grocery and it was nice not having to plan for food. It was all fun and games until Friday when the kids complained we were out of food. haha

I hope you had a great weekend! This early alarm on a Monday morning hurt. Ouch.

See you back here tomorrow for Prime Purchases!

8 thoughts on “Monday Meals

  1. I think this is key for end of school year – easy assembly type meals. I have one for you – Andrea posted it awhile back. KFC bowls – ready made mashed potatoes, corn, frozen chicken tenders, gravy, shredded cheese. I used grilled for mine and no gravy. Tom liked it!

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  2. Breakfast burritos are a family favorite for a quick dinner. Use frozen hash browns or frozen tater tots.

    Found your blog a few weeks ago and it makes me so happy to see it in my in box. ๐Ÿ™‚

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