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Friday Favorites {#159}

Hello and happy Friday.

It’s the best kind of Friday…it’s the last Friday of the school year!

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

One of Hadley’s friends had a party for her 13th birthday last Saturday. The girls had Chipolte for dinner in the backyard. They showed up dressed up, and then changed clothes after dinner to run around for a scavenger hunt. They had such a great time!

Seeing Hadley (and friends) all dressed up had me thinking about this meme:

When people tell me how much Hadley looks like me, my first thought is that I was never that pretty…especially at 13!!

Saturday night while Hadley was at the party, Travis and I watched Air with Hayden. It was so good! Travis and I especially loved the soundtrack!

Sunday was Youth Sunday at church. Hayden was an usher and passed out the bulletins while Hadley helped with the offering.

It’s such a great group of kids, and it was a wonderful service.

On Sunday, Travis and Hadley went and picked up some flowers for the front porch as well as two hanging ferns. The ferns are usually my Mother’s Day gift.

I had the honor of being in Hadley’s daily BeReal post this week.

Hayden brought home one of his art pieces from the year. It’s the track/stadium at University of Oregon . It’s hard to tell from the pics, but he was quite detailed with seats in the stadium and the track.

Travis asked him if it was an ashtray….I thought it was better than that!

Favorite Foods:

Last week, our friends/neighbors invited us over to make pizzas and use their pizza oven. I made a BBQ chicken one, and it was so good.

On Saturday, Travis talked me in to going out for a biscuit brunch. It did hit the spot on a dreary and rainy morning.

Favorite Kid Quote:

For Sunday dessert, I made strawberry shortcake trifles…

Hadley took one bite and said, “Okkk, Betty Kroger!” 😆 Kroger is our grocery store! Close enough. I will take the compliment.

Favorite Mom Meme:

I like to think that I have a 50/50 shot that someone will like me most days…

Flashback Friday:

Many cute memories popped up this week.

2013 — little Hayden lining up his cars. He used to do this for hours when he was little.

Also from 2013—Hadley’s cute little smile. I remember how cute that pink shirt was on her.

2010- the first time Hayden tried cereal…bahaha

Weekly Recap:

This week, I shared funny memes, talked about work/home balance, shared a Three Things post as well as a Monthly Musings post.

What are your weekend plans? Like I shared in yesterday’s post, we’ll hang with friends tonight, go to the state track meet tomorrow, and then hopefully just hang out and/or hit the pool the rest of the weekend.

I should have a bonus post (Share 4 Somethings) tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#159}

  1. What did you use for the pizza crust? I have been buying naan and making a quick little pizza that isn’t too bad! That biscuit looks amazing!
    I love Hadley’s cute dress and shoe combo!
    I am dragging today! I think you all might be done with students? We finished with seniors yesterday but underclass have today and three days next week. Guess who is still writing up skippers – this girl! Can you believe that I had two skip this week? Come on! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My friend made the crust and she even had a gluten free crust. She even had all the toppings. Honestly, that pizza made me want to have a pizza oven. Today our last day with students…we have finals the last three days but when kids aren’t testing, it’s crazy . Everyone is ready for summer.


  2. That pizza looks delicious! Alec and I made one earlier this week and he suggested we use chicken, broccoli, and bacon with some cheddar jack cheese mixed in; it was so good. Your dessert jars look wonderful too “Betty Kroger.”

    Liked by 1 person

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