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Monday Memes

Hello and happy Monday. I’m happy to say that this is the last Monday that I will have to hear an early alarm clock for about 10 weeks!

How was your weekend? We had a pretty slow one compared to most weekends this spring. That being said, most of the time was spent getting caught up on home things like laundry, groceries, yard work and more.

Since next Monday is Memorial Day, today I’m sharing the memes that made me laugh this month.

*Warning* most of the memes focus on being a tired teacher or tired parent this time of the year…haha


Righhhhttt?! And all the parents said, “Amen!”




I feel this deeply:


Also, we don’t really get the summers “off”…


I know I bought two yearbooks…at least I think I did. I guess we’ll find out this week.


My mom sent me this one…and it’s very relatable!


I meant to share this one when I shared my Oaks post, but I forgot..

It was very appropriate for the first Saturday in May.


This probably applies more to the kids than me, but it’s happened a time or two…


I love when a meeting wraps up early! Even better…when an email is sent rather than having to attend the meeting…


Is there anything better than a bowl of cereal? Sometimes that’s my dessert…and honestly, it’s about to be dinner this week because I haven’t been the best about meal planning and prep😆

Which meme was your favorite?

As the school year wraps up, it always feels extra hectic. I hope to post regularly this week, but if not, you’ll know why!

4 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. All of these are relatable! I actually have a meeting tomorrow after school and I’m like – why? Throw us a bone and do it via email. Ugh!
    Ok – I have a box of Cap’n Crunch right now and a small bowl has been my dessert many evenings lately. I love cereal so much! I grew up on Honey Nut Cheerios and Golden Grahams. I would eat multiple bowls while reading the back of the box.
    Have a great last Monday!

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    1. I love all of those cereals. My kids have never really asked for cereal, so we usually don’t have a ton on hand. Now I want Cap’n Crunch! Tuesday meeting — boo!


  2. Oh my gosh these are hilarious. Every single one made me smile! The one about being starving but not wanting the food in the fridge is SO relatable. Healthy me stocks the fridge, but starving me wants easy junk food!

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