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Tuesday Talk – Balance

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start.

WordPress posts writing prompt ideas, and I saw this one the other day:

How do you balance work and home life?

So, today I’m sharing my thoughts on that topic…

When thinking about this topic, the first few ideas that popped in my mind were: stay organized, say no when needed, and maximize your time.

When I moved to my current school, that definitely helped with work/home balance. I had a shorter drive which meant I got back at least 45 minutes-an hour of my day. Also, my current school starts earlier, so now I have more time after school. I’m also on the same schedule/calendar as my kids which is nice.

Also, I’d always wished I could pick my kids up from school when they were in elementary school. With the middle/high school schedule in my district, I’m able to pick them up when they don’t have after school activities. That’s one example of me feeling more balanced in regards to school and home.


You know my “Type A” self loves to be organized. As a family, we use the Cozi app. I’m really good about entering appointments, etc. in it –the kids need to be reminded to look at it. haha

I have a note on my phone for the week. This is just for me. I keep up with it adding in what we have every evening, errands, and other reminders.

I try to do things at home bit by bit to stay on top of everything. Also, our house is typically pretty tidy. I always feel better picking up before bed to start the day with a clean house. The kids’ rooms aren’t always tidy. Usually, on Sundays I ask them to “regroup” for the week and pick up their rooms. Sometimes, I feel like all I do is nag…but, at least with this, I’m only nagging on Sundays if needed.

Also, everyone in the house has to help out. I still sometimes feel like Travis and I do more than we need to, but the kids really do what they are supposed to do…eventually.

At school, I use my planner to stay organized and make lists. There’s always a sticky note (or two) on my desk that I use to guide my week and day.

Also, I never leave school on a Friday before I am ready for the following week. I still might have copies to make on Monday, but I have a sticky note with a to do list ready to go.

I can’t do it all…Sometimes, even with everything planned out, the kids will need a ride somewhere. It’s ok to ask for help. I’m very thankful for my “mom gang.” My brother and sister-in-law also help if I need Hadley taken to dance, for example, while we’re at Hayden’s game.

Just Say No:

If I have a busy day at school or know that I need to leave ASAP, I often times just keep to myself during the day. I just stay as focused as possible. I hate cutting a conversation short, but I know that some days I need every minute to get my work done.

Also, by now, I know my limits…sometimes a Friday night calls for pajamas by 7:00 rather than a night out. Do I still get FOMO? Yes…haha, but I do know that sometimes it’s better to have a quiet night at home and get caught up on sleep.

Maximize Your Time:

I learned a long time ago to leave school at school. Once I had the kids, I just maximized my time at school, so I could leave ASAP. Similar to “just say no” above, sometimes that means no socializing because I need to get school work done in order to leave whenever I need to.

Even when I had my regular English classes with 150 students, I never brought work home to grade. I’d grade as much as I could during the day. Then, every other week or so, I’d make sure Travis could pick up the kids and handle home stuff, so I could get caught up at school. Meaning I might stay at school for a couple of hours to get caught up if needed.

Y’all, I know it’s a busy season of life, but sometimes I feel like all I do is manage my time…even when I have a window of time, I still set a timer. For example, I might have thirty minutes to read, but I usually have to set a timer to prompt myself to make dinner, pick up the kids, or get my workout in.

Unfortunately, my kids aren’t the best at time management…yet? (hence, why sometimes I feel like a nag). I know it’s a learned skill (and a weakness for some), but I’m ready for them to master that skill. haha


I rarely check email after hours. I do still have it on my phone, and I know some don’t…but I do like having access to it. I do want my kids to have my attention when I’m at home, so I try to be “present” when they are around. I never want them to look over from the side lines to see me replying to a school email.

I also know that I will have times where I “have” to be “caught up” like the end of a grading period or right before a break. When we have a break, I know I can give 100% at home/relax a bit more then.

I even make some of my “me” time a scheduled part of my day. I get up at least 45 minutes before the rest of the house. I also schedule in my workouts in the evenings so that I’m more likely to get them done.

I still often feel imbalanced, but I also feel better for at least having a plan.

Do you have any secrets for home/work life balance? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk – Balance

  1. Yes – I do all of this, too. I feel like I’m always focused on productivity and efficiency and sometimes I want to take my time, but I guess that is what summer is for! I messed up with dinner last night and started cooking right after school instead of waiting until 4:30 or 5 and then I essentially lost my free time because I was babysitting the food. I thought I was doing something good, but it ended up being counterproductive and I was in the kitchen longer than I needed to be. Oh well. Lesson learned. I think I am also tired of everything right now. I am tired of my schedule, my meal prep, and cooking dinner! It’s time for Summer Amy! I hope you have a good day! Great post!

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