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Share 4 Somethings

Happy Saturday!

We made it through the last day of school…yay! We’re ready for the weekend…and summer!

I’m linking up with Jennifer to share a quick Share 4 Somethings post.

This month I…


Spring candles. If I’m home, a candle is lit. I love the freshness of citrus and floral scents.

This peony blossom candle (in a rose gold tin) was a favorite find at Trader Joe’s this month.


I read four books this month, and it was a good month of reading. I will share those books next week, but The Paris Library was definitely my favorite.


The month of May is hard for me to meal plan because it feels extra busy. I really needed to meal plan, but I really didn’t want to. haha

Some meals we ate this month:

When the weather was cooler, I took advantage of that and made “cozier” meals like Chicken Noodle Casserole and Taco Pie (both recipes courtesy of Andrea)

We’ve been grilling out already which has been so nice….Recently, we’ve had steak, BBQ chicken, and pork chops. Last weekend, I made Shay’s Pepperoni and Bell Pepper pasta salad, and Travis and I really liked it. Hadley prefers the one from the Betty Crocker box…haha.

This week, we ate some easy staples to get me through the week. I made baked chicken that we had with Bob Evans mashed potatoes, and Sloppy Joe’s with waffle fries. Thankfully, fruit is also an easy side this time of the year.


I took advantage of some summer sales and purchased more of my favorite pj’s (top // shorts) and a swimsuit from Target, some shorts I’ve had my eye on from Aerie, and a bra from Soma. (Soma always has a big sale before Christmas and this time of the year…and it’s always a good reminder for me to update my undergarments!)

Have you taken advantage of any great sales lately?

I hope your holiday weekend is off to a great start. See you back here Tuesday.

16 thoughts on “Share 4 Somethings

  1. That swimsuit is so cute! I love it! I think you will love the shorts and I almost bought that Target set. I am still in the market for some kind of set but decided to wait until I could go in stores and look around. I want to make so many of the pasta salads I have seen floating around. That’s funny that Hadley prefers the box.
    I may be headed to Trader Joe’s today to look for that candle among other things!

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    1. I like the shorts…& love the pjs but have worn the shorts with a tshirt out and about because I don’t think they really look like pjs. They still had the candles when I was there last weekend. It’s the one I’ve been burning recently


  2. Where do you buy your candles from? I’m such a candle snob! Mine are not expensive, but my favorite brand is Scentsational or DW Home at Home Goods. I love fruity scents as well, but in the summer months, I am all about the smells of tropical anything, coconut, or the smell of sunscreen. I actually went to buy some last night to replenish my stash. Thanks for linking up with us today!

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  3. Oh, all that food looks so delicious. Cute summer clothes. Feel like I’ve been living at Old Navy lately trying to find summer attire for work. Hope you enjoy your summer!

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  4. I haven’t wanted to meal plan lately either (and find that even when I take the time to do it I’m rarely following the plan anyway!).


  5. I recently ordered some cute work out clothes, shorts and tank tops from Lands End. The clothes you ordered are cute. I also had a good month of reading for May. Have a great summer! Stopping by from Share Four Somethings.

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