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This or That: Fall Edition

Hello! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a This or That post, and when I saw this one on Insta (courtesy of @booktalketc), I thought it would be a fun one to share.

  • Falling rain or crackling fireplace: both? Both are the coziest options, but if I had to choose, I would go with falling rain for fall and save the fireplace for winter!
  • Spooky Fall or Cozy Fall: I always want September to be cozy even though it’s still so hot. October can be spooky while November start the coziness leading up to Christmas.
  • Carve or Paint Pumpkins: We always carve. I remember carving pumpkins even when I was in high school. I hope my kids let me carry on that tradition until then as well.
  • Corn Maze or Haunted House: uh…neither? If I had to choose, I’d say corn maze. I don’t want the scariness of a haunted house. My heart…and bladder can’t take it 😆
  • Pumpkin Spice or cinnamon: I think my recent Pumpkin Everything post can answer that the best! I love pumpkin spice especially when we are talking about muffins and pies! I made the Trader Joe muffins this weekend. So good.
  • Bonfire or Fireplace: No way to a bonfire. Too smoky. I love a fire in the fire place while the kids love a to roast marshmallows over the fire pit out back.
  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday. Amen. I think I went Black Friday shopping once…in 2003. I definitely had less people to buy for then, and clearly I was younger with more energy. That being said, it was solo shopping which I much prefer. Anyway, I’d say since 2009 when the kids were only a month old and I needed to buy presents for family, I started buying an online and became Cyber Monday girl.
  • Witches or Vampires: Witches are fun…vampires are too creepy for me.
  • Soup or Chili: Kind of like “falling rain” or “crackling fireplace,” I love both. That being said, I can choose soup for fall and chili for winter if needed.

Speaking of soup and chili, I’ve already made chili twice this fall.

I’ve also already made a favorite soup:

Another favorite soup is: Shay’s

It’s so good. I think the secret ingredient is the Ranch Style Beans.

I’ll re-share the graphic on Insta. Let me know your answers. I hope your week is off to a great start.

10 thoughts on “This or That: Fall Edition

  1. This is the hardest this or that ever because I truly cannot pick! I love all the things in both columns! I agree on the ranch style beans. I love tortilla soup because it is so customizable, you know? The Solo Stove really does a good job of not being too smoky. I can’t stand smelling like that. I also smelled my sweatshirt that I wore next to it the next day and you could not even tell I had been next to a fire!

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  2. Oh so fun! I am a crackling fire all the way– whether inside or out but it’s already pretty cool here (we’ve even had frosty mornings already!). I like a cozy fall too mostly because I am a big chicken and don’t like spooky things so no haunted house, witches, or vampires for me. While I do enjoy pumpkin spice I much prefer all things cinnamon (all year round too!).. in fact I usually double the cinnamon called for in just about every recipe. Off to check out those soup recipes…

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  3. I agree with Amy- this is a hard one to choose from, because I love both sides! I love a crackling fireplace, a cozy fall, cinnamon flavored everything, all the soups/stews/chilis I can enjoy and Cyber Monday! I have never once gone shopping on a black Friday and I am not ashamed of that. It’s definitely not for me, but I’ll stay up until all hours of the night to snag something online. I’m so glad we have that option now!


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