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Friday Favorites {#58}

Hello! Well, we made it through a full week of school back in our buildings! Hayden and Hadley have been in school for a week and a half, and my school has had 9th and 12th graders back in the building this week. Next week, sophomores and juniors will be back, and we will just have two weeks until Spring Break.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites post.

Favorite Food:

Crepes! While my mom was visiting, she and Hadley made crepes, and we enjoyed them for dessert one night.

Favorite Pic:

GG with her grandkids! Both of my parents and my brother and sister-in-law are fully vaccinated. Travis has had his first dose, so we were able to start seeing out of town family again.

Favorite Moment:

The kids had their first (ever!) track meet on Sunday. The meet took place at an awesome facility in Louisville. The wake up time was early, but the meet was run so efficiently that we were home by early afternoon.

Of course, my kids are distance runners, but their coach encouraged them to try new events like shorter distances, and Hayden even tried the long jump! Hadley ran the 60m, the 200 and the 400. Hayden ran the 200, the 800, and did the long jump.

They did great overall and had fun! (and the grandmas were able to cheer them on!)

Another favorite moment was seeing school buses at my school on Monday! We’ve had a great week back. The 9th and 12th graders have been wearing their masks, arriving to class on time, and keeping their distance when they can.

Favorite Kid Quote:

At the track meet, Hayden and Hadley ran in the 11-12 year old age groups. So, there were some older kids (middle school!) running. After Hayden’s 800 race, he said, “Mom, I was running against ‘men’ with hair… ON their LEGS!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Favorite Clothing Item:

I’ve had this long sleeve T-shirt on my Nordstrom list for quite some time. It arrived earlier this week, and I love it.

I ordered it in the Pink Paradise color. It’s perfect for wearing over my workout top, but I also think it will look cute front tucked with white denim! I love a shirt that’s versatile!

Favorite Mom Memes:

This was the first full week for Hayden and Hadley….and they had Read Across America dress up days….AND Wednesday was picture day. Thankfully the dress up days only entailed wearing a hat, stripes, and favorite color.

And…sigh! My kids are getting too old for these things, so I didn’t force the issue. On favorite color day, I laughed as they both got out of the car wearing head to toe gray and black. They take after their mother…haha

I enjoy cooking, and as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve relied on my slow cooker this week. Wednesday night’s “one pot” meal was really good, and I announced to everyone that they couldn’t have seconds because the leftovers were for dinner last night! I wanted to cook as few of days as possible.

A Couple More Faves:

Hadley teaching cousin Layla some ballet moves was very sweet!

No photo, but I was able to catch up with a good friend on Wednesday night. She brought over my (belated) birthday present which was so thoughtful, and we enjoyed some wine.

Lastly, Wednesday was Picture Day at school. I know it sounds silly, but I actually had the thought a few times while we were doing online learning that I’d be sad if there was no official 5th grade picture!

Hadley emailed me on Wednesday to tell me that 5th graders were the last students to get their pictures taken, and she hoped her hair would still be curly by the end of the day!

With St. Patrick’s Day next week, I thought I’d share my Corned beef and Cabbage recipe one more time. My favorite is actually the Irish Soda Bread I make. We already had this meal when my dad was visiting, so I doubt I will make it again even though it’s made in the slow cooker!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

I’m feeling nostalgic…This Read Across America Week photo from 2018 reminds me of when they were younger and all about the dress up days and activities.

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from this week!

I think we have a somewhat low key weekend on tap which is just what we need after these last couple of busy weeks.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

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What’s Up Wednesday

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, so it’s time to link up with Sheaffer and Shay for March’s What’s Up Wednesday.

To say the month of March has been crazy would be an understatement, of course! In these times of uncertainty, I continue to look for what I know to be normal with a daily routine…which includes reading blogs and writing my own. I look forward to this light-hearted corner of the internet now more than ever!

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy.


Sunday – I made this Instant Pot Lazy Lasagna recipe. I’ve made it before, and my whole family loves it. I served it with rolls and roasted broccoli (I just drizzle extra virgin olive oil on the broccoli and sprinkle salt, pepper, and Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning on it and roast for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees–since that’s what the rolls were baking on)

**also, I can never find the small lasagna noodles, so I just use rotini.

**and–I’m sure you can make this recipe without an Instant Pot. You’d just have a few more dishes with one pot to cook pasta and another to brown the ground beef, etc.

Monday – leftovers with bagged side salad.

Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner! Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hash browns.

Wednesday- Baked chicken, Bob Evans mashed potatoes, and fruit.

Thursday – leftover chicken with cheesy broccoli and fruit.

Friday and Saturday- We’ll support local restaurants and order carry out dinner.


Easter. I’m afraid Easter will look very different for us this year. Worse case, we can still dye eggs and do an egg hunt…even if it’s not with extended family.

Easter 2019


Trying to look on the bright side…I’m loving not setting an alarm lately! 🙂

Also, Nordstrom was having a huge site wide sale last week with 25% off. I had a gift card to use, and I had a few things on my “wish” list. I was happy to purchase them with the 25% off offer!

I love Nordstrom’s Zella leggings. I purchased the hat and flip flops while dreaming of summer. Landyn shared the hat recently. Also, last year, I ordered same flip flops in tan. I wore them a ton, so I thought I’d get another pair. Also, I rarely buy kids clothes from Nordstrom, but I knew Hayden would love these Nike shorts. I purchased two pairs: one for now and one for his Easter basket.

Last year, I purchased this sunless tanner from one of my friends who sells Rodan + Fields. I love it. It provides a subtle tan and is easy to apply.

I received this steamer for Christmas from my mom (I gave her the idea :), but I haven’t had time to use it until now.

Yesterday, I took the time for some self-care, and use the tanner and gave myself a ten minute facial!

I’m not trying to be on the other side of this pandemic pale with wrinkly skin!! 😉


Well, we are definitely spending a lot of time together! Also, the downtime means more time for reading, movie watching, and walking around the neighborhood.

And, like most parents, we are working on a home “school” routine!

We even had time to decorate cookies thanks to Maddie at Maddie’s Cookie Co.


Honestly, just the uncertainty of not knowing how long the social distancing will go on…(and on, and on)


You mean besides keeping my kids busy and keeping my sanity? haha

Well, I’m working on future blog posts. I’m also making an effort to give myself grace during these days at home. While I’m a home body and don’t mind being at home, we all may need a little space from time to time. Or there may be a day where my kids are on electronics more than they should be…and I’m reminding myself that it’s all going to be ok!


Have you heard of Wall Pops? I follow Michelle (@ellerydesigns) on Instagram. She’s made drastic changes to her laundry room, bathroom, and mantle using Wallpops wallpaper and floor tiles.

I’ve ordered the Shiplap Peel and Stick Wallpaper to do an accent wall in our master bedroom. We haven’t even updated the wall paint in our master, so I hope to do both over our extended time off.


I’m currently reading The Secret to Southern Charm which is the second book in the Peachtree Bluff series. I will share about my other three books I’ve recently read in this Friday’s What I’ve been Reading post.

We’ve had more time for movie watching lately. We’ve watched My Girl, Stand by Me, and The Little Giants in the past week.

I’ve also started watching The Crown again on Netflix. I’m a few episodes into Season 2. I also love The Rookie on ABC, and I’ve been getting caught up on that.

I’ve been watching American Idol this season. I’d been wanting to find a show the whole family can watch, and I love the judging trio of Luke, Katy, and Lionel!

Lastly, I tune in every day at 5:00 for Governor Beshear’s daily COVID-19 news conference. Honestly, the updates have become a part of my routine and a candid way to receive information without feeling overwhelmed. It’s a time to be together with #TeamKentucky

If you are in Kentucky, then you’ll understand the meme below. 😉


At the moment, the sound of our grass being mowed! The first cut of the season was long overdue!


Well, you know what they say…”Dress for the job you want, not the job you have…” Well, I’d say I’m currently trying to dress for both. So…I ordered these pjs from Target. They should be here early next week!


I’m sure more quality time with my fam! If the weather cooperates, maybe we can drive somewhere to go on a hike. We definitely need a change of scenery!


Hopefully some sense of normalcy? Or at least maybe we will feel more at ease with this at home routine by then? Also, maybe we will know what the end of the school future holds? Although, I suspect I already know that answer…#sigh


I feel like this post is a lot of life should have been ….but instead it’s…So, I hope the post isn’t taken in a negative light. It’s just such an adjustment to this new (hopefully short-lived) normal. Taking the stricter steps to curtail this virus are certainly necessary, and I continue to count my blessings while engaging in social distancing!

I’m also taking this time to try to blog a bit more often. Tomorrow, I have my FIRST EVER “Day in the Life” post and Friday I will have my “What I’ve been Reading” post for March. This means another “first….” for me… F I V E days of blogging in a week. I don’t think this will be the new normal, but while I have the time (and can think of content), I may try to post more than my normal three days a week.

Here are Monday and Tuesday’s posts:

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts! What’s Up Wednesday posts are always some of my favorites to read.

Thanks for reading!

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Friday Favorites {#14}

Happy Friday! It’s been a soggy, cloudy week around here. It’s also just been the weirdest week. It legit took us all a couple nights in a row of going to bed by 9pm (all of us—well, the kids and me) to recover from our hectic and then exciting (GO CHIEFS!) weekend. Then, Wednesday evening as I was driving home from volleyball carpool, I get a phone call from a random number…Well, it was our school district saying that because of the high level of absences due to flu, they were cancelling school for Thursday and Friday. I’m so thankful we are all healthy (but, remember, the flu took Hadley out for a couple days and myself for an entire week a few weeks ago. #sowevepaidourdues I’m hoping Travis and Hayden continue on the healthy train!) It’s been nice to have a couple extra lazy mornings, and I’m ready for a slower paced weekend…

As always, I’m linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea for Friday Favorites.


Honestly, it’s a little tough to choose one fave pic. In Monday’s post, I recapped our weekend. I loved lots of pics from last weekend—Hadley at the District Science Fair, Hayden’s Kobe tribute (in permanent marker on his Mambas), Hadley’s chorus performance, etc…but these four cuties in their Chiefs gear was definitely a sweet pic. That being said, three of the four cuties had no clue what was going on during the game, but Hayden sure did!

Cute cousin crew

The Chiefs pic reminded me of this early November 2015 when there were only three cutie cousins basking in the glory of the Royals World Series victory.


I forced Hayden to go to bed at 11pm on Sunday….he was still very pumped up after the Super Bowl win. As I tucked him in, he said, “Mom, I hope this Chiefs win isn’t a dream!” So cute. When the Chiefs won the AFC game, Hayden said, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this!” I told him that I technically had been waiting my whole life for the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl. haha Fifty years in the making! I hope he always remembers this victory…and I hope there are more big wins for the Chiefs in the future.


I’ve been wearing my favorite Nordstrom turtle neck sweaters on repeat. They are easy to wear to school but also with leggings to be more casual on the weekends. I’m also still wearing my Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover , also from Nordstrom, especially on the weekends when I don’t want to wear a coat somewhere. It keeps me warm going to and from kids’ sporting events, etc. I linked them in a previous Friday Favorites post.

I’m also waiting on a Stitch Fix order to arrive. I receive orders about four times a year, and always end up keeping a couple items. The past few orders, Narci has been my stylist!


It was finally cold enough outside to make chili for dinner this week. I usually use my dad’s recipe. I plan on sharing the recipe on Monday for Monday Meals.


Y’all, having kids in elementary school continues to be a walk down memory lane. They were so excited to receive their recorders this week. I was having a flashback to elementary school and playing the recorder in music class with Mrs. Young.

I played Hot Cross Buns for the kids, and they thought I was the coolest mom ever. Travis basically called me a nerd. haha


I saw this meme last week and literally laughed out loud….because it’s the truth. I even walk into a room and can’t remember what I am looking for!

BONUS Favorite

Once I wrapped up my “Dry January” of no purchases from Amazon or Nordstrom, I purchased this blanket. We “needed” one more for the living room and this one is soft, fuzzy, and cute. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t think through the fact that Homer would think the fuzzy decorative pom poms on the blanket were chew toys. Ugh! Nothing is Homer proof.

Also, Wednesday’s post included my favorite Valentine’s Day decorations around my house.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a great weekend. We are looking forward to two basketball games and a cookie decorating class.

Take care,


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