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Hello! Well, I feel like we’ve either had nothing going on or too much! Of course, we are back to school, we’ve had family visiting, and winter activities are overlapping with spring activities.

I thought I’d just share a bit about what we’re currently up to!

I’m currently…


I’m continuing to adjust to the early alarm clock since we are all back to school.

In previous years, I could wake up around 6:00 to get 45 minutes of “me time” before the hustle and bustle of the day began. This year, the kids’ school starts 10 minutes earlier, and we are out of practice with the early morning routine. I can’t bring myself to get up in the 5’s just yet, so I’m only getting about 25 minutes of quiet time in the morning.

When I’m in a really great routine, I try to get up early (5:15-5:30) to get a workout in a couple days a week. At the moment, that sounds like an unreasonable ask of myself 😂 Maybe next week, I will phase in that plan!


I’m so appreciative of the fact that Hayden and Hadley have embraced going back to school. They are so excited to be the “big kids” of the school, see their teachers and play with their friends. So far, it’s been a pretty smooth transition (once we are up and out the door!)

I will say that I hate that they have to sit behind plastic dividers and wear masks, but Hadley is thriving being able to socialize more with her teacher and her classmates. Hayden is more focused now and is doing a great job as well adjusting to in person learning.

I also appreciate my teacher friend sending me this photo of Hayden. It’s always so fun to get a glimpse of them during the day. This is another thing I will miss about our elementary years being about over.

waiting in line for music class


I’m wanting (needing!) Homer to realize that we don’t have time for his nonsense in the morning. I joked that I didn’t know how he’d react to us going back to school, but for the past week, he often refuses to come inside the house and hesitates to go in his kennel!

I took this photo yesterday morning of him. It got to the point where when we tried to coax him in, he’d run off. Eventually, he let Travis put the leash on him. The photo I should have gotten was the tug-of-war that ensued between Homer and Travis…to the point where Travis had to pick Homer up to get him inside! haha


I watched the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah. Did you see it? What did you think? I was pretty shocked at all that was shared. The Royals have always intrigued me.

I wonder if they regret anything they shared?!

photo c/o NY Times


I just started reading Layla and I’m also reading The Giver of the Stars. I usually don’t read two hardback books at once, but I’d started Giver when Layla became available at the library from my requested books list.


I’m starting to plan Easter basket ideas. For Easter, I usually get the kids each a swimsuit, pajamas, flip flops, and a book. Sometimes, I find a game and a few other odds and ends to include in their baskets. The Easter Bunny brings candy and hides the eggs.

Easter 2020


Back to school = quick dinners! As much as I enjoy my Instant Pot and Air Fryer, my slow cooker is my fave for guaranteed delicious meals!

This week we’re having:


I’m reflecting on that fact that it’s been a year since the pandemic shut everything down, and our lives came to a screeching halt! With the vaccine and now (finally) having my kids and students back in the school buildings, this week has just definitely been one of reflection.

Assuming I have time to finish it, I will have a more reflective pandemic post tomorrow 🙂

What have you been up to lately?! I hope you are having a great week!

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