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Weekend Top 5

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was very low key which I assume is how it is for most of us these days!

I have a calendar (paper/pencil) that I use to plan out blogging ideas. Well, a Weekend Top 5 post is what I had scheduled for today. I didn’t really think about changing topics, but I did stop to think, “I wonder what I will be able to post about…” My Weekend Top 5 posts usually include kids’ activities, family visits, Trader Joe runs, etc. That being said, I decided to embrace the simplicity of our activities and how we are spending our days during this time of social distancing. If anything, that’s what this time has forced me to do. Stop and appreciate what I have and now I have the time to pause and take it all in. I’d say that’s quite the blessing.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to!

Drive thru lunches. Who doesn’t love a Cherry Limeade from Sonic?!

Time to actually make lunch! haha I made a snack plate for Sunday’s lunch.

Time outside! I live in a pretty active neighborhood, but it’s amazing to see so many more people out and about (but, of course, keeping their distance!) walking dogs, or just getting fresh air.

The kids found time to play outside, and we even went for a bike ride Friday afternoon. (Yes, y’all, I’m starting this Weekend Top 5 post with Friday afternoon activities 😉

Arts and crafts. I plan to share more about our watercolor sesh tomorrow, but here’s a peek at an awesome idea I got from Andrea.

I spent time in my Sticker by Numbers book. The kids have a couple of these books which I’ve found on Amazon. I bought myself one a few months ago. I find the sticker book activities relaxing, and I always love the final outcome.

I decided to put up Easter decorations. I don’t usually put out much, but I love an Easter Bunny here and there.

It is difficult to think that Easter most likely won’t be celebrated in church this year, and it may just be the four of us out for an egg hunt, but I thought the decorations could help us get in the spirit a bit.

This weekend, I finished a book, Small Great Things, and started new one,The Secret to Southern Charm. Also, about two summers ago, I watched season 1 of The Crown. I enjoyed it, but just didn’t find the time to watch season 2 (and now there’s a season 3!) Anyway, I watched a few episodes of season 2 this weekend, and I can’t wait to watch more!

Other thoughts…

As we navigate this time of uncertainty, I’m having a hard time slowing down. It’s really taking me some time to downshift and pause. I’m so used to be on the go.

With that, comes time for reflection. So, some things for which I am thankful: sunshine and fresh air, online church, extra time with my family, a warm home with food to eat, and my family and friends —even if we can’t all be together right now.

I hope this post finds you happy and well, and I hope you have a great week.

See you back here tomorrow!

Take care,

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