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Weekend Top 5

Happy Monday. Shew…we had quite the weekend. The kind where I had to set an alarm on Saturday morning for the same time as I’d regularly get up for school. 😅 The kind of weekend where we were non-stop from the time our feet hit the floor until it was time for bed. I need a weekend to recover from our weekend! That being said, I thought I’d share some highlights…

I’m kind of cheating on the Weekend Top 5 and backing up to Thursday night. Hadley had her first chorus performance of the year, and she had been so excited for this night to come. The concert was called Snow Biz and the songs and dances were winter themed. She had such a great time, & always had a smile on her face. Sis doesn’t hate the spotlight 😂

The sweetest of friends
Snow Biz time!
I love a good winter theme …now, if only if would actually snow!

We were up early for the District Science Fair. Hadley set up her board and chatted with a few friends before the judging began. I sat in the stands while she waited her turn to talk to two judges. She did a great job. While only a few advanced to Regionals, I was so proud of her effort, confidence, and enthusiasm. I’ve been joking that I survived the 4th grade Science Fair 😂 We should probably start prepping for the 5th grade assignment now!

What would be a weekend without sports? Hayden had two basketball games, Hadley had one basketball game and a volleyball clinic this weekend.

Hadley and I missed Hayden’s first game, but when he and Travis got home, Travis asked if I had noticed Hayden’s shoes. Hayden’s just a sweet boy with a permanent marker and a pair of Mambas.

Their basketball league even had a “Thank You Kobe” sign which I thought was so sweet.

RIP Mamba
Basketball time!
Sunday volleyball clinic

It’s Girl Scout cookie time. I picked up Hadley’s first two orders on Friday after school. We are now needing to find the time to sort through the 400 boxes I picked up. Needless to say, she’s met her goal and we still have one more round of orders to place.

On Sunday, her troop had a cookie booth at Kroger for a couple of hours.

And…saving the best for last!

We’ve been counting down the days until the SUPER B O W L !!! ❤️💛 We watched the AFC Championship game at my brother’s house two weeks ago. After the Chiefs won, I told my brother that maybe I’d have a Super Bowl party. He looked at me like I was crazy, said to remember what we were wearing & where we sat for the game and to be back for the Super Bowl. 😂Hayden takes after my brother; he wouldn’t let me wash the Mahomes shirt and socks he was wearing as well as the shorts he had on, so he could wear them again for the Super Bowl.

I brought a couple apps and dessert for the big game. We are huge fans of Great American cookie cakes!

The cousin crew was ready to cheer for the Chiefs. ❤️💛

Let’s just say there was a certain 10 year old boy crying in the third quarter…but then his idol, Mahomes, started to turn the team around…& we all celebrated an awesome V I C T O R Y ! (During the last few minutes of the game, Hayden’s face was red and sweaty and he said, “I feel like I’m in gym class!”) He cracks me up.

And then…when I tucked Hayden into bed last night, he said, “I hope this isn’t a dream!” ❤️ Sweet sports loving boy.

I’m so excited for my home town, and there’s definitely “no place like Mahomes.”

I hope you have a great week! Ours is off to an awesome start with that big win! ❤️❤️

Take care,


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