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Friday Favorites {#156}

Hello and happy Friday…and happy Cinco de Mayo!

How has your week been? Overall, we’ve had a good one. It’s been busy per usual, but productive as well.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

The kids had some awesome track meets this past week.

Friday night’s invitational was the best. We were very thankful there was no rain. The Friday before that, we sat in a torrential downpour for most of the meet. So, even though Friday night was still pretty cold, we were glad to be dry!

Hayden’s first big race Friday night was the mile. I’ve mentioned before that he had the goal to run a sub 5 mile….and he did it! (See below…4:59). I will cheer for them, but it takes a lot for me to jump up and get super crazy…well, I did when I saw the time on the clock! He also now holds the school record in the mile.

Then, it was Hadley’s turn. She’s been wanting to qualify for state in the 400. She’s been close, and Friday night she did it! The time she needed was 1:07.2, and she ran 1:07.03!!

Hayden didn’t run the 400 because he was still recovering from the mile. That being said, he ran the 800, and ended up qualifying for state in it!

They were so happy after their races on Friday night! My mom got these pics of them after the mile and 400.

Monday night, Hayden ran the two mile, and had a state qualifying time as well.

The kids are also on 4×800 relays, and Hadley usually runs the 4×100 and/or the 4×400. Hayden sometimes runs that one too. Anyway, those are fun to watch as well!

Both of them have had relays qualify for state too. At state, I don’t know if they will run everything, but it’s been fun seeing them achieve their goals!

On Saturday morning, we went to my nephew’s baseball game. He’s such a cute 1st baseman! I love that he’s using Hayden’s old baseball bag. Too sweet.

Saturday night, just Hadley and I were at home. She suggested Taco Tico for dinner, so we went there after some errands. Fun fact about Taco Tico: you can get a margarita to go. I can confirm that the watermelon marg is great!

Since my mom was in town, we celebrated her birthday a bit early with dinner at my brother’s house on Sunday. We brought dessert. Hadley made these Peanut Butter Blossom Bars, and they were a hit.

My mom was able to watch their track meets on Friday and Monday, so that was great as well.

On Monday, I went on a field trip with some classes. The Criminal Justice classes needed an extra chaperone on their tour of Eastern Kentucky University. We even saw the library. You know that made me happy.

Hadley brought home some artwork, and I love it…

How cute is my new purse strap? I picked it up at Joseph Beth when I was getting my mom a gift card.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hayden wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday. Hadley thought Hayden was “faking” until a friend confirmed that he had his head down in class, so the teacher sent him to the nurse. When I asked Hayden what the nurse did for him, he said she had him gargle salt water and gave him some ice.

Hadley said not much happens when you get sent to the nurse. She said, “Mom, she literally just gives you a mint or ice for anything that’s wrong.” 😆

Favorite Mom Meme:

I’m telling ya what…I have to start my day with some quiet time.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

This Facebook memory popped up this week. My mom took this pic in April 2013, and it’s so cute.

The kids still eat “pot hearts” for breakfast, but they do call them Pop-tarts now.

Weekly Recap:

I had quite the mix of posts this week:

Not Just a Mom

Monday is our monthly Not Just a Mom link up. This month’s topic is: pet peeves

We’d love for you to join us!

What are your weekend plans? I’m headed to the Oaks horse race with Travis today. Tomorrow is the Derby, and we don’t have any big plans. Sunday, Hadley has a dance competition that will keep us busy!

I hope you have a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#156}

  1. Congrats to both your kids with their track records! I love that your school has a clock you can see… we don’t get any times or measurements or anything unless the athlete goes over and checks the scorecard before it gets turned in for the meet. I’m going to have to check out that bar recipe; we love peanut butter blossoms but I hate making them because I am never patient enough to fuss with all that “extra” when making cookies.

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  2. You have some fast kids! Congrats! So fun that you got to go on a field trip. They wear you out, though, right? I love the way kids mispronounce things. Happy Oaks Day! Are you going? The weather looks so beautiful! My sister in law and my friend are going. I am so happy to be off. I hope some anti-gravity chair and books are in my future for today! And, I will definitely be getting a to-go margarita or making my own today. I have been craving Mexican food but was saving it for today!

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