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Blog Challenge Part 11


Another week, another Blog Challenge post!

I left off with Part 10….

…and today I’m goin to share about topics 21, 22, and 23.

21. Something I miss

The first thing that popped in my mind was that I miss when the kids were little. As they have gotten older, I appreciate what the next phase brings. Right now, they are pretty independent, but with that comes a sense of worry, expectations and guidance. 

I miss having little ones to rock to sleep, sit on my lap to read a book, hold my hand when crossing the street, and smiling when they see me pick them up from school. 

My grandparents – Of course, I always miss loved ones who are no longer here, but I tend to think of them more often now as I get older. I feel very grateful to still have my Gma, and that the kids have shared life with her as well.

22. 10 Favorite Songs

I’m not the best with songs. Truly – I never know the names of artists or song titles. That’s never been my strength. I do love to listen to music in the car. I can certainly appreciate 80’s and 90’s songs, but it’s usually country that I have on the radio.

Right now, we love American Idol. I even vote for the contestants using the app! 

That being said, you know how when you hear a song, it “takes you back” to a time…that does happen for me. I will hear a song and think about high school or college…or a breakup, or some other moment in time. 

Some of my favorite music memories include: 

My first concert was Billy Joel– I think I was in 7th grade, but he was married to Christie Brinkley and she was in the helicopter crash around the time of the concert. The concert was postponed until the following year. I went with a friend and her parents, and it was a great time. 

Travis is a music guy. Where I tend to stay in the “country lane,” he loves quite a few artists, and he has certainly introduced me to musicians I wouldn’t have known otherwise. The first concert we went to was David Gray in St. Louis, and it was so good.

For my birthday one year, we went to Nashville. I knew we were going to Ryman Auditorium, but I didn’t know we were seeing Eric Church. He was just getting started, and it was before he was so well-known. He only played a few songs (there were other performers), but we loved it. 

We finally got to see Chris Stapleton last spring. He was supposed to come to Kroger Field in 2020, but that got postponed….it was postponed again in 2021. Last April, he finally came to Lexington. Sheryl Crowe and Willie Nelson opened for him. It was all worth the wait. The weather was amazing that night, we went with friends, saw so many people we knew, and just had a great time. His voice is amazing. I hope to see him again.

I went to the  NKOTB concert with friends this summer. Talk about “blast from the past.” We loved every minute. 

I had two surprises from Travis for our wedding. I let him choose the honeymoon location (as long as it had a beach), and he surprised me with our wedding song. I will never forget hearing “Someone Like You.” While it had sweet meaning behind it and the lyrics are wonderful too, I gave him a hard time about it because of the movie…and his his love for Ashley Judd. Haha    

23. Pet Peeves

You’ll have to come back to the blog on Monday. Pet Peeves is the topic for Monday’s Not Just a Mom post.

Well, I’m making my way through this blog challenge. I guess I still have a few posts left!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

11 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Part 11

  1. I would love to see Chris Stapleton. Tom and I have a favorite artist from Austin, TX and we would love to go there and hear him.
    Where was your honeymoon? I love that it was a surprise. I planned ours and it was in Aruba.

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  2. I planned the whole wedding while my husband planned the honeymoon (with a lot of help from our travel agent). I’m pretty sure I just requested “somewhere with palm trees.” I know what songs I love when I hear them but trying to remember names and artists and coming up with a list on the spot is definitely not my strong suit either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same! I just said I wanted to go to a beach haha
      My kids seems to know songs/musicians and at least now I can just glance at the stereo to see who sings what haha


  3. You didn’t mention bluegrass! Might have to endoctrinate you into Billy Strings (I know an expert) and The T
    raveling McCourys.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was literally listening to a David Gray song as I read your post! I haven’t been to many concerts, but I did see him live years ago here in Toronto.
    Chris Stapleton would be a great show, and bonus with Sheryl Crowe and Willie! She is my go-to for karaoke.

    Liked by 1 person

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