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Friday Favorites {#152}

Hello and happy Friday!

This is the best kind of Friday because in just a few hours, it will be spring break!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

I picked up some flowers at Trader Joe’s this week. I thought the bunny was super cute, and the pot with tulips and daffodils was too pretty to pass up.

Hadley wrapped up her short season of volleyball last weekend. While I was still under the weather, I went to whatever games I could. Thankfully, Travis took her to the early games, and I was able to catch the afternoon ones on Saturday and late morning ones on Sunday.

Her team really came together these past two weekends and were lots of fun to watch. I really do love watching Hadley play, and she did her part for her team this weekend.

How cute is this bag from Walmart? I stopped by Walmart after the volleyball tournament, and walked out with this one. I have a big pool bag, but now that the kids are older, they often take their backpacks to the pool with their towel, goggles, clothes, etc.

This one will be perfect for just me to carry my towel, sunscreen, and Kindle.

They have so many cute options that I had a hard time choosing.

Homer snuggles are the best when we don’t feel well…

…and mac and cheese and a classic movie are the best too. On Saturday night, the only thing that sounded good was Trader Joe’s mac and cheese (Hadley’s fave), and Travis made it for me. I watched basketball and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers which is one of my faves.

I’m definitely feeling better, but my voice is probably at 50%. By the end of the day, my head hurts from trying to talk throughout the day. It’s been a crazy illness…whatever it is I’ve had.

Another how cute…but how cute is this wooden bunny from Ruffled Nest? When I placed my order, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the 20″ or 16″ white washed bunny, so I went ahead with the 20″. Well, as soon as it arrived, I ordered the 16″ to go with it. It should arrive next week, and I will definitely keep them out for most of April.

Favorite Mom Meme:

My mom sent this to me, and I feel it deeply!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

Last weekend, Travis was mowing the front lawn. Hayden’s friends were coming over to play out back, and Travis showed Hayden how to mow some of the backyard. I was resting, but Hadley sent me a couple of photos. No lie…after I looked at them, this Facebook memory from 2012 popped up.

I say it too often but “where as the time gone?”

Weekly Recap:

I had quite a mix of posts this week:

What are your weekend plans? I think today is going to be pretty rainy, so we might have a lowkey night at home.

Tomorrow is April 1st. I’m always happy when April Fools Day isn’t on a school day. haha

After this week, I’m feeling extra grateful to have a full week with my kids and not a lot to do.

I do think I will post pretty regularly next week, but I will just see how it goes!

Thanks for reading,

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#152}

  1. Love your new plants and that adorable bunny! Glad your slowly starting to feel better and that you have a nice low key weekend planned. It sounds like a bit more rest may be in order anyway!

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  2. Oh, gosh – I hope you are 100% soon! I have had some friends with some crazy long sicknesses. My personal theory is that we lost many of our immunities and we are paying the price now. I have been sick more this year than any year except my first year of teaching maybe?
    I love those bunnies! I am going to finally get my Easter decor out today and donate what I no longer like. I have plans for lots of donation trips. It’s so overwhelming! I love the bunny from TJ’s! I need to go there, too. That Summer bag is so cute! One can never have too many tote bags.
    Hoping you have a smooth day and a relaxing evening!

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