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Monthly Musings

Hello and happy Thursday.

I love that Patty and Holly host this fun link up. I feel like it always has me thinking/planning ahead for the next season or holiday.

This month’s topic is: Essential Spring Fashion Pieces

Anytime there is the word “fashion” in the topic, I’m hesitant to post. I don’t know much about fashion… haha…but here are some of my ideas.

1. How do you transition your wardrobe?

I usually transition my (school) wardrobe by wearing dresses and throwing on a cardigan to wear to school. I love a dress…and I love a cardigan, so spring and fall are my favorite times to dress for school.

2. Favorite spring item?

I loved this cardigan so much that I bought it in two colors last year.

3. Favorite spring footwear?

Once the weather warms up and the sun starts shining, I really can’t wait for sandal weather.

Amazon has provided some of my favorite footwear over the past couple of years like these Birk dupes and a couple pairs of slides.

Also, I can’t wait to wear my Birks that I purchased from Nordstrom at the end of last summer. I wore them for as long as possible last fall.

4. Favorite colors you wear in the spring?

I will be the first to admit that I don’t gravitate towards tons of color, but I do love pink in the spring…and the summer (when I’m tan!)

Blue and purple are other favorite colors to wear in the warmer months.

5. Favorite spring accessory?

I don’t change my jewelry much at all. Spring and summer are the perfect time to wear a statement earring, but if I’m not wearing my regular stud earrings, then I’m probably “dressing up” with a gold hoop.

I’m still loving my bracelet stack which is a mix of Daily Gold Co and Amazon.

6. Ways to add spring to your outfit when the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Throw on a bright pink cardigan and go!

7. Do you change up your makeup routine in the spring?

Kind of link with jewelry, I don’t change much. Basically, I just change my foundation as I get more color in my face. I still love Seint makeup, and I’ve been wearing the “Amber” shade highlight in the winter, and soon it will be time to switch to “Mango.”

During/after spring break, I will start using my Jergens “Instant Sun,” and I’ve already started adding in the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze drops into my face moisturizer at night and am starting to see a bit more color.

Really, I can’t wait for summer as I rarely wear makeup…and I like to be tan!

8. Puff sleeve trend. Yes or no?

I’m not against a puff sleeve, and I’ve seen a few cute options. That being said, apparently I love a “flutter” sleeve right now.

9. Do you change up your mani/pedi colors in the spring?

I’m pretty traditional with my mani color. I pretty consistently wear some version of pink all year long. That being said, in the fall and winter, I will try darker colored nail polish.

Once spring hits, I lock in with Funny Bunny or Bubble Bath for my SNS. In the summer, I usually try dark pink or a turquoise for my pedi color. I hope to cash in a gift card over break and get a pedi.

10. Favorite spring tote?

I carry a smaller purse in the spring/summer. My gold cross body is a fave, and I like that I can switch out the strap to change it up.

While I still love this one that I got last year for when I’m more dressed up:

I did just purchase this saddle/boho purse, and I’m excited to try it.

I wanted to have another crossbody option that is a little bigger and more everyday. I actually ordered a few to try, and this one was my fave by far (and less than $20!)

So, now I feel like I have a small, medium, and larger version of a crossbody for the spring/summer months.

Ahh…I didn’t think I’d have much to add to this topic, but I was able to share a bit about some of my favorite spring fashion items.

On my “to do” list over break is to pull items from my closet that I didn’t wear this winter in order to tidy things up a bit before summer.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Faves.

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12 thoughts on “Monthly Musings

  1. I like when you do Fashion posts! I think you had a lot to say! I love your spring/summer shoes. I agree about really studying what you didn’t wear during the winter. A dress and cardigan is just so easy for teachers and I hope to do more of that after spring break. It’s been too cold to show my legs. I really want to get one of those soft cardigans from Amazon but can you believe that I have hardly ordered anything in March? It feels good to be using what I have and not ordering and returning!

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    1. I hope it’s warmer after break too…
      I haven’t been ordering much from Amazon lately…especially clothes. I’ve been trying to wear my winter favorites before break.


  2. I think you nailed this “fashion” post! I was getting excited to start transitioning my wardrobe but mother nature reminded me that it’s still too early here (though I did wear flip flops in the house yesterday!). I need to buy a few more dresses and cardigans— that is a look I think I’d really like.

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  3. Everyone who cleans out their closet as they transition seasons is inspiring me to spend some time in my closet this weekend! I love the crossbody with the strap you can change out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My Goodness Jen, you absolutely had a lot to share on this topic. I wouldn’t have known about that cute cardigan if you didn’t post.

    I also love that cross body bag.

    Thanks for linking up with us.


    Liked by 1 person

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