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Friday Favorites {#135}

Hello and Happy Friday! Why do the short weeks always feel so long? We had a great week with a couple of extra days off, sports, and some early birthday celebrations.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

School photos arrived, and Hadley said that they look like grown ups. She’s not wrong!

Hadley got her braces off a couple of weeks later, but I’m glad to have this moment in time forever!

Also, the day they had school pics, I picked the kids up from school. When Hayden got in the car, I asked him if he got pen on his shirt before or after the photos were taken. He said,”After.”…Hmm…shaking my head.

Another favorite was an unexpected four day weekend. Due to high rates of illness and teacher absences, we didn’t have school on Monday. Obviously, I’m thankful my kids haven’t been sick (nor have I), but I hate that so many have been these past few weeks. Since I knew we also had Tuesday off for Election Day, I let Monday be more of the fun day while Tuesday we had schoolwork and chores to do. So, Sunday night, Hadley spent the night at a friend’s house, and Hayden played about five hours of Xbox on Monday!

Tuesday, they slept in, we had lunch with family for early birthday celebrations, we raked leaves for a couple of hours, and the kids had some homework and studying to do.

*Early* birthday cards for the kids are always a favorite...

…as are silly selfies I find on my phone.

On Sunday, I put one pencil tree up in the living room until we get our real one.

Then, on Monday, I put up the other one in the sun room.

If having a favorite pencil tree up the same time as having a glowing pumpkin out is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

I voted on Tuesday which is always a great feeling.

Over a week ago, Travis and Hayden used the leaf blower to blow all of our leaves into piles under our three trees. With the nice weather on Tuesday, (and Travis working so much), the kids and I bagged 25 bags of leaves. Joke’s on me! We need at least 30 more bags to finish the other two trees.

Lexington typically has dates that if all your leaves are on your curb, they will drive by and suck them up with the vacuum. Well, due to staffing shortages, they aren’t doing that, so that’s why we are back to bagging. The kids were big help, but I needed two Tylenol that evening.

Hadley’s volleyball team had a big win this week against a cross town rival. It was amazing to see how much better they were from game one last week to game two this week!

And…last night, Hadley served 12 straight points including the game point. Serving is something she knew she’d need to work on this season, and we’re so proud of her that her hard work seems to be paying off.

Favorite Mom Meme:

Right?!? I swear, all I find now are empty candy wrappers from Halloween, water bottles, and cups in their rooms!

Favorite New Follow:

I have a fave new follow on Instagram – @karikampakis

Raising teens is hard, y’all. This account is a best selling author and mom to four girls. She has so many great posts talking about being an encourager, helping your daughter find real friends, teaching your child to trust their intuition and more! Whenever these posts are on my feed, I always stop and read them.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

This sweet memory before Sesame Street Live popped up from 2013. This was a part of the kids 4th birthday present, and they were so excited.

Not Just a Mom:

On Monday I’m co-hosting our monthly Not Just a Mom link up with these fun bloggers:

Our topic is: the internet made me buy it.

If you have a blog, we’d love for you to link up with us on Monday!

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts for this week in case you missed one:

What are your weekend plans? We are busy with lots of fun things! I’m sure I’ll recap those next week.

Thanks so much for reading, and have a great weekend.

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Friday Favorites {#134}

Hello and Happy Friday!

How was your week? We had a really good one that included Halloween, volleyball, school and more!

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

A few fun favorites:

Last Friday, I went to see Heather McMahan’s live taping of her show for Netflix. We’d gone to see her back and January, and were excited to go again. We all met at our friend’s house for carryout Mexican food and drinks. Then, we went downtown for the show. The show was a mix of the material from January as well as some new material too. It was a great evening!

Since it was a taping, we couldn’t have our phones out during the performance. Heather looked stunning, and she snapped a photo with the audience at the end.

On Saturday, Hadley went to Great Wolf Lodge with a group from school. She had so much fun.

Halloween Fun:

While we were at the Heather McMahan taping, Hadley and the Student Council were hosting a haunted house. It was quite the success.

Look at my zombie volleyball player! haha

My brother’s kids made some sweet treats for us and dropped them off on Saturday.

We had our “spooky dinner” on Sunday night. I made mummy dogs and brains for dinner…with a side of eyeballs.

Halloween on a Monday should always be a hard no….but it was a great evening. The weather was perfect. Hayden threw on a jersey at the last minute to be a football player while Hadley was a construction worker with her friend.

Hadley and friends ran around the neighborhood together while Hayden and his friends did the same thing. They scored so much candy that it’s ridiculous!

Travis and I hung on the front porch to pass out candy. Honestly, I had a moment of sadness when I realized the last time I sat on the front porch and passed out candy was 2009 when I had a very big pregnant belly. This time has gone by in a blink, but I’m glad the kids were close by and had fun with their friends.

I went to grab a cup for my wine and laughed at my choice! While it’s a Christmas sentiment, I think it applies to Halloween on a Monday!


Hadley had her first volleyball game this week! Volleyball is one of my favorite sports to watch, so I’m definitely looking forward to watching them this season.

She’s having fun with friends which is definitely a bonus.

Favorite Mom Meme:

This made me laugh way too hard…

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

This throwback to 2013 is one of my favorite photos. So sweet and festive for Halloween.

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from the week:

What are your weekend plans? We don’t really have anything tonight, but tomorrow Hayden has a cross country meet, and then Travis and I will spend the day at Keeneland for the Breeder’s Cup. I’m one of the weird ones who loves the time change (in the fall), and I have feeling I’m going to need that extra hour of sleep by Sunday!

Thanks so much for reading.

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Friday Favorites {#116}

Hello and Happy Friday.

We had a good but busy summer week. Personally, it was nice to not get up and think about school, but I still had to set an alarm every morning due to Hadley’s activities.

Also, I’ve felt “off” all week. I guess it’s a summer cold, and Hadley has been dealing with congestion too. On top of having a sore throat and drainage, I was tired and sometimes achy. I did test neg for the Vid, so who knows! Maybe the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year caught up with me.

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

I mentioned in Tuesday’s post that what was supposed to be a couple of hours at the pool Sunday turned into many hours at the pool and a Pina Colada with Trav.

Hadley has decided she wants to play volleyball again, so we signed her up for a camp this week with a friend. That meant 9-12 camp four days this week!

Hayden left on Monday to go to the lake with a friend, so I had lots of Hadley time this week.

After camp on Monday, we hit the mall for a few things and lunch in the food court. What is it about kids and the food court?! It seemed like a treat to her. haha

She has had dance recital practice three nights this week with the recital this weekend. It’s nice that she’s old enough to handle costume changes, but I definitely sweep in at the end to make sure she has everything!

Wednesday night’s recital practice included Hadley (and her friend) helping cousin Layla’s tap class up on stage. Super cute group of little ladies.

While at the lake, Hayden had so much fun with two of his friends. With limited WiFi, they had all kinds of good old fashioned fun. They swam, ran around, went in the kayaks and fished.

Hayden was so excited to catch a few fish (a first for him) including this large mouth bass.

On Wednesday, we celebrated our 3 year Homer-versary! Since we don’t know his actual birthday, we celebrate him on his “Gotcha Day,” and he obliges for a few photos in his birthday scarf thanks to a few treats!


He’s calmed down since we got him and is overall a pretty good boy (even though he destroyed a roll of toilet paper this week!)

Travis and I finally finished Season 4 of Ozark. I love me some Jason Bateman, but man, that show is intense! I wish it ended a bit differently, but I’m glad we finished the series. Now Travis and I need to find something else to watch together. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Favorite Clothing Item:

Is anyone shocked that my favorite clothing item is a new pair of pjs?

I bought these a couple of weeks ago when both the top and the bottom were each on sale for $8. I’d pay full price for them though! They are cute and light-weight…perfect for summer!

I actually have this pair ready for pick up too. I will let you know how they are once I get them.

Favorite Mom Meme:

Me…all week!

Flashback Friday

In honor of Hadley’s dance recital this week, here’s a throwback to her first-ever dance recital in 2016! #pinchycheekcute

Weekly Recap:

I had a couple of link up posts this week as well as one other one:

Not Just a Mom

Also, before I go…we have our Not Just a Mom link up this coming Monday. The topic is dream travel locations.

If you are a blogger, we hope you join us! It’s the perfect topic as we dive into summer!

What are your plans for the weekend? We don’t have tons going on today, but Hadley will be a busy dancer this weekend! I can’t wait to see her routines!

Thanks so much for reading!