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Transformation Tuesday: Master Bedroom

Well, the next stop (and almost the last!) on my Home Updates series, is the master bedroom. We definitely didn’t do anything to this room—not even a fresh coat of paint, in the five years we’ve lived here, until recently.

About two years ago, we met with a contractor about an addition for the back of the house. Essentially, the current master would become half a closet and half a bigger bathroom. The addition would be the master bedroom living space. While I’d love a bigger bedroom, the “need” was more for a bigger closet (#firstworldproblems) and then the kids would each have their own bathroom. Right now, they share the world’s smallest bathroom which is also the guest bathroom when we have people over. (Remember when having people over was a thing?!) Travis currently uses the basement bathroom and closet as his. To be honest, with an addition, I don’t even know if that would change ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve made do with the space we have.

Also, as I’ve mentioned, I’m a home body. I’d love nothing more than a bedroom that’s more than a bedroom…I’d love space for a chair, so I could read a book, or a place where we could comfortably watch a movie, etc.

That being said, especially in these uncertain times, itโ€™s difficult to think about spending such a large amount of money, so we’ve just decided to sit tight for now with those bigger decisions.

So, step one in our master update was when I finally ordered the wallpaper from Wallpops. Then, Travis and Hadley painted the bedroom Repose Gray which is what we have in our family room and office areas. I found a quilt and bedspread I loved at Target, but after a few weeks, I realized the quilt wasn’t going to work in the long term as far as being dog and kid proof, so I moved it to the basement guest bed and purchased a quilt from Wayfair that I’d saved a long time ago. Also, we finally hung the kids’ artwork up that I’d framed at least a year and a half ago! Lastly, it was fun to “shop my own home,” and I moved a few decorations into the bedroom that were in other parts of our house.


As I’ve been doing, these are just the listing photos from when we bought the home. But…I’m also sharing how our room looked before painting, new bedding, etc.

Of note, for the first five years, our bed was positioned with the headboard against the other wall…like how the previous owners had their bed. In December, we moved it how it currently is to make more space when you enter the bedroom, and to make it easier to watch tv!


We completed the shiplap wallpaper project first.

We used Repose Gray in the bedroom since we knew we liked the color and didn’t have to worry about multiple trips to Lowes or Home Depot for paint samples during this time.

Travis did the edging while Hadley was a big help rolling the paint on the main parts of the wall.


After painting, we took some time to lay out the pictures. Any time I do a gallery wall, I trace the frames on paper, and tape the paper up on the walls to move around and get proper placement. The frames are from Michaels and then for a pop of color, I added the 11 inch boxwood wreaths that I ordered off Amazon.

New bedding + my weighted blanket ๐Ÿ˜‰

I searched Target online before going to one of the Targets in town. I didn’t want to be in Target too long, so I did my research beforehand. I saw Magnolia’s Hearth and Hand comforter and knew that’s what I wanted for our bedding.

I loved the raw edges on the shams, and I wanted a solid comforter that was heavy but not too heavy.

While at Target, I saw the matching quilt, and it’s what I originally bought to go with the comforter.

While Travis liked the original quilt, he did ask me if I thought we should have more color. (How dare him question my taste?) ๐Ÿ˜‚ and then after only a week or so, the kids + Homer started to snag the stitching on the quilt.

So–I remembered a quilt I had saved, seriously over a year ago, on Wayfair. They had it in stock and on sale, so I ordered it. It did add the pop of color we needed, and it’s a quilt that will hold up like the one we used to have on our bed.

I get some grief for sticking with my gray/cream/teal color palette, but it makes it easy to rearrange, use things in other rooms, swap bedding, etc. The basement bedding comforter is gray and teal, and the original quilt works perfectly on the guest bed.

I love that the quilt is reversible.

I was able to keep my striped Euro decorative pillows, but added in the Hearth and Hand lumbar pillow as well. Travis really understands my need for so many cozy pillows. #nohedoesnt

The kids’ artwork and some of my favorite family pics from when the kids were 10 months old.

With the pictures gone from the dresser, I moved the wooden trivet that I had in the kitchen to the dresser along with a lantern that I had been using on our chest of drawers. Also, I moved some of my favorite books with Hobby Lobby corbels to the left side of the dresser. Those used to be on top of the cabinet in our office.

It felt good to shop my home for what I needed for the space.

So, that’s a look on our master bedroom refresh. Maybe one day it will be a whole renovation, but for now, this will do.

If we decide tomorrow to go for the addition, we’ve only spent about $250 updating this space. It’s amazing what fresh paint, some new bedding, and a focal wall will do to make a space feel more at home.

Here are the links to my previous house update posts. We’ve sure come a long way!

I hope you’ve had a great start to your week.

Take care,

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