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Let’s Look: Your Weekend

Hello and Happy Wednesday. It’s the second Wednesday of the month, so it’s time for Shay and Erika’s fun Let’s Look link up. This month’s topic is Let’s Look at Your Weekend. I remember when I wrote my April Let’s Look post about Easter at My House, I wondered if, in May, weekends would still look like the week days….And…I guess they do…(minus the distance learning!).

An average Friday in the spring would have me running a couple of errands after school, going out to eat for dinner (or getting carryout), enjoying a glass of wine, and settling in for the weekend.

Most Saturdays would include neighbor kids playing, a baseball game or two…

dance for Hadley…

Meal planning and placing a Clicklist order for the week’s groceries…

followed by dinner out and some time on our patio…and maybe even hanging out with our neighbors. #Imissmyneighbors

Sunday would start with church, followed by grocery pickup, household chores and laundry…

and if time allowed, (and no baseball games) a trip to the pool (in late May-early September)

After the pool, we’d come home for dinner, showers, and prepping for the week ahead.

Weekends during social distancing/quarantine include some of the same. Of course, kids’ activities are put on hold, and I don’t run errands like I used to…but…

My people still need to eat, and thankfully Clicklist seems to now be at a reasonable turn around time! We are supporting local restaurants and picking up carry out, rather than eating there, on Friday and Saturday evenings.

While it’s not the same, Hayden and Travis play ball in the backyard while Hadley takes a few online dance classes a week.

Now, I have more time to watch some of the shows that have been on my list to watch like Little Fires Everywhere as well as other shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV.

I have a bit more time to read…although, for some reason, I’ve been watching more shows recently…

We have made time for weekly (or more!) family bike rides.

I’m continuing to make an effort to workout almost daily. In some regards, I was better at working out when I had to plan every second of my day. I’m not always as successful when I think I can get the workout in at any time.

I still do better if I can knock my workout out early, and now “early” can be 7:30 rather than 5:30 am. I’ve seen some discussion on how seeing the sunshine and getting some Vitamin D in the first 30 minutes of your day can help your mood and mental health. I’ve made a goal to walk every weekday morning from now until the end of the month/school year. Monday and Tuesday mornings this week, I had over 4,500 steps before 8:00 am and then still got in my regular workout for the day.

Yes, I still love my ear buds. I’m the last person on Earth who doesn’t own air pods.

We’ve had more time for house projects such as the master bedroom refresh…

and the sunroom update 2.0 with new furniture.

And, Travis, who does love to do yard work, has had the kids helping him mulch and plant flowers. With sports on hold, the kids are very available to help him with yard work…which they are super pumped about 😉

So while our action packed weekends seem to be a thing of the past for now, we’ve definitely gotten the feel for a slower paced weekend. We spend time as a family, we cross some things off our to do lists, we support our local restaurants, we enjoy the fresh air, and we find the time to do some of the things we don’t have time for when we are scheduled hour by hour even on the weekends. (Y’all, we also find the need to spend some quiet time apart as we are around each other so much…sometimes we need a break!)

Of course, laundry stops for no one and nothing…so it continues to be a constant in our my life too! Interestingly, for not leaving the house, Hadley has way too many dirty clothes and Hayden doesn’t have nearly enough!

There’s a peek at our weekends past and weekends present. I have a feeling we will be back to being over-scheduled before we know it, so I guess we should enjoy this slower paced time right now.

In June, we’ll look at your carry on bag.

Here’s a recap of my previous Let’s Look posts for 2020.

Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts too!

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Let’s Look

Y’all, we’ve made it to Wednesday. It’s the second Wednesday of the month which means I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for this month’s Let’s Look.

This month’s focus is Let’s Look: Your Winter Wardrobe.

Well, until last week, it really hasn’t felt much like winter. Also, after the holidays, I eased up on spending money, so some of the clothes that I’m wearing on the regular are ones that I’ve already posted about. I thought I’d still share because I am still loving these “Winter Wardrobe” pieces.

The Zella Half Zip is a fave…I wear it going to the gym, with jeans, and I’ve even worn it to school with black pants. The one I have appears to be sold out, but this option looks quite similar and just as comfy!

I’m still loving the Longline Turtleneck sweater (I have it in pink and in gray) as well as the Thread and Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover. I have it in charcoal, but it also comes in a “milk” color.

Since we’ve had a pretty mild winter, I’ve gotten so much use out of my lighter weight coat that I bought in the summer during the Nordstrom sale. Again, this seems to be sold out, but I’m sharing because hitting up the Nordstrom summer sale for winter items always feels a bit odd…but I’m so glad I bought this Quilted Utility Jacket. It was regularly priced at close to $90 (I believe), but I got it for $60. I’ve worn it almost daily during the fall and this mild winter. My favorite part is the front two pockets—perfect for sticking my car keys and my phone in them if I don’t want to drag my purse place to place.

So, I’ve read Mallory’s Style Your Senses blog for quite some time (and I also follow her on Instagram as well). About a year ago, she started her Shop Style Your Senses shop. Business must be booming because after a few months, she moved from her home office to a warehouse…and then just recently shared that she now has an app for the the store. I’ve ordered a few dresses from her shop this past summer and loved them. Recently, she posted so many cute athleisure wear options…I snagged the Heather Gray Crew Neck Pullover, and I love it. I wore it a few days in a row last week. I also recently purchased these earrings and wear them daily! I know you’ll find something you love from her shop!

Speaking of winter wardrobe, it finally snowed in Kentucky last week. It was a pretty three inch snow. We were already out of school due to low attendance because of the flu, but since there was snow on the ground, I made my traditional snowman pancakes for the kids’ breakfast on Friday. We always have pancake mix on hand, and I tend to have the other ingredients in the kitchen because Hayden loves a side of bacon (the microwave kind!) with everything, and we are always fully stocked with mini marshmallows for Hadley to add to her daily hot chocolate. #theyliveablessedlife Also, #momhack but I often make more pancakes than we need and either put the leftovers in the fridge or the freezer for future breakfasts.

After pancakes, it was only a matter of time for me to get in my cardio (AKA helping the kids get on their winter weather gear!) They received new snow bibs for Christmas from their Gma. I was afraid they wouldn’t get to use them this year. Thankfully, we tend to be on a mostly every other year rotation–this year snow bibs, next year they will probably need boots, etc.

The kids lasted outside for quite some time with their friends!

Homer loved the snow! I guess he is part Husky. He had lots of fun running laps around the backyard! He enjoyed his first real snowfall!

About a minute after I took this photo, he snagged my slipper right off my foot and ran around the backyard with it for a few minutes #baddog

Next month’s Let’s Look is about the inside of your purse! Good, that gives me a month to get my purse organized! haha

Make sure to check out Shay and Erika’s posts as well!

I hope you are having a great week.

Take care,


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