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Friday Favorites {#154}

Hello and happy Friday!

I’m really feeling the TGIF energy today. This week has been a good one but filled with lots of extras. Every day this week had at least one extra appointment on top of the usual evening activities, so I just kept feeling like I didn’t want to forget something!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week…

Favorite Picture:

Well, I have to start with the absolute best news…look at Hayden’s new smile!!

No more braces! Also, why was I more excited for this milestone than he was? After over 2.5 years, the braces are off!

Both kids had “phase 1” braces in second grade. They had them put on in January 2018, and had them for less than a year.

For Hayden, “phase 2” started in July of 2020 with a Herbst appliance. A few months later he got the braces, and the appliance was taken out in July 2021. Then, he continued with braces until this week.

It’s crazy to see how much older he looks too!

Favorite Clothes:

I wore a new dress from SSYS to Keeneland on Saturday. I want to buy it in another color, but I think they are creating a sleeveless version for the summer, so I will hold off for now. I love lavender, and just couldn’t say no.

**Also, I was inspired by Amy and visited Sun Tan City for a spray tan last week. I hadn’t been there in years, but I was so happy with the results.

(A week later, and I still have a bit of color!)

SSYS also has the cutest athleisure pieces, and this quilted top has been perfect to throw on over my workout tank and leggings. I’ve already worn this one three times in a week. I think they have some cute new pieces dropping this weekend.

Other faves from the week:

On Monday, the kids had their yearly checkups, and they always ask for ice cream afterwards. Parenting teens is a tough job, so I deserved ice cream too.

Last week, Travis came home from Kroger with these flowers, and said they were free. They still hadn’t bloomed after a few days, and I told him that I thought that’s why they must have been free. 😆

Well, they finally did start to bloom, but I don’t think a couple of them ever will. They are pretty and freshen up the living room.

At the first track meet of the season, Hayden hurt himself doing the long jump, so he’s had to sit out the last couple of meets.

Hayden is the distance runner, and Hadley is more mid/shorter distances. She loves the 200m, and also runs the 800, 400, and some relays. In the off season, she started training, and it’s been so amazing to see that translate to her races. In the 200, she came in 2nd out of 100 runners and is close to qualifying for state. She’s also on some relays which are fun to watch too.

I can’t wait for Hayden to get back out there.

4×200 relay

Kind of random, but I have a new favorite podcast. I loved the show Hey Dude! on Nickelodeon in the 90’s. Christine Taylor and David Lascher talk about the show, but also have a 90’s guest on each week. I’ve listened to their interviews with the Hey Dude cast, Ben Stiller (Christine’s real life husband), Scott Wolf, Melissa Joan Hart, and a few others.

It’s a fun listen!

Favorite Mom Meme:

Real talk:

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

Because I love the toothless phase so much, I have to share this one of Hayden.

*He actually had two loose top teeth and thanks to a play at first base where he crashed into the 1st baseman, he lost one and the other was super loose. The next morning, he woke up with the other tooth gone…we found it in his bed!

Truly, the toothless phase was my absolute favorite with both kids.

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from the week:

What are your weekend plans? The kids are running in a track meet tonight, and I’m hoping it’s not a torrential rain the entire time. The rest of the weekend, we actually don’t have much going on. I feel like we all need a bit of downtime to recover from this non-stop week.

See you back here Monday!

16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#154}

  1. I felt like I was more excited about Alec getting his braces off than he was too! He just sort of shrugged his shoulders about it…

    I loved Hey, Dude!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the shout out! You are really killing it with SSYS! That dress is awesome! I am glad you enjoyed your tanning experience. I just checked and my April Sun Tan City cc charge was $80! I will be asking about that. I wish it wasn’t so darned expensive.
    It was a really busy week for me – I had something after school several days which is not normal. Hope the track meet weather holds out for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw an email for $5 but not sure if there’s a catch…& I don’t need a tan this week 😆I’m so tired this morning. So tired….& not wanting to sit at a soggy track meet tonight haha


  3. There is always time for ice cream!! I remember doing track in high school and those meets were always a highlight, even when it poured rain one time, but I suppose that’s what makes it memorable.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a wonderful smile. I bet Hayden is glad to get his braces off. My eldest had them for a few years and they worked wonders for her.
    hahaha! That meme did make me laugh. It was about 8pm the night before my youngest went back to school this week that I found out she hadn’t done her homework. Cue the door slamming. lol

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