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Not Just a Mom

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? While we were still busy, it was definitely less busy than the past couple of months. We didn’t have to wake up early either morning, and we were able to get some things accomplished around the house, run some errands, do some schoolwork, and still have some fun.

Did you catch my two Bloganuary posts this weekend?

Today is our first Not Just a Mom post of 2023. I’m excited to be back co-hosting with these ladies:

This month’s topic is Introduction.

I’m not sure why, but the first thing that popped into my mind was, “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem…it’s me!” I guess not the “problem” part…just the “It’s me. Hi.” Anyway….#iykyk

…January seems like a great time for re-introduction.

I’ve shared a few posts about myself through the years…

Most recently, I shared an updated Intro with links to some previous posts…

so…those are good places to find out a bit about me, but…

Hi! I’m Jen.


  • am a wife (18th anniversary this June)
  • am a mom (to 13 year old boy/girl twins)
  • am a high school English teacher (this is my 21st year)
  • am an introvert (who is forced to be an extrovert during the school day)
  • am an avid reader
  • am a homebody (but I do love an ocean or mountain view)
  • am a dog lover
  • am left handed (as are quite a few in my family including my kids)
  • am an Enneagram 5w6 (I don’t hold tons of stock in this, but I find it interesting)
  • grew up in Missouri, but have lived in Kentucky for 19 years
  • love to watch Wheel of Fortune
  • am a Chiefs/Royals fan (Go KC!), Tigers fan (MIZ!), and CATS fan (because everyone around here bleeds blue)
  • am a blogger (since 2019)

Next month’s topic is: house rules. This should be interesting. I have rules…it just seems like they don’t get followed very often! haha

Here are our topics this year. If you have a blog, we’d love for you to save the NJAM graphics and link up with us on the second Monday of the month. We love reading other bloggers’ posts!

Tell me a fun fact about yourself!

Thanks so much for reading.

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26 thoughts on “Not Just a Mom

  1. Hehe – I love that song and it gets stuck in your head. I love to talk about myself! Did you hear someone say on the internet/IG that the Enneagram was Satanic or something like that? How crazy is that? I’m definitely a 2, but I don’t know my wing. So, Tom is a 5. You all might get along or at least understand each other. When I read in depth about a 5, it made so much sense and helped me to understand him better. He probably has a different wing than you, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hadn’t heard that. Oh my! I’m afraid to take the test again because what if it says I’m something else 😂 when I read about 5 and 6, it’s me, so I will stick with it


  2. I’m a leftie as well! One of my twins, Noah, was probably left handed like me, but a certain teacher he had forced him to start using his right hand. To this day, his handwriting is like chicken scratch, because he’s writing with the wrong hand. This really bothers me, if you can’t tell. My husband’s brother is also left handed, but none of our sons are and neither are any of his brother Tim’s sons. I just find that interesting…I also don’t remember anyone else in my family being left handed. All I know is that nobody could teach me things like sewing or tying my shoe. Those were things I had to teach myself, because it was such a foreign thing to them- that I was a leftie.

    I enjoyed learning a little more about you! I’m also an introvert, but I “fake” it really well, because I’m around people so much. I guess that could be called an extroverted introvert? Hmm. Have a great day, Jen!

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    1. In my family, my gma, mom, aunt and me are lefties. Only the women. Then, my kids are both lefties too. My husband does a couple things left handed. I don’t know if im an introverted extrovert or vice versa 😂


  3. That song can really stick in your head. The first song that popped in my head was the Jay-Z song that says “Allow me to reintroduce myself…” haha. It’s funny how songs just make sense sometimes. There are quite a few fun facts there. One of my kids is a lefty, but none of the rest of us are. Luckily I was a kindergarten teacher and learned how to teach writing and other fine motor things right and left handed. Thanks for hosting this fun linkup! Can’t wait for next month!

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  4. Had wondered what kind of a high school teacher you were. Now I know. I think I would have liked to teach English. Not grammar. YUCK. But reading and writing. Not sure I could do high school either. Although, I was a high school librarian for a bit. Until I decided I was better suited to littles. LOVE that you included your enneagram. I need to check out 5s. My daughters both say they are 6s. So I know I like 6s!! I waiver between 1 and 2. What’s your love language? What’s your astrological sign? I think it would be fun to do a post with all of our stuff…our Briggs Meyers, our enneagram, astrological sign, what else? Let me know if you’d like to do that with me.

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      1. So, shall we write a post about all of those things – our sign, our enneagram, our Chinese birth year animal, our Meyers-Briggs or Briggs-Myers – ha!! We could include links to the tests for our readers. And we could have fun with it, using some of the silly tests that Facebook offers…your quote for the year, what the tea leaves see in your future, etc. If you think this would be fun, please email me and we can make some plans. My email is


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