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Tuesday Talk

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start. After a lazy Sunday, I had a very productive Monday. I caught up on laundry, including bedding, helped Hadley put sequins on her leotard, ran some errands, and tidied up around the house.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Tuesday Talk…

…and today, I’m taking about actual word and phrases…all about the current slang sitch:

Being a high school teacher and a mom of two 7th graders, I hear all the things. It’s basically my job to keep up with the lingo so both my students and my own kids don’t think I’m an actual dinosaur.

What the kids are saying “these days,” seems to be ever evolving, and it’s just funny to me some of the things my own kids say…especially Hadley…she’s for sure on the pulse of the current lingo!

Also, at school, I’ve always tried to use humor, and sometimes sarcasm, with my students just to keep things light-hearted. I usually drop in one of the popular words or phrases incorrectly…on purpose…to get a laugh and it always works. By using the word kind of incorrectly, I get more out of my students…a laugh, an eye roll, a conversation…It’s just a way for me to connect with them.

One thing I will not tolerate, at home or at school, is anyone calling me “bruh” 😂 That’s a no for me…

Here are a few things I hear in the halls and at home:

  • Imagine: This is usually said as the opposite of someone having to do something. For example, if Hadley has finished her homework, but I have to remind Hayden to finish his work, she will say, “Imagine!”
  • The rizz: I think this is a Tik Tok saying…and it means flirt game is strong. You can also have “W rizz” and “L rizz” meaning someone is good …or not at flirting. “He has W rizz.”(He’s good at flirting)
  • It’s giving: Someone’s look is a vibe. My outfit is giving today. or It’s giving___ like “It’s giving country chic…”
  • Periodt.: End of story. Nothing more to say. This seems to often be used after someone says a fact/true statement. The other person would say, “Periodt.”
  • Dead. or I’m dead.: something is so funny you could die from laughing. After telling a funny story, someone responds with “Dead” or “I’m dead.”
  • Sus. or That’s sus.: Suspect or something is questionable or dishonest. After someone says something that doesn’t seem true, “that’s sus” is the response.
  • Slay. Greatly impressed. “You slay me!” or just “Slay!”afer something good happens.
  • Baddie. Someone who does something bad or a girl who is still put together even on a bad day. She’s such a baddie!
  • Bussin’ – Really good. I know I made a good dinner if the kids say it’s “bussin.” Just yesterday, we were baking a cake, and Hadley said, “Mom, it smells bussin.

Of course, the English teacher in me wanted to use them in a sentence for you, and I hope it helps! haha

Believe me, this list of current slang could have gone on and on.

What a word or phrase you remember as a popular saying?

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. I think middle schoolers use these even more than high schoolers! I did not know about adding the W and the L in front of rizz. I didn’t know the period had a t on it and how do you even pronounce that? So weird, right? I can remember so many different slang terms from my teaching career and it’s so funny how they evolve. I translate what I can and my students have asked me to translate slay and period this year. Last year I translated sus and we used it a lot.
    I like to use the terms, too, and I like to use them for too long. Like, I am still saying “muy drippy” even though I don’t hear drip as much.

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  2. I don’t hear my son or his friends using ANY of these! LOL. But I also know that my son rarely cares whatsoever about keeping up or current on anything. I used to use a lot of sarcasm and humor too in my classroom and it’s something I carried over into being a parent– much to my husband’s dismay as now all of our kids words drip with sarcasm and while I get it and can laugh my husband takes so much of what they say much too literally.

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      1. Sarcasm is my default mode of speaking, which doesn’t go well with my mother in law, as she never seems to understand what I’m saying!
        My sons say “sus” but I don’t know any of the others. Canada may be a little behind, the white crocs, for example, are only just now making an appearance.

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