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Blog Challenge Part 6

Hello and happy Wednesday.

It feels like spring around here, and the sunshine and warmer temps have been nice.

Today, I’m picking up where I left off in Part 5, and continuing with my blog challenge.

I’ve covered topics #1-11…

…and today, I’m going to write about #12 and #13.

12. If I won the lottery…

Seriously, whenever we buy a lottery ticket (which isn’t often…but we do occasionally buy a ticket), I always say that I’d buy a private plane with my lottery winnings. Travis is always a buzzkill and tells me I could lease a plane because buying one isn’t fiscally responsible. It’s my money, Trav…I will spend it however I want. haha

Of course, I’d donate to charities, pay off loans, buy Travis a car (fun fact: he’s been looking at a car off and on for a couple of years —but his 17 year old 4Runner with 250k miles just keeps on ticking…and he’s not much of a car guy), buy a beach house, donate to my school district, my church, the Humane Society, travel, treat my family and friends to a vacation, and more.

Does one invest lottery winnings? If so, I guess I should do that too.

But…a private plane always pops into my head. How great would be it be, especially having family out of town, to just have that luxury to go wherever you want whenever you want?

Favorite Quotes:

I actually wrote this post over two years ago with some of my favorite quotes. They still ring true.

I had a note on my phone with favorite quotes that I would add to whenever I heard one I wanted to remember it. I’m not sure what happened, but it’s not on my phone anymore…which I am bummed about. Thankfully, my November 2020 post is one to look back on, and I guess I can start a new note on my phone of quotes I want to remember.

So—if you won the lottery, what would you do? …and/or what’s your favorite quote? Maybe I can add it to my list!

Thanks for reading,

9 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Part 6

  1. My very first thing would be to pay off our house, pay for the rest of college, buy a new car for all 4 of us. Then, I would hopefully have enough left to buy a lake house for us. I would maybe give some to extended family, pay for a vacation for us and extended family, and invest the rest.
    I agree with Travis! There is like a timeshare club thing with planes where you don’t have to own the whole thing!
    Also, I would not donate to my district! I have given so much of my own money already! Ha!

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  2. I watch My Lottery Dream Home on Discovery+ and I often wonder about what I’d do with the winnings- most people “only” seem to win a million and, sadly, that just doesn’t seem to go very far anymore (especially when you figure that nearly 1/4 of it is lost to taxes)! BUT I honestly don’t know what I’d do..


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