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Fave Gifts: Book Edition


I received quite a few gifts that I love for Christmas, but today I’m sharing some of my favorite books that I received. It’s no secret that I love a good book, but I typically don’t buy books thanks to the library. I keep a list on Amazon to share as Christmas and birthday ideas when December rolls around.

Here are the books I received:

Brunch with Babs:

I follow Babs on Instagram, and I love all her tips and tricks. My mom bought me the Celebrate with Babs cookbook (per my suggestion), and I think I will use it quite a bit. It’s organized with recipes and tips through the year. From NYE to Easter to birthdays, Babs has you covered. (Plus, I think it will look pretty on the built in bookcase in my kitchen.)

Betty White:

This book was a pleasant surprise! My mom’s friend saw this at a yard sale, and thought of me. You know I love the Golden Girls and Betty White! This sweet little book tells about Betty’s life. I have some favorite books on my basement bookshelves, and I think this one will go there as a keepsake.

Story Worth:

For Mother’s Day 2021, my brother and I gifted my mom Storyworth. For a whole year, my mom answered the weekly prompts and was really good about adding pictures too. At the end of the year, she proofread it and received her copy. She got me an extra copy which I appreciate so much. I wish all my family members would do Storyworth.

The Queen:

This was another book suggestion I had as a gift idea. After Sarah shared about meeting Andrew Morton at an event for his new book, I knew I wanted to read this book. My aunt gave it to me along with the most regal bookmark that she made. I can’t wait to read this one. I’m already using the bookmark for my current book.

Recipe book:

This recipe book was such a pleasant surprise. My Gma gave it to me.

It’s filled with lots of recipes from the recipe.stamping club that my aunt hosted. She’s a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and has many classes throughout the year. I guess, over a period of time, different clients shared recipes, and they created these recipe books. So, my book has a variety of recipes, but it also includes some family recipes as well as a few family cooking/baking pics through the years.

It’s the perfect addition to my kitchen!

Kelly Ripa:

I used some of an Amazon gift card to purchase Kelly Ripa’s new book, Live Wire. I started it over the weekend. So far, it’s ok…which is what I’ve heard about it. That being said, I wanted to see (read) for myself. haha

I think I will go from the “Queen of Daytime” to the OG Queen’s book next.

Have you received any books as gifts recently? I’ve been spoiled!

17 thoughts on “Fave Gifts: Book Edition

  1. I absolutely love cookbooks and the kind where everyone contributes their best recipes are simply the best. I have some church cookbooks and cookbooks from other organizations where I have found the best recipes. I love Babs! She is so great!

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  2. I love the one your Gma gave you! I also love Babs and would like her book for my own collection. She’s a fav IG follow for me! I love Southern Living magazine and have started collecting the Southern Living Christmas books for the last few years. I have one from the year I got married, and I’m working on getting one from each year I had a son(s). I’m almost there! I don’t really “collect” anything else…except crosses that hang on the walls of our home, and books. Thanks for sharing! You did receive some great gifts in these books.

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  3. I haven’t read any of these; though I fully admit my favorite is the homemade one! I took a box of my mom’s family recipes and started typing them up (years and years ago when I was in high school!) in the hopes of making a book but I never did.

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  4. I’m so glad you like the recipe book. Mom (aka Gma) wanted to make them as gifts and it was fun to help her add some of the family recipes. My friend and I created a Recipe Book Club. We met for three months and had 10 ladies. Each month had specific categories and everyone submitted a recipe then we found stamps and designs to tie them together. A lot of work but so much fun. The book club swap idea could be done in other formats, too. We’re thinking about a cookie swap book for next fall.

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  5. These are all so good. Of course, I love the Queen book. I already have the Babs book, and love browsing through it. I haven’t actually used it yet, but everything looks delicious!

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  6. You have a great variety of books there. Gma’s cookbook is amazing. I know they worked hard on it in Paula’s classes. I enjoyed writing the Storyworth. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants some good family memories.

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