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Bloganuary 1.8.23

Hello and happy Sunday!

I’m continuing on with another Bloganuary post.

Today, I’m writing about what is a treasure that is lost?

Well, I think this topic can piggyback off a bit about what I wrote yesterday

Two things that immediately pop into my mind are…hand-written notes/birthday cards and Christmas/holiday cards.

I have always loved receiving a hand-written note and birthday cards. I actually have a couple of boxes that I keep notes and cards that I’ve received through the years. By taking the time to write a note whether it’s a sticky note “love you” or a lunch box note providing encouragement for a test or sending a birthday card, it shows that you took the time out of your day to think about someone else and show them that you care.

Now, my mom, Gma, and aunt send some amazing creations…

My dad always sends me a Snoopy card if he can find it. He’s so funny…he gets lots of free cards sent to him when he donates to various charities. This one, that he sent the kids, cracked us all up…

It’s been a tradition, even before we had kids, to send a Christmas card. To be honest, I know Travis and I received them when we were dating and engaged, so I was so excited to send one once we were married. That tradition has continued on through the years with the kids, and sometimes, if we are lucky, we get a family photo.

December is such a hectic and stressful month, that I actually look forward to checking the mailbox and opening the cards that we do receive. I figured out a way to display this this year.

I remember that Lauren shared that she prays for each family who sent a card as she puts them away at the end of the Christmas season. I love that idea and have kept it in mind these past couple of years.

I think social media is to “blame” for both of these kind of going to the wayside more and more. It’s easier to write on a Facebook wall “Happy birthday” than send a card. I don’t think people feel the need to send holiday cards because we all know what’s going on with our immediate friends thanks to Facebook and Instagram. Also, don’t get me started on the price of stamps. haha

What’s a treasure that you think has been lost?

4 thoughts on “Bloganuary 1.8.23

  1. I love receiving handwritten letters and cards, and like you, the Christmas picture versions are my favorite! Mine are still hanging on the back of our front door, and I like to keep them for that same reason- I love to pray over them through the year. I have a big box of all the cards that my husband, sons, and parents have ever sent me. I just recently cleaned it out and organized it a bit. I am and have always been a “words girl”.

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