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Blog Challenge Part 1

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Well, I’ve had my blog for over three years, and every once in a while I kind of draw a blank on what to share! So, I turned to the place I find ideas on all the things…Pinterest! I found a few different “blog challenges” with topics. Sometimes, I think I put pressure on myself to write full, lengthy posts. It might just be the English teacher in me!

So, I think over the next few months, I will occasionally chip away at the topics in this challenge. I like that some of these topics are quick and easy while others will require a bit more thought.

Also, I will most likely combine some of the topics as I know I’ve covered some of these in some way. That being said, I also feel so lucky to have new readers who might not have seen some of these posts!

1. Introduction:

My first ever blog post was published on August 4, 2019, and it was a little introduction about myself.

The short and sweet of it is…I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, went to school at the University of Missouri and moved to Kentucky when I was 24 years old. I met Travis while at MU, and he’s from Louisville. He wanted to get into the horse business, so Lexington made the most sense for us to start our lives together here. We have boy/girl twins who will be 13 in less than two weeks. I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years which is so hard for me to believe! Blogging is a hobby for me, and it’s been such a fun thing for me to spend time doing.

2. Twenty Facts About Me:

A few weeks later, I followed it up with another post with 10 random facts about me.

To stay true to this topic, here are 10 more facts about me:

11. I love to read. I almost always have a book on my Kindle and a book on my bedside table.

12. I’m a high school English teacher (This is my 21st year in education)

13. I have one brother who I consider one of my best friends.

14. I’m a dog lover. If we lived on lots of land, I think I’d have 10 dogs at least!

15. I’m pretty introverted and quiet until I get to know someone.

16. My favorite place to be is on the beach with my toes in the sand, a view of the water, and a book in my hand.

17. I love to watch sports. As a family, we go to most of the home UK (Kentucky) football games. I joke that I don’t “bleed blue” like the rest of the family, but I’ll cheer for the CATS. I cheer for MIZZOU as well as the KC Chiefs and KC Royals.

18. Fall is my favorite season.

19. I have a very type A personality. I like to have a plan, make a list, and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

20. I love nothing more than a rainy, lazy Sunday, but Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

3. Meaning of My Business Name:

I’d wanted to start a blog for quite a few years, but I always wondered who would read it, and I struggled with the name.

In 2019, I remember that we were all in the car driving Hadley to summer camp. I told Travis on the way home that I’d thought of a name: Show Me and Sweet Tea. He said, “I like it!” which was the final bit of encouragement I needed to figure out Word Press and get my first post published!

Here’s my explanation of my blog name from my first Introduction post:

“I realized I should combine my past (my roots) with the present (my life) to form the name. I was born and raised in Missouri, so the ‘Show Me’ state will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve lived in Lexington, KY for fifteen years, and while you won’t hear me say, “Bless your heart,” my love for a good monogram and a “Hey, ya’ll” shows that I’ve picked up a bit of the south through the years, along with a sip (or two) of sweet tea.”

By the way, this is very “on brand” for me to go from “what should I write about” to cramming three responses into one post!

As always, thanks for reading…and let me know if there are any topics you’d like for me to write about!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

10 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Part 1

  1. I love this! I knew all of your responses because I think I have been reading for almost 3 years? I have been meaning to do a what’s in my handbag post because a reader suggested it. I am pretty minimalist, though, so it might be boring!

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    1. I’ve always loved Thursdays because it’s a chance to still be productive but it’s almost the weekend 😂truly Thursdays just give me a happy feeling for some reason. In college, I loved it because we always went out on that night. Oh how times have changed haha

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  2. I agree, Thursday was always the night that everyone went out in university and it has continued to be my favourite day. Happy Thursday!
    I found something similar on Pinterest about journalling prompts and I was going to add them to my posting rotation. I’m an English major too and enjoy writing.

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