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Blog Challenge Part 10


I’m continuing with my *never ending* Blog Challenge today. I really have enjoyed looking at different topics!

I left off covering topic #18, and today I’m writing about #19 and #20.

19. My worst habits

Well, I’m a worrier by nature. I do think I’ve gotten better at worrying less as I’ve gotten older. That being said, now I think I worry about “bigger” things rather than “smaller” things. I guess with age you do learn not to “sweat the small stuff,” but I sure do worry about other bigger things…Also, how can you have kids and not worry?

Also, I am type A in most aspects of my life, but I can procrastinate on things that I don’t want to do…and it’s usually small things like put away a stack of papers, pack a suitcase, or tidy up my closet.

Lastly, I play with my hair a lot. It’s a nervous habit that turned into just a bad habit!

20. Where I want to be in 10 years…

Retired. 😆


I’m finishing up year 21 in education, and I really don’t see myself going past year thirty. The “practical” part of me even likes the “math” of it…At the end of my 30th year, the kids will be 22 and graduating college (assuming it takes them four years). So, we can all check off big milestones.

I’ve loved my time in education, and it’s been the perfect job for me. I’ve learned so much, met so many great people, taught so many great students, accomplished so much professionally and more.

Could I get to that 30th year and decide to go one more because it will make my pension better? Yes…and I just might. Our retirement system has changed a bit. It used to be 52 years old and thirty years gave you a pretty optimal pension, but now I think it’s 55 (or a combo of age + years if you started teaching later). I know more and more people who are retiring at 27 years which is when you can start getting a pretty good pension. I have a few years in Missouri, so my thirty years would be 27 if I retire then.

But, for me, 30 is the goal. Then, I will be ready to do whatever I want…whenever I want!

I was just talking about the first day of school with some students. Even in August of 2020 when we started the school year virtually, I still went to school and sat in my classroom. I’ve had a first day of school in a classroom for over 40 years! I didn’t want to end the streak.

I’m not sure what I will do when I retire, but it would be nice to have more free time and do what I want. I sure hope Travis and I have raised good, productive kids who are ready for their own bright future, so we can enjoy ours (but be there for them whenever/however they need us to be). I’ve always dreamed of spending the month of February somewhere warm, travel a bit more, not be in a rush to drink my coffee in the morning, and more. I think I would be open to subbing. I honestly didn’t think that would be the case, but the money is good, and of course you can pick and choose where you go and whose classroom you sub in. After my mom retired, she worked at the public library. That sounds like something I’d enjoy as well. We’ll see.

I still have eight years go to, but I’m proud of myself for sticking with education even during some really tough years. I’ve earned two Master’s degrees, had various classroom jobs, held leadership positions, and more. I help provide for our family, and have modeled for my kids what it’s like to have a career and balance home life as well. It’s been the best decision for our family. Plus, I get the extra time at home with the kids on breaks and in the summer.

I know students sure have changed my life for the better, and I hope many can say the same about their time in my classroom.

Year 1 to year 21 sure escalated quickly!

I hope your week is off to a great start. It’s been a busy one for us, but I hope to be back with two more posts this week.

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Bloganuary 1.7.23

Hello and Happy Saturday! I’m not sure if I’ve ever typed “Happy Saturday” on a blog post or not.

In December, I received an email from WordPress about their January writing challenge. I clicked the link to sign up, and have been receiving daily emails with pretty simple topics including introduce yourself, what brings you joy in life, what brings you joy in life and more.

Like I said yesterday, I tend to have my Monday-Friday content planned and written and some of these topics I’ve previously covered, but thought I might pop in with a post on the weekends this month.

I liked yesterday’s topic, so I’m going to write about that.

Why do you write?

Well, I’ve always enjoyed writing. What little girl didn’t have a sparkly pink diary that locked along with a pen with a fuzzy poof on the top?

I remember having a few and jotting down my thoughts and feelings through the years. Not sure where those diaries are now.

For me, like many, writing is a way to express myself. In general, I’d say that I’m an introvert who is more reserved or quiet until I get to know someone. I’ve pretty much always been that way. I also kind of hang on the peripheral until I get the lay of the land and have something to say. I don’t jump right into a conversation. I like to have time to think before a response too. So, I think writing is a way for me to express myself, provide a thoughtful response and have my voice heard.

Also, I write to show others that I care. I love receiving a handwritten note or card, and try to do the same for birthdays and other occasions. I already miss putting notes in my kids’ lunchboxes.

In college, I most definitely preferred writing a twenty page paper vs taking a test. I think I have a smidge of test anxiety. Tests have answers that are right and wrong. Give me a few pages of writing where I can provide my opinion and back it up with text evidence and I at least feel like I have a shot at “getting the correct answer.” I earned two Master’s degrees without taking a single test. I wrote hundreds and hundreds of pages, but that never stressed me out.

As a teacher, I love teaching the process of writing to students. I love reading their final drafts of work and hearing their voices in their writing.

Now, of course, I write for fun. This blog is a hobby of mine. I love that I’ve “met” others through my site, I have pictures and memories in one place to look back on, and there’s a sense of community in the blogging world. I really do look forward to writing my posts, and engage in the readers through comments. Also, it’s fun to write a bit more informally and take off my “teacher hat” when I can.

I’m writing this right now while sipping my coffee, and it makes me happy. I’m going to proofread before posting because I can’t shake the English teacher in me, but it’s fun to just go ahead and “publish” immediately after typing out my thoughts.

I hope your weekend is off to a great start.

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Blog Challenge Part 2

Hello and happy Thursday! December 1st. Wow!

We’re chugging right along this week, but re-entry after break has been quite the adjustment. We’ve had school, activities, and even found time to put ornaments on the tree. Unfortunately, we “found” the time because Hadley was home yesterday (and last night) with another round of strep!

Anyway, I’m continuing on with my self-imposed (for lack of a better word)…

A few weeks ago, I shared Part 1 of my “Blog Challenge.” This all began because I had writer’s block, and now I hope to keep incorporating these posts into my regular blogging routine.

Today, I’m tackling topics #4 and 5…

4. Earliest Childhood Memory

Well, the first thing that popped in my mind was when I was three or four, and I was at day care. I pinched my finger in the folding chair and had to go to the doctor. At the time, I remember that my mom had a bad case of poison ivy and had to be careful picking me up. The injured finger was my left ring finger, and to this day, that nail is different…and one of the reasons I prefer having my nails painted!

When thinking about my childhood, some of the memories that immediately pop in my mind are going to my grandma’s (Lulu, my dad’s mom) house most mornings before school. My dad would drop me off, and she would take me to school. She had a mean cat named Al. I also remember going to my other grandparents’ house (my mom’s parents) on days I was sick. I’d lounge on the couch, watch I Love Lucy reruns and eat Bon Bons.

My grandparents:

Lulu on the left, Gma and my grandpa on the right. (Just missing a pic of my other grandpa.)

5. My Guilty Pleasure

Ok…how lame am I? My first thought was waking up early in the mornings…That quiet morning time has definitely turned into my 45 minutes of calm, quiet, and peace to start my day.

Other guilty pleasures are a small fry and Diet Coke from McDonalds, soft serve ice cream at Jason’s Deli, Real Housewives, and a glass of wine!

What’s your earliest childhood memory and/or guilty pleasure?

I hope you are having a great week!

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Blog Challenge Part 1

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Well, I’ve had my blog for over three years, and every once in a while I kind of draw a blank on what to share! So, I turned to the place I find ideas on all the things…Pinterest! I found a few different “blog challenges” with topics. Sometimes, I think I put pressure on myself to write full, lengthy posts. It might just be the English teacher in me!

So, I think over the next few months, I will occasionally chip away at the topics in this challenge. I like that some of these topics are quick and easy while others will require a bit more thought.

Also, I will most likely combine some of the topics as I know I’ve covered some of these in some way. That being said, I also feel so lucky to have new readers who might not have seen some of these posts!

1. Introduction:

My first ever blog post was published on August 4, 2019, and it was a little introduction about myself.

The short and sweet of it is…I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, went to school at the University of Missouri and moved to Kentucky when I was 24 years old. I met Travis while at MU, and he’s from Louisville. He wanted to get into the horse business, so Lexington made the most sense for us to start our lives together here. We have boy/girl twins who will be 13 in less than two weeks. I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years which is so hard for me to believe! Blogging is a hobby for me, and it’s been such a fun thing for me to spend time doing.

2. Twenty Facts About Me:

A few weeks later, I followed it up with another post with 10 random facts about me.

To stay true to this topic, here are 10 more facts about me:

11. I love to read. I almost always have a book on my Kindle and a book on my bedside table.

12. I’m a high school English teacher (This is my 21st year in education)

13. I have one brother who I consider one of my best friends.

14. I’m a dog lover. If we lived on lots of land, I think I’d have 10 dogs at least!

15. I’m pretty introverted and quiet until I get to know someone.

16. My favorite place to be is on the beach with my toes in the sand, a view of the water, and a book in my hand.

17. I love to watch sports. As a family, we go to most of the home UK (Kentucky) football games. I joke that I don’t “bleed blue” like the rest of the family, but I’ll cheer for the CATS. I cheer for MIZZOU as well as the KC Chiefs and KC Royals.

18. Fall is my favorite season.

19. I have a very type A personality. I like to have a plan, make a list, and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

20. I love nothing more than a rainy, lazy Sunday, but Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

3. Meaning of My Business Name:

I’d wanted to start a blog for quite a few years, but I always wondered who would read it, and I struggled with the name.

In 2019, I remember that we were all in the car driving Hadley to summer camp. I told Travis on the way home that I’d thought of a name: Show Me and Sweet Tea. He said, “I like it!” which was the final bit of encouragement I needed to figure out Word Press and get my first post published!

Here’s my explanation of my blog name from my first Introduction post:

“I realized I should combine my past (my roots) with the present (my life) to form the name. I was born and raised in Missouri, so the ‘Show Me’ state will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve lived in Lexington, KY for fifteen years, and while you won’t hear me say, “Bless your heart,” my love for a good monogram and a “Hey, ya’ll” shows that I’ve picked up a bit of the south through the years, along with a sip (or two) of sweet tea.”

By the way, this is very “on brand” for me to go from “what should I write about” to cramming three responses into one post!

As always, thanks for reading…and let me know if there are any topics you’d like for me to write about!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.