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Friday Favorites {#129}

Hello! Happy FRIDAY!

How was your week? We had a really good one. It was busy of course, and I kind of hit a wall on Wednesday with life just catching up with me, but it was a really great week.

Bonus: it felt like fall all week!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

I have so many favorites to share this week.

Last Friday night was raging with a late evening trip to Trader Joe’s. My cart was full of fall goodness though…pumpkins, mums, bagels, donuts, and more.

Saturday morning’s breakfast was my favorite kind: an apple cider donut and coffee.

Travis and the kids went to the football game. The kids were early tailgaters with Travis joining them later. Hadley really does love football Saturdays in the bluegrass state.

The Major came to visit which means we had to take the traditional porch pic.

On Sunday, we went and watched Wyatt play flag football. I remember when Hayden used to play. So fun.

Hadley and I tried a new recipe: Pumpkin Crinkle cookies. We made them for Sunday night dessert, and they were so good.

Layla (and Wyatt) came over after school on Tuesday. They played outside, and Layla made an impromptu masterpiece.

It’s been spirit week in middle school this week. I joke that no one loves a theme more than a middle school girl!

Tuesday night was a big cross country meet. It was the end of the season county meet. My nephew who is becoming an amazing photographer, snapped some awesome action shots of Hayden.

…and this one of Travis and Hayden. I love it so much.

Hayden pushed himself to the max, had another PR (personal record) and placed 4th. The team placed 2nd in a very tight race. It was an exciting evening of racing. (And we were all thankful that the weather finally cooled off for a race.)

He was pretty wiped out after the race. I know he gave 110% in the race, but the next day he complained of a sore throat. Yep…Hayden’s turn for strep! (obviously not a fave…)

Wednesday I was so tired. I decided to dress really comfy to make myself feel better. Outfit courtesy of Amazon. I’ve worn these joggers a few times already, and added this light weight sweatshirt to my wardrobe. {affiliate links}

(Also, in an attempt to keep my closet tidy, I put a similar black top that’s too big in my donate pile. One in, one out!)

Favorite Mom Meme:

Daughter and Son Day sure snuck up on me! I hope the kids know I love them even if I didn’t post about them on the social medias. 😉

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

Going to Wyatt’s game was timely because this memory of Hayden popped up in my Facebook memories this week. He did flag football for two years. We loved going to his games.

Weekly Recap

I had a week full of posts…

Well, this is the best kind of Friday. It’s our last day of school before a week long Fall Break next week. Our district has never given us a week in the past. My previous district gave us a week, and I never really felt like I needed a whole week off at this point in the school year. That being said, I’m not mad about it! We’re looking forward to be a bit of R&R.

I should be posting pretty regularly next week, but I will just see how the week goes.

Thanks so much for reading.

{This post contains Amazon affiliate links…Thank you for supporting my blog!}

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#129}

  1. The made up holidays! I think it’s a conspiracy theory to flood everyone’s social media. Your comfy outfit is so cute! Enjoy this week off. The nice thing about being off so early is that this is the best weather! I hope you get lots of reading time, slow mornings, and just time to re-group and connect with yourself again. I had yesterday to myself – hair appointment, lunch with a friend, consignment shopping, and then reading on my patio. Ahhhhh.

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