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Day in the Life

Hello! I hope your week is off to a good start. It dawned on me that I hadn’t documented a “Day in the Life” in quite some time, so that’s what today’s post is all about!

This day in the life is from last Friday (September 9th)…I don’t think I’ve ever chosen to share a Friday, so here’s a little peek at my day:

I was up a little earlier than normal because I’m trying to get up early on Fridays to get my workout complete.

I got up, changed my clothes and headed to the basement to complete a Job One (20 minute) workout.

This workout was so good. I love using bands (loops) and weights together.

Then, I headed upstairs for coffee and the morning news.

Last week, my heel felt bruised at times, so I used a bag of frozen corn throughout the week to ice it! It’s much better now.

Around 6:45, I quickly rinsed off, brushed my teeth, and made the bed.

I came back out to the kitchen to pack my lunch and I caught a few minutes of The Today Show where the focus was on Queen Elizabeth’s passing. I never watch tv past 6:45, but I wanted to see a few minutes of the broadcasts from England.

Around 7:15, I woke the kids and did my morning skincare routine.

I got the kids up and started their breakfasts before heading back to my bathroom to start getting ready for the day.

I’m still loving my Seint makeup.

Then, I got dressed (school shirt and jeans on Friday!) and made sure the kids were eating and had what they needed to have a good day at school before leaving.

I was at school by 8:00 and ready to start the school day.

I looked at my student appointment calendar and prepped for my day. I reviewed materials for students I’m was working with that day, sent emails, and updated my Google sheets.

I am the ESS (Extended School Services) coordinator, so I organize the after school tutoring schedule, manage the budget, submit stipends, and monitor student progress. After working with students 1st hour, I went and made copies and turned in stipend forms for teachers who stay after school for tutoring the past two weeks.

I worked with a few more students, and then met with a group during Advisory.

I had lunch with some of my colleagues/friends before working with students in the afternoon.

What I love about my current job is that every day is similar but different. I help students all day long, but what I help them with varies depending on the student or teacher requests. Some days are very structured and other days students drop in or teachers call me before sending students.

Throughout the day on Friday, I:

  • Finished reading The Most Dangerous Game with a group of English 1 students and helped them write a theme paragraph
  • Modified Chapter 1 notes for a group of students in a Government class
  • Watched a video and helped students answer questions for a World History class
  • Helped English 2 students with questions and a response after reading the short story Goldfish
  • Provided a framework for Government students to complete their DBQ (data based question) paragraphs and helped those students write
  • Read lessons 2 and 3 in the Government textbook to students and helped them answer questions using a jigsaw strategy

It was a really great day! I have lots of “regulars” who I meet with often and others that I’m just getting to know.

Once school was out, I spent about 15 minutes entering data for students who stayed for tutoring last week.

I also took a few minutes to quickly plan meals for next week, so I could finalize grocery list when I got home.

Crazy enough, I didn’t have to pick the kids up after school. Hadley stayed for a club meeting and Hayden rode the bus home. He actually likes riding the bus home, so when I don’t have to pick up Hadley, he often does that.

After school, I had to get gas…

…and then I went to Home Goods to look for a lamp…no luck, but I did leave with this cute pumpkin candle!

I stopped by Target for a pick up…

…and headed home.

Hayden had gone to a birthday party, and Hadley had gone to Oktoberfest. Travis and I had planned to go there as well, but not until later.

So…I decided to lay low for about thirty minutes and start a new book…

…and I did watch King Charles’s tribute to the Queen…

…before Travis and I grabbed a quick bite to eat before Oktoberfest.

I’m glad we did because look how busy Oktoberfest was:

People must have really missed this event the past couple of years due to Covid.

We found Hadley who was living her best middle school life with her friends…and Travis and I found our friends at the Bingo tent. Beer and Bingo…a raging Friday night!

We stayed for a couple of hours before getting Hadley and heading home.

Then, it was pretty much time for bed. We caught up with Hayden, fussed at the kids to go to bed, I did my skincare routine, and then…

lights out a little after 10:30. We are a wild bunch, aren’t we?!?

Thanks so much for following along. I will say that this is the first Friday I went out since the school year started…which is a sign we must all be adjusting to the back to school schedule.

Thanks so much for reading.

7 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. I always love these day in the life posts. I love that you get to work with students all day long and that you get to do different things with them. I can imagine how much you love your job, which is so great. Have you always worked at the middle school age level? I assume that’s the case since Hadley and Hayden go with you in the mornings. That Oktoberfest is crazy! I bet it was fun, though. We don’t really have anything like that here, but I wish we did…this sounds like a good excuse to get away for a weekend in October! 😉 I hope your day is good!

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  2. I love a good day in the life post.. in fact this reminds me that it’s been well over a year and a half since my last day in the lift post! I’m looking into those history stories you mentioned; I always feel that is one subject I don’t do a great job of covering and I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to teach it.

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