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Friday Favorites {#123}

Hello and Happy Friday!

How was your week? We had a good one. It’s back to school business as usual with school, cross country practice, dance and more.

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Hadley’s back in the dance studio for competition season, and we are excited to see all of her routines! Just like when she was little, she still comes home from dance, and wants to show us what they learned.

A little “me time” at the pool on Saturday was a favorite. Hadley was at a swim birthday party (different pool) and Travis and Hayden were hanging out, so I worked on my tan and read for a couple of hours.

New lunches are a favorite. I tried to get a simple plan for some lunches this week, and tried a couple of them out over the weekend. I took a sandwich thin with veggie cream cheese and cucumbers a couple of days this week. So good!

The opposite of my healthy meal above is Saturday night’s dinner at Bella Notte. This is a restaurant in Lex that we hadn’t been to in years! I was talking about it with a friend last week, and told Travis maybe it would be an idea for dinner. Hayden was at a friend’s birthday party, so Hadley joined Travis and me on date night. The food was just as good as I remember!

Hadley as the acolyte on Sunday was a favorite.

I continue to live for my monthly facials. A dermaplane and chemical peel were on the agenda at Monday’s appointment. Turning back the hands of time one appointment at a time.

We’ve had so much rain and such mild weather that our hydrangeas are thriving. Travis loves a blooming yard!

Y’all, I’m officially hooked on the F1 Drive to Survive series on Netflix. I’m very late to this as there are four seasons, but in the past couple of weeks I’ve watched two of them, and have now gotten started on season 3. When I tell people what I’m watching, many are surprised! 😂 Well, I’m here for the drama and none of the drivers are ugly! 😉


I’m giving myself a pat on the back. For years, I didn’t work out consistently. Many years, I would not workout at all during November and December and just get “back on track” in January. I think every year of my twenty years in education, I took the month of August off from working out as getting back to school is quite the adjustment. After Labor Day, I’d always add working out back into my new school routine.

Well, this year, I made a point to just keep on keeping on. In a way, I think I got lucky because Beachbody released some new programs in late July/early August, and I found a couple that have worked for me.

Job 1 consists of 20 minute workouts with Jennifer Jacobs. LIIFT4 has longer workouts with Joel Freeman. They are 30-40 minutes long and combine weights with HIIT and core depending on the workout. Anyway, I’ve made a point to get at least three weekday workouts in. If all I have the energy or time for are the 20 minute workouts, then I do Job 1. Otherwise, if I have more time, I do LIIFT 4.

Working out in my basement has continued to work for me, but last Saturday it was nice to hit the gym for the elliptical and have time to listen to a podcast or two.

Beach body

Last night was Curriculum Night at the kids’ school. Last year, because of Covid, the teachers just sent out videos. This teacher mom loves a good Curriculum Night, so I was happy to attend last night. I know most kids are worried about 7th grade, but I really think they will have a great year.

Favorite Mom Meme:

Right…?! Where is the lie?

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

With dance resuming, I love these dance memories of Hadley.

August 2015, when she was in kindergarten, she was in her first ballet and tap class.


Then, in 4th grade, she headed back to the barre (plus tap and jazz too!). I can’t believe how much she’s grown, both as a girl and as a dancer!


Weekly Recap:

I had a few posts this week…here they are:

What are your plans for the weekend? Today, we don’t have students, so my kids get the day off.

Coach White has the cross country team in a run-a-thon fundraiser, and then I don’t know…maybe some pool time? There are only a couple more weekends left for the pool. Sunday looks pretty rainy, and I’m here for it!

Thanks so much for reading,

16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#123}

  1. What a gift to have a day to catch up! I may have to try watching that if the drivers are easy on the eyes? Great job on working out! I made it to the gym at 5 on Monday and Tuesday, but then I took a break. I’m still kinda happy with myself for 2 days!
    I will be helping wash all the towels, sheets, bedding, and packing the big blue IKEA bags this weekend – if they will let me. They have been very “we’ve got this” but they don’t got this as nothing is ready…argh!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very easy on the eyes haha
      Great job getting to the gym! I’ve still just made it work after school but I hope to get some mornings in . My friend just moved her boy / girl twins into different colleges and I can’t help but think how short that will feels before that may be me. I hope they let you help them 😆


      1. I had an ex-boyfriend that was into car racing and I went to many car races with him. It was not my thing. But, I love reality tv and if there is a lot of behind the scenes I may like it!

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  2. Wow. Hours alone at the pool sounds incredible. And you know I love a good flower pic. So pretty! Those look like happy, thriving hydrangeas!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your pool day looks so lovely! I am hoping for a few of those this week before I go back to school. Your hydrangeas are amazing! Hooray for the weather. I love back to school nights too! That facial sounds fabulous! Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your mom meme was me a couple weeks ago except it was the dishwasher!! Seriously, my husband and I just stood in the kitchen dumbfounded that it was unloaded and reloaded!!
    Love those hydrangeas!! Just gorgeous.
    Here’s to a great school year for you and the kids!

    Liked by 1 person

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