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What I Wore Wednesday: Teacher Edition

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

One of the things I do love about going back to school is dressing up again…Summer is basically a rotation of pajamas, swimsuit/coverup, and workout clothes. Today, I’m sharing what I’ve worn over the past week…

The first five days of school:

First Day:

You’ve seen me in this dress quite a few times. I wanted to look cute but be comfy on the first day. I wore my fave flutter short sleeve dress from Target. It doesn’t seem to be in stock or has limited stock. I also have it in green.

I have zero regrets with my new Birkenstock sandals purchase from Nordstrom. These are on my feet 90% of the time. (There are a few color options too!)

My fellow blogger teacher friend, Amy, was my first day of school twin!


Target for the win again. I love this sleeveless knit ballet dress in light green (limited stock in taupe). This light-weight cardigan is from my latest Stitch Fix haul, and I wore my favorite woven Amazon sandals from last summer.


Me last Friday. haha

I always joke that I start strong on Mondays and am in jeans by Friday!

We can wear jeans on Fridays, and I almost always do. I usually wear a school shirt or some kind of t-shirt on Friday. I bought this shirt in a few colors last year, and they are perfect with shorts, leggings, and jeans. My jeans are old from Target, and I wore my Birks, again!


I started the week strong with this outfit! Again, I felt comfy and cute which is how I try to choose outfits.

When I purchased this Amazon dress before vacay, I knew I’d be able to pair it with a cardigan once I got back to school. I’ve shared this cardi before, and I have it in two colors. I also wore my comfy simple strap Amazon sandals. (sized up 1/2 a size) Literally, this entire outfit brought to you by Amazon!

I had many compliments on Monday, including from Hadley! #theultimateapproval


I really prefer dresses in late summer/fall. They are the comfiest for me, and I embrace my tan while I can. That being said, this tunic top is one of my favorites because it can be worn with leggings, and then I also have worn it with jeans. Yesterday, I paired it with my white denim from Old Navy (I shared this post last spring, but I don’t think these are in stock anymore) and, you guessed it…my Nordstrom sandals.

I’m always sad when it’s time to put up the sandals, but I’m never sad to see fall arrive! I can’t wait for more sweaters and pumpkins!

Which outfit is your favorite?

See you back here on Friday!

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11 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday: Teacher Edition

  1. A week’s worth of very cute outfits! Is your school cold? Mine is pretty average this year, but my room was freezing when we first came back in 2021. I’m fine in short sleeves right now. I hate to be hot or cold at school. I love that mint green dress and the black dress, too. I wore jeans on Friday and will probably continue that for accountability! Dresses are so forgiving, but jeans let you know when you’ve indulged. Lol! I’m trying to cycle through all of my summer stuff before fall comes. I have plenty to wear even if I might not feel like wearing everything!

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    1. It depends are where you are in the building. We are actually up for new HVAC units because every year we have very hot (& then very cold) classrooms. It was supposed to be updated before school started but there have been shopping/product delays. That being said, I control the temp in my room (I’m one of the few who can) and I have windows. So I always have a cardigan on hand if needed. I agree about jeans and accountability haha


  2. All the outfits/shoes are cute! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really loved Thursday’s and Monday’s. It does feel nice for me as well, to get up and get dressed for work. I’m on week two of a new part-time job I just started and have loved getting out of my house three days a week!

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