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Little Miss + Enneagram


I’m not sure why or where these Little Miss sayings started, and I think people either love them or hate them. haha

I follow (Tess) on Instagram, and loved looking at her recent Enneagram types posts.

I think it’s been two years since I took the Enneagram test, and I’m a 5w6. Sometimes, I think I’m more of a 6 than a 5 when I see different references, but I think it’s fun to analyze.

Here are the Little Miss sayings that most apply to my Type 5w6 self:

Type 5
  • Little Miss “All Black Wardrobe”: While I don’t wear all black (mostly because of Homer hair haha!), my winter wardrobe is usually black, gray, and navy!
  • Little Miss “Give Me Space”: I definitely need my “me” time every day.
  • Little Miss “Doesn’t Like the Spotlight”: I definitely don’t like the spotlight. I’m happy to blend in.
  • Little Miss “Probably Overthinking”: All day, err’y day!
  • Little Miss “This Could Have Been an Email”: I like to be as efficient with my time as possible. I hate when I feel like time is being wasted…or a meeting could have been an email!

Type 6
  • Little Miss “Needs the Schedule”: How can a person live without a schedule?!?
  • Little Miss “Planner Addict”: The best thing about “back to school” is a new planner and new pens!
  • Little Miss “Online Shopping Addict”: Did you see yesterday’s post? I don’t think I’d call myself an “addict,” but I do prefer to shop online. That being said, I also think that goes with my tendency to want to be efficient…and stay home.
  • Little Miss “Little Miss Overpacked”: I wrote about my over-packing tendencies in this blog post. I’m a work in progress. I’ve also admitted that I’m a “home body,” so I think that’s why I overpack. I just want to feel “at home” wherever I go. Also, I used to overpack a large suitcase. Now, I just overpack a medium one. #babysteps
  • Little Miss “Makes Tons of Lists”: I love a list…or 12. I have lists on my phone, lists in my school planner, lists on sticky notes, grocery lists and more. I also make “to do” lists for my kids for their chores or even schoolwork if they need to stay on top of it. I’ve even added things to lists after I’ve already completed the task just so I can cross that item off. So satisfying! Am I normal? Actually, don’t answer that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

What Enneagram type are you? You should check out Tess’s posts, and let me know which Little Miss you relate to the most.

I hope you are having a great week.

8 thoughts on “Little Miss + Enneagram

  1. I am in the camp of “I hate these little miss things”! But, I do love the personality types so I loved your post! I can relate to so many of these, but I am a 2 – I think? I need to look at these for my type! I think the drawings bug me and the “little miss”. Why are they all female? Who started this and who made it so popular? Hahahahaha!

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  2. I love these Little Miss memes!!! It makes light of something that can be frustrating — with your posting here my daughter is a solid 6 – ha!!! EVERYTHING has to be planned and she has lists within lists, I swear. She’s annoyed b/c she’s in a group chat with her new roommates and they won’t make decisions or even talk about “what we need” “what color the dishes should be” and “who is bringing the LR television”. I tried explaining to her that these details aren’t as important to other people as they are to her and she said, “why not?!?”. Ugh. I’m a planner/list-maker too, but not to that extreme — thank goodness!! It would be rough to live so rigidly. . .but is the “safe space” for sixes, I guess, so I need to learn to work within those boundaries. That’s what the enneagram is all about, right? Learning how others relate to the world? I’ll check out the rest of these soon!

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    1. Yes! Learning about how to relate to each other is why I love it. I donโ€™t live or die by my number but find it interesting. My son sounds like your daughter ๐Ÿคฃ and then he has a free spirited sister who drives him crazy haha


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