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Prime Purchases: July 2022

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. We sure did.

I’m linking up with Tanya for this month’s Prime Purchases. I love this link up because it’s so fun to see what others have purchased.

This month I bought:

The best purchase I made during my closet purge were these acrylic shelf dividers. These bad boys will help my clothes stay organized, and I’m able to see what I have on my shelves a lot easier now! I purchased two six packs and used them all!

During my re-organization, I decided to use all the same hangers. I have now purchased this pack of hangers four times throughout the year. Of course, it would be nice to splurge on the velvet hangers for my closet, but these gray ones at least streamline the look of my closet now. (The kids use them in their closets too!)

I purchased another set of these packing cubes for our July travels. I now have them in blue, gray, and teal.

Travis asked for these wireless earbuds for Father’s Day. He likes the kind that go behind your ears, so he knows they will stay on when he jogs. So far, he loves them.

I purchased these cosmetic bags to divvy up in the family for travel. Hadley can use one for her face products, we will use one for sunscreen, another for phone/watch/Kindle chargers, and more! They are TSA approved too!

This tank is light weight and perfect for summer. It comes in a variety of colors!

When I saw this dress, I had high hopes it would be great for vacay. When it arrived, I was so pleased with the quality, comfort, hemline, and more!

I don’t purchase books very often, but I really wanted to read Emily Giffin’s new book, and didn’t want to wait for library availability. I’ve started it and am enjoying it!

Nothing says summer and Amazon like tank tops, dresses, travel necessities, and a book! What have you Primed lately?

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7 thoughts on “Prime Purchases: July 2022

  1. I think you might be better off with the plastic hangers than the velvet ones. I have all velvet in my closet, but they break easily, just snap in half! And I have purchased them all over and they’re different brands so I can’t even fault one particular brand. My husband and sons refuse to use them – ha!! I tried to convert them and they wanted no part because they cling to the necklines of their shirts, they all prefer plastic.
    I enjoyed reading about your pucrhases!

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  2. I love the clear bags and of course the packing cubes as well! The gray hangers are so nice looking too. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


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