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Prime Purchases: August 2022

Hello! I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of August. The summer flew by!

I love this link up with Tanya when we share our Prime Purchases for the month.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the “Little Miss” sayings going around, and I feel like I can relate to so many of them, but this one takes the cake:


When I started to organize this post, I did a double take.

Y’all, I swear I went at least two weeks without buying anything from Amazon, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. A few items were bought in June before our Mexico trip, a few after, and then, of course, we’re on a Back to School time crunch, so I made a few purchases over the weekend.

Here are my purchases:

Summer Staples:

  • Y’all know I love a beach hat. I have a tried and true beach hat that I’ve had a for a few years, but I wanted one that I wouldn’t mind if it got wet and that’s easy to pack. This one fit the bill, and it perfect!
  • Before vacation, I got a pedicure, and chose Mexico City Move-Mint as the color. I decided to order it in case I needed a touch up, and it’s officially my summer color!
  • I’ve shared my love for this cover up last month, and I wore it in blue so much, that I decided to snag it in navy. This cover up is the best.

My lake outfit is brought to you by Amazon. 😂 I’m even wearing my favorite swimsuit from last year under the cover up. Even my sunglasses are from Amazon back in the spring!


I wanted a few clothing options before Mexico and picked up this dress and sleeveless top.

  • This dress is perfection. It’s perfect to wear and then also easy to wear as a base with a cardigan or sweatshirt. I wore it on vacation a couple of times. Then, I wore it home on the plane with a sweatshirt on top. I know I will wear it to school with a cardigan for sure!
  • This sleeveless top is great with jeans, white denim or shorts! It has a sheer lining, but I added a tan cami under it to be on the safe side. It ties in the back which is cute.
  • Hadley needed a “super hero” shirt for camp, and chose this one (women’s sizing), and it was perfect.
Paired this outfit with my fave summer sandals.


Let’s just say that I was definitely influenced with my accessory purchases this month. Landyn shared this watch band, and Amy shared these headbands.

  • I never have been one to change my watch bands, so it was time for a new one. I love that this one allows for the watch to just slip on your wrist, and there are many color options.
  • These headbands are just what I needed, especially for day 3 hair! 😂 I decided to get the three pack, and I love them all. I’ve worn them all day a few times without any issues.

Am I a headband person now or what?! 😆

Few more faves:

  • Ok, I’ve shared before that my only Homer “regret” is not reading the fine print on his fur length. He’s a shedding machine. We’ve had him now for three years, and through the years, I’ve bought a hand held vacuum and a super heavy duty tape roller to try to control the hair situation, especially on our couch and blankets. Jenn shared this on stories, and it’s the best answer I’ve had so far to collecting hair. Better yet, you just empty the roll after each use…no sticky tape or batteries required. I’ve been using it for a month, and it’s helped so much. I now see why it was has over 116,000 reviews!
  • Travis wanted a smaller tumbler for water (beer) before Mexico. My Gma needed a birthday gift idea for him, and he suggested this 20oz tumbler as an idea. He’s used it so much, and took it to both Mexico (to keep his cervezas cold) and KC this summer (to beat the heat and drink water). It comes in a variety of colors.
  • We’ve belonged to our pool for five years, and I’ve never purchased chair clips to secure our towels. Before vacation, Travis suggested getting some to take in our pool bag. I saw these straps, and they were perfect (& easy to pack!)

Back to school

I’m prepping for our Back to School Brinner. While I tend to use the same supplies, I wanted to add a few more decorations to the kitchen and the table.

  • This banner is perfect for the mantle.
  • I picked up these table decorations too. I just thought they’d be a fun edition.

Every year, I buy the kids books that usually have the upcoming grade in the title. That’s been a little more difficult in middle school but I found a couple books I think both kids will like. Also, they both appear to be books in a series, so if they like them, I can buy other books in the series later.

Lastly, Hadley needed a new back pack. My kids seem to be on an every 2-3 year back pack rotation (Hayden got a new one last year). She chose this one, and I told her it should last her until college!

Shew! So many things, but Amazon sure is the place to go for vacay, back to school and all the things in between.

What have you been Priming lately?

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Prime Purchases: July 2022

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. We sure did.

I’m linking up with Tanya for this month’s Prime Purchases. I love this link up because it’s so fun to see what others have purchased.

This month I bought:

The best purchase I made during my closet purge were these acrylic shelf dividers. These bad boys will help my clothes stay organized, and I’m able to see what I have on my shelves a lot easier now! I purchased two six packs and used them all!

During my re-organization, I decided to use all the same hangers. I have now purchased this pack of hangers four times throughout the year. Of course, it would be nice to splurge on the velvet hangers for my closet, but these gray ones at least streamline the look of my closet now. (The kids use them in their closets too!)

I purchased another set of these packing cubes for our July travels. I now have them in blue, gray, and teal.

Travis asked for these wireless earbuds for Father’s Day. He likes the kind that go behind your ears, so he knows they will stay on when he jogs. So far, he loves them.

I purchased these cosmetic bags to divvy up in the family for travel. Hadley can use one for her face products, we will use one for sunscreen, another for phone/watch/Kindle chargers, and more! They are TSA approved too!

This tank is light weight and perfect for summer. It comes in a variety of colors!

When I saw this dress, I had high hopes it would be great for vacay. When it arrived, I was so pleased with the quality, comfort, hemline, and more!

I don’t purchase books very often, but I really wanted to read Emily Giffin’s new book, and didn’t want to wait for library availability. I’ve started it and am enjoying it!

Nothing says summer and Amazon like tank tops, dresses, travel necessities, and a book! What have you Primed lately?

{this post contains Amazon affiliate links…thank you for supporting my blog}

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Prime Purchases: November 2021

Hello! The Halloween costumes are put away, so now it’s time to start thinking about birthday gifts for my kids, turkey, and of course, Christmas gift ideas. November and December are very overwhelming months for me. I need to start making a list (and checking it twice!) I’m hoping Amazon will be of big help like in years past!

Since it’s the first Tuesday of the month, I’m linking up with Tanya for her this month’s Prime Purchases.

This month month I bought:

I have these 7/8 leggings in gray and black. I purchased another pair in navy. I can’t say enough good things about these leggings. I love the length, the angled hem, and the side pocket. My other pairs have held up nicely, and are the perfect fit.

7/8 leggings

I purchased this dress to wear to Keeneland with friends a few weeks ago. It’s pretty, flowy and comfy!

Flowy 3/4 sleeve dress

I wanted a bigger purse for fall and winter. I still use my messenger bag, but sometimes I want something that will hold more. I guess in the cooler and colder months, I feel like I have more to carry. I loved the look of this purse, and it also has the cross body option. I’d been missing a purse that has pockets, and I love that this one has so many storage options. I purchased the gray brown gun metal color, and I love it.

Hobo Purse

Hadley and her friends decided to make their costumes pretty simple, and they each were a different animal for Halloween. Of course, I would have bought Hadley a costume anyway, but the fact that she will wear this onsie as pajamas was a win as well. The past two Christmases, I’ve given her onsie animal pjs (from Target), so I knew she’d wear this one over time as well.

Giraffe onsie

A quick and easy costume and cozy pjs…what more can she ask for?!

I usually put Christmas lights up around my white board at school in the winter months. I decided I wanted something for year round, so I ordered this pack of string lights.


I put them up in my classroom within minutes. They come with a remote with different settings, but I just keep them on the regular setting. Students get distracted enough without the help of flashing lights!

I’m very pleased with my Prime Purchases this month. What have you been Priming?

We don’t have school today, so I’m going to get caught up on my weekend chores! Tomorrow, I’m sharing the details from our fun and festive Halloween.

Thanks so much for reading,

{this post contains Amazon affiliate links…}