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Friday Favorites {#111}

Hello and Happy Friday! Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend. {me!}

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Most of the favorites this week center around my kids’ activities, but that really is my life most days after school.

Some favorites from the week…

How they do middle school track around here is during the week, the meets are A or B meets with certain events for each meet. So, those meets shouldn’t go past 8:30. Then, the Friday night meets are invitationals where there are more schools (and schools out of our district) and they take the top two athletes for each event. These meets run longer (11:30 PM or so!), but provide a fun atmosphere.

Hayden ran in the invitational last Friday night and ran his fastest mile ever! He’s hit his stride (literally and figuratively) this season. Hadley was there to cheer him on.

On Saturday, we watched cousin Wyatt place in his baseball game. He did great.

Saturday night was the long-awaited Chris Stapleton concert at Kroger Field. It was the first ever concert there, and it was a blast. We saw Chris Stapleton in 2018 at a small venue in Cincinnati. When the Kroger Field concert was planned for Lexington, we jumped at the chance to see him again. Well, this was in fall of 2019 for a spring 2020 concert…which got pushed to April 2021…which got pushed to April 2022. We actually declined our original tickets last year, and then purchased some last week because we didn’t want to miss his performance.

We met up with neighbors (friends) for a few drinks before the concert.

There was an opening act that we missed, but we got there right as (Missouri girl!) Sheryl Crow was singing. She is 60 and fabulous. She played so many great songs.

Then, it was Willie Nelson’s turn. Y’all, he’s 88 years old, and he still put on a pretty good performance.

Then, it was time for Stapleton. He was ahhhmazing! The only bonus of having to wait two years to see him was the fact that he had more songs to play! He played for two hours, and the concert ended at 11.

The weather was perfection, we had great seats, and we ran into so many people we know. I’m so glad that we didn’t miss out on these amazing performances.

Another favorite was the kids in their “Sunday best.” It was “Baptism Sunday” at church, so we loved watching so many friends make such an important life decision.

For Monday night’s track meet, the kids were dodging raindrops…but look at that rainbow…

Unfortunately, we found out that Hadley had strep on Tuesday. She wasn’t feeling well on Monday, but still ran in the track meet. On Tuesday, I let her stay home and ended up taking her to the dr. So, she missed a couple of days of school this week, and her Wednesday track meet. She was bummed about that, but she seems to be doing better now.

Again, more track and baseball this week. Hayden did an awesome job pitching on Tuesday night, and had a PR in the 3200 on Wednesday night. Monday night, Hadley ran the 800 and the first leg of a relay, and did awesome despite not feeling well.

Monday meet for both, baseball for Hayden, and meet for Hayden on Wednesday

Homer snuggles are a favorite when you don’t feel well.

Hadley made me a friendship bracelet. How sweet.

Favorite Kid Quote

I told Hayden not to give in to Homer’s begging. He still fed him a chip. When I looked at him, he said, “Well, at least they are healthy.” 🤣

Favorite Mom Meme:

This meme was made for my kids 😂

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

There’s nothing better than sleeping littles in pjs. This is from 2013, and so sweet.

Weekly Recap:

This week’s posts started with some laughs, followed by a few outfit ideas in my new white jeans, and then all about vacation planning.

What are your weekend plans? We literally have nothing going on this weekend, but we are triple booked for today with day and evening activities.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#111}

  1. It sounds like a busy week with all the sports and an illness too. The concert looks so fun! We saw Willie Nelson a few years ago at a smaller venue, and he put on quite a show. Really amazing for his age! I guess he’ll never retire! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. The concert sounds so fun! I can’t not get over how late your track meets run; our high school track events start at 3 (ish) and run ’til about 6 with 3 or 4 school participating in each one. My son even has one next Wednesday that starts at noon (it’s a championship so we’re thinking lots of schools and probably a much longer meet) but the kids all get excused absences for the afternoon.

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    1. I know. It’s crazy how late the Friday meets can be. There are probably five of them. They can leave when they are finished running but hayden was in one of the last events last week 😂 that’s so fun to have a daytime one in the week. The athletes probably love that


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