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Monday Memes

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was really good. We had a late night Friday night watching Hayden run at an invitational track meet, and another late night on Saturday at the Chris Stapleton concert at Kroger Field.

Y’all- we were up until midnight two nights in a row. I couldn’t complain on Sunday because Travis actually got up at 4am to head to Louisville to meet clients and watch Derby horses workout.

Thankfully, yesterday provided some time to get ready for the week as well as a quick nap! The weather was beautiful for the entire weekend which was such a bonus.

With the month of April wrapping up, it’s time to look at some favorite memes that are both relatable and funny.


Nothing says Monday (especially this Monday) like this meme:


To go along with meme #1…


Y’all! I do thisssss! 😬


Hadley had a candy necklace recently and then I saw this meme 🤣


Kroger pharmacy has changed the process for refilling prescriptions when you call…Instead of pressing 1 or 2 or whatever, I have to say what I want…and I hate it. This is who I am now…

That being said, if I can actually speak to a person, you better believe I’m saying “representative.” 🤣


Pro tip. When Homer wakes up in the middle of the night, I lightly nudge Trav and tell him I “heard something.” It’s not a lie. What I heard was Homer, but hey, while he’s up, he can let Homer out 😉




I definitely do this! Even the first thing I jot down on our running grocery list goes on the list according to where it is in the store. (Produce up top, etc)


My worst nightmare is replying all by accident!


I’m embarrassed to admit to how bad I am at following GPS instructions…

I hope to post pretty regularly this week! We do have lots going on, so I will just take it day by day.

I hope you have a great one!

6 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. All of these are so relatable! I needed another day in my weekend because I chose fun more than I should have! The weather was perfection! Ok – my last 5 day week for a bit! I hope I can do this…
    Have a great Monday!


  2. Lol at the GPS one! I can’t tell you how many wrong turns we made in Ireland because the Google Maps was telling us in kilometers!! I was like “ugh, I think it’s the next right?” Only for it to be the second right or whatever 😆


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