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Twenty Minutes in Trader Joe’s

Y’all know that my love for Trader Joe’s runs deep. I used to go every few weeks and then every other week, and now I’m to the point that I pop in there once a week.

I’ve shared Trader Joe’s hauls before, but this is a peek at what I grabbed during a quick pit stop at my favorite place.


  • These Carb Savvy tortillas are the perfect size for my lunches. I use them for shrimp tacos..
  • or sandwich rollups with a slice of cheese, turkey, arugula, red pepper, and some mustard.

Those are two of my favorite lunches.

In the frozen section:

  • We all love the Chicken Fried Rice, but that’s usually Hadley’s #1 request (besides a box of the White Cheddar Shells mac and cheese)
  • Amy suggested these Mini French Baguettes, and oh my word…they are great! I put them in the air fryer and served them with our pasta dinner the other night.

*I typically buy so many things from the freezer section, but we were stocked up on mini tacos, taquitos, nuggets, and more.

Leafy greens:

  • I usually buy a bagged salad or two, but this time, I picked up arugula (for my sandwich roll ups and quick salads), chopped lettuce for tacos, and then one of my favorite bagged salads: Southwestern Chopped Salad. (This bag provides 2-3 lunches)

Meats and (and sometimes cheese):

  • I don’t always buy Prosciutto, but I thought that it sounded good on some arugula with shaved Parm and a squeeze of lemon. That’s a “go to” dinner salad for me sometimes.
  • Hayden loves Chomps, so I always pick up a few each week for him to snack on.
  • I also, love the Havarti Dill Cheese. I am trying to be better about limiting dairy, so I didn’t pick any up this time.


I’ve shared many times how much I rely on Kroger’s Clicklist, and also that I’ve never minded them picking out my produce. That being said, once I started going to Trader Joe’s almost weekly, I decided to do Clicklist for 80% of my groceries, and then just pick up most of my produce on my own while at TJ’s. This has worked out really well, so I will continue doing this if I know I will be visiting Trader Joe’s during the week. So, I typically pick up:

  • strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and English cucumbers (Hadley and I love those). I also love the bags of small Honeycrisp apples that Trader Joe’s has, so I usually pick those up each week, but didn’t need any this time.

Dips and chips:

  • Trader Joe’s has an awesome chip and cracker selection, but this time I only picked up the Corn Chip Dippers. I got two bags because the kids love them, and I need one bag for an upcoming dinner.
  • The Vegan Tzatsiki Dip and the Buffalo Chicken Dip are two faves. The Tzatsiki Dip is perfect with crackers, and the Buffalo Chicken Dip is a hit with the corn chips. That being said, I’m using both to eat with veggies.

Sweet treats:

I usually pick up a sweet treat for Hadley’s lunchbox or dessert at home. Trader Joe’s has (too) many wonderful options. My kids love the Molasses Cookies, Peanut Butter Cups, S’mashing S’mores, and more. These Honey Grahams with Sea Salt are what I picked up this time, and they are wonderful as well.

Flowers and Greenery:

In the spring and summer months, I don’t leave Trader Joe’s without some flowers, and I will occasionally pick up a plant.

I picked up these three on my last Trader Joe’s visit:

…of note: I don’t know most plant and flowers names…I just go with what I like! (Although, when Trader Joe’s briefly has peonies in the summer months, I stock up! I love peonies)

  • The small flower is perfect for my kitchen island tray.
  • The roses were perfect for February, and…
  • I knew I wanted a plant for the new stool that I purchased.

…but then I couldn’t decide which one looked better on the stool.

I settled on the plant, and put the roses on the tray on my coffee table. I like to move things around, so I may mix it up.

So, those were the items I got from my quick stop into Trader Joe’s. Honestly, this was more like Ten Minutes in Trader Joe’s, but I didn’t want to brag! 😉

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s items?

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

10 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes in Trader Joe’s

  1. I agree – second one on the stool! I have a cute stool in my Amazon cart right now and I saw that ALDI has some! Tom will not forgo Fritos Scoops for the Trader Joe’s versión. I tried. I love the chocolate covered graham crackers. I like the idea of produce at TJs. Now that you have your air fryer the frozen foods will be even better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! We use the AF for all things frozen. My kids know how to use that button 🤣 frito scoops are legit! I’m going to share my stool in next week’s Amazon share but I know there are lots of cute options


  2. We love Trader Joe’s but ours here in Knoxville is not very large. I will have to look for those plants… I, like you, always buy the flowers! Those chocolate covered sea salt honey grahams are awesome and I don’t even buy the peanut butter cups unless they are going out the door straight away. Same with a dark chocolate sea salt caramels. The buffalo chicken dip is my family’s favorite and I have gotten my in-laws hooked on their vegetable fried rice… Only Trader Joe’s version 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So many good options. I have to limit what sweets I buy because even I can’t resist 🤣 our TJ isn’t very big, but that being said, I don’t know if I’ve ever been in another TJ to compare


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