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Monday Memes

Hello! How was your weekend? We had a great one, but it was busy. Really busy. Hayden had five basketball games in 24 hours followed by Hadley’s dance competition in Louisville Saturday evening. I’m really thankful to have this Monday off to get organized for the week and have some much needed downtime.

Today, I’m sharing some memes that made me laugh this month!


Y’all, I slayed Keyboarding 1 and Keyboarding 2 in high school. Loved those classes.


I mean, am I wrong? 😉


I feel seen.


Ahh! The Olympics are wrapping up. I’m always so amazed by these athletes.


This is very relatable 🤣


How can no one in my family ever hear me when I call for them or say something? I always remind them that we don’t live in a big house…and my voice carries!


I’m sure you’ve seen this meme floating around Instagram post-Super Bowl. So funny and so true!


This is definitely a good idea!

Funny stuff, right?!

Have a great week. Mine is starting off with no alarm and unlimited coffee!

4 thoughts on “Monday Memes

    1. Memorial auditorium & then we stayed at Aloft hotel. Hadley and I grabbed a bagel at Nancy’s Bagels (Payne street bake shop) before heading home yesterday. I wish we had more time, but had to get back to Lex


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