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Prime Purchases: January 2022

Hello! Today, I have a big post of lots of Amazon goodness from the past month. So much of my Christmas shopping came from Amazon as well as gift ideas I gave to family. Today, I’m sharing the first Prime Purchases post of 2022.

As always, I’m linking up with Tanya.

I organized today’s post based on a few purchases for home and myself along with some gifts for the kids, Travis, and myself.

Home + Me:

I ordered this oversized sweater in hopes that it would be perfect to wear with leggings, and it didn’t disappoint. I chose the green color because I wanted to wear it to holiday parties with my Spanx leather leggings. This sweater is perfect, and I’ve already worn it so many times. It comes in a variety of colors too!

I also have worn it to school and to church with black pants and heels.

‘Tis the season for needing tissues! I always hate having the Kleenex box on the counter, but this cover (I got it in pastel gray) helps make the tissues blend in with the decor. I even bought one for a smaller gift for my Gma, and it comes in a variety of colors.

I’ve shared these lunch box notes many times, and I keep purchasing them time and time again. The sayings are perfect, they are printed on card stock, and Hadley loves receiving them in her lunches.

I rarely use the term “life changing,” but if you drink tea and don’t have an electric kettle, I’m telling you that this one is a must. I’ve been trying to drink tea instead of coffee some days, and this kettle is amazing. Two cups of water is boiling in about three minutes. No more waiting for the kettle on the stove top to boil. My mom also used it when she last visited to make her tea.


I was in need a few replacement items for my kitchen. I asked for these three items and received them from my mother-in-law as gifts. I’ve already used all of them quite a few times, and they are just what I needed to refresh my utensils and cookware.

I got these measuring cups in “mint,” and they also come in gray, navy, pink, and white. I love the rose gold handle detail.

This silicone 5 piece utensil set is just what I needed to update my outdated utensils. Besides the mint color, this set also comes in black, black/white, blue and white, multicolor (so fun!), navy and pink.

I threw out two griddles once I received this new non-stick square griddle. My other two had seen better days, and this one is perfect for our needs.


I thought these socks were fun for Hayden. He’s on his Xbox right now as I work on this post!

I got Travis this beanie with LED light last year, and I knew it would be perfect for Hayden too.


Hadley requested a planner (and PaperMate pens!) for Christmas. I thought this planner was perfect for her. This planner is the smaller size and includes stickers.

Middle school has been quite the adjustment with managing deadlines, to do lists, and homework. Hadley likes to work in her room, and I thought this lap desk would be perfect for her to sit, work on her computer, and have a space for her phone and other materials. (full disclosure: I believe this was on sale when I bought it)

Hadley asked for this straightening brush, and I’d never heard of a product like this before. It has been perfect for her to run through her hair in the morning to both brush and smooth out her waves. Maybe she will let me borrow it?


As I mentioned earlier, Travis has the beanie with LED light, but I thought this blue tooth beanie would be another great option for him to wear on his runs.

Travis spends many days in January working outside, so I thought these hot socks would be perfect for keeping his feet warm.These socks are insulated and are designed trap in the heat.

Lastly, I don’t know how we’ve survived all these years of baseball without a wagon to cart our stuff to and from. During this past cross country season, I realized how beneficial the wagon would be, and teased Travis that he needed one to keep up with all the other coaches. Obviously, we can use this for baseball, cross country, the beach, and other times too!

This was his “big” gift from us, and I felt good about buying it because it has over 6,000 five star reviews. He was pleased with the purchase, and I’m sure we will get lots of use out of it.

Shew! That was quite the list. So many great things! That being said, I’ve shared before that my “dry” January is my promise to Travis that I will not spend much money coming off the holidays and the kids’ November birthday! So, my February Prime Purchases will probably be much shorter!

I love that Tanya hosts this link up, and I can’t wait to see what others have purchased!

I hope your week is off to a great start. I’m headed back to reality today!

{this post contains Amazon affiliate links…}

12 thoughts on “Prime Purchases: January 2022

      1. Ah, thanks. I really should not order any sweaters. I just cannot wear them M-F so I have plenty to get me through on the weekends. I thought I would pass out in my sweater on Tuesday!

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  1. I love your kitchen refresh with the mint color! When we moved to England, I discovered that everyone there owns a kettle. I love having one now, for tea, instant oatmeal, instant coffee and many other things too! Thanks so much for linking up and happy new year!


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