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Birthday Recap

Hello! Well, we’ve had a couple of twelve-year-olds in the house for a couple of days now, and not much has changed. When is it that they will start acting like they are 12? #askingforafriend

All kidding aside, they had a wonderful birthday full of fun with friends and lots of cake.

Here’s a recap of how we celebrated Hayden and Hadley turning the big 1-2!

On Friday, after school, I picked up a cookie cake for them from Great American Cookies. Their cookie cakes are the best and never disappoint.

Then, I picked the kids and a few of their friends up from school. We came home for a bit to wait for their other friends to arrive before heading to Sky Zone.

This was such an easy activity for them at this age, and a great way to burn some energy. We bought passes for them to jump for 1 and 1/2 hours which was the perfect amount of time.

While I’m sometimes sad at home quickly time seems to be flying by, I wasn’t sad about the fact that I got to just sit on the Sky Zone couch with Travis while the kids did their thing. I saw a few parents of little ones having to wear the orange Sky Zone socks and jump with their kids, and that’s a “no” for me at this point in my life 😉

Also, this age is so funny. These kids all pretty much know each other, but as soon as we arrived, the boys and girls split up. During the last thirty minutes or so, they started to all hang together. #tweenlife

After Sky Zone, we went to Grimaldis for pizza. This group of ten seemed to have so much fun. They talked, laughed, and acted silly. Hayden and Hadley opened their gifts while we waited on the pizza. Then, these kids crushed two huge pizzas!

Then, we sang Happy Birthday to them (actually, the entire restaurant ended up doing so), and they enjoyed the cookie cake.

Grimaldis is in a neat little shopping area, and even though it was 35 degrees outside, the kids wanted to go see the tree.

Of course, the girls couldn’t resist a good photo op…

or two…

before convincing the boys to join in for a group photo…

…or two!

(I really do love this group photo – great kids and a pretty back drop!)

Then, we divided and conquered with Travis taking the boys home while I dropped the girls off at their houses. We were home around 9:00, and it was a great evening filled with fun and friends!

November 20th:

The thing about having older kids whose birthday is on a Saturday is they sleep in which gave me a bit more time for set up. Travis went and got donuts while I put the finishing touches on their presents.

Then, it was time to celebrate them during breakfast.

They opened gifts and then went outside to see their birthday signs.

This sign gets me every time. This also means I’ve been a mom for 12 years, 144 months, and 4,382 days! Time is certainly flying by.

They obliged (barely) for the birthday balloon photo. They look so grown up!

Later in the evening, my brother and his family came over for cake! Cake with the cousins. What could be better?

One more “Happy Birthday to YOU!”

Then, they stayed for a bit to watch the MIZZOU game while Hayden, Travis, and cousin Wyatt went to Hayden’s basketball game. Hadley had a dear friend spend the night, so I took the girls to Target and then out for a quick dinner.

Mama was tired, and was counting the minutes until bedtime!

On Sunday, we met up with my brother-in-law’s family for hibachi. His son’s birthday was that day, so we had fun celebrating the cousins.

The kids had a great 24(+) hours filled with friends, fun and tons of cake! We’re certainly blessed that so many friends and family took the time to celebrate them with calls, texts, and attending their part(ies).

I have one more post this week, so I will see you back here tomorrow!

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    1. My friend has twins, and their party is always on the Sunday before Thanksgiving…so it’s always a busy weekend and then we still had regular sports activities. I’m tired on top of tired but it was a fun weekend.

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