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Gift Ideas

…for tweens?

Since the kids just had their birthday, I thought I’d share my purchases for them.

For the kids’ birthday, I try to stick with a plan. I typically buy a book for them to read, Christmas pjs, something to wear/need and couple of “wants” as well.

These are the gifts I bought for their 12th birthday.


I thought these golf balls were so fun. He won’t be playing golf until the spring, but since he loves all the sports, I figured these would be perfect for him.

Of course, Hayden loves baseball and reading, so I thought this book would be perfect for him.

This Xbox game was literally the only thing Hayden asked for as a birthday gift. I got it on sale at Target for $30. That’s not the current price, so I definitely got lucky and saved a few bucks.

I didn’t want to give up my Christmas PJ tradition just because the kids are getting older. I figured Hayden wouldn’t want a matching set, so I ordered these fleece pajama joggers for curbside pick up at Old Navy. There are lots of pattern options, and you can’t beat the price.

My kids, Hayden more than Hadley, love a Vineyard Vines t-shirt. I only buy VV when there is a sale. I snagged this t-shirt for Hayden at the end of the summer. While he will wear them to get my money’s worth, I still hate paying full price for an expensive t-shirt, so I keep my eye out for the sales.


Hadley is always pretty easy to buy for because she likes just about anything, but can be a bit picky about clothes.

Hadley loooovvvees popcorn. So, when Tina (to_mimishousewego) shared this popcorn popper, I knew Hadley would love it. Hadley had a friend spend the night on Saturday, and they used it to pop some popcorn before they watched a movie.

It was so easy to use, and I’m glad I got the bigger size because it popped enough for them to share with Travis 😉

The American Girl series has come in handy with great reference books through the years. Since Hadley is fresh off of passing her babysitting class, I thought this book would be perfect for her.

I picked up this nightgown for Hadley as her Christmas PJs. Even though the packaging said xs, when she tried it on, she realized the tag said xl! So, we returned it. While there, Hadley said she preferred the matching PJ set, so we went with that. I have last year’s version of this nightgown and love it.

(Looks like all of these plaid options are on sale through today!)

Pajama Nightgown
Pj set

Fun fact: I always pick myself up a pair of new Christmas pajamas, so I snagged this set on our trip to Target too.

PJ set

Hadley wears sweatshirts and leggings on repeat. There’s nothing wrong with that, but around the holidays, I do try to buy a couple of items that she could wear to church, family gatherings, or even to school. This sweater was cute, but on the shorter side, so we did return it.

The sweater is on sale for $10 right now.

She went with me to make the returns, and found this sweater that she loved:


It’s on sale for ($17.50), and will be perfect with leggings and booties for Thanksgiving.

Guess what?! I have it in the coral color!

I can’t believe we are to the point where we like some of the same clothes. I warned her that I had the same sweater, and she still wanted it in the gray color.

Last but not least, I saw this candle shared on a few different gift guides. The delivery date was for December, so I went ahead and ordered it for Hadley for a Christmas gift. Well, it arrived pretty quickly, but I’m still saving it for a Christmas gift. I went ahead and opened it, and it’s so cute and smells so good! I think she will enjoy it when she opens it on Christmas day.

I know so many bloggers/influencers share gift guides, and sometimes I feel like there are so many that it can be overwhelming. These are just a few ideas of gifts my kids seemed to enjoy when opening them up on their birthday! A few of the ideas could work for adults too!

I’m going to take the rest of the week off from blogging to spend time with family! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I definitely am thankful for this community.

Take care,

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