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This or That: Halloween Edition

Hello! How’s your week going? So far, so good for us!

Shay shared This or That: Halloween on Insta Stories, and I thought it was so festive and fun.

Here are my answers!

  • Vampire or Witches: Witches would be my choice. One of my favorite Halloween costumes when I was a kid was when I went as a witch!
  • Sour or Chocolate: Unfortunately, I have quite the sweet tooth, so chocolate all the way!
  • Apples or Pumpkins: Uh…how many pumpkins is too many pumpkins? The only way I know how to decorate for fall is to just put out more pumpkins!
  • Trick or Treat: See above when I said I have a sweet tooth. Definitely treat! I have a candy stash at school for my students, and I try to be good and not treat myself too often.
  • Snickers or Kit Kat: Honestly, I love both, but I do love a Snickers….especially if it’s been in the fridge.
  • Scary Movies or Scary Books: Scary books over scary movies for sure. I love a good thriller!
  • Costume or Graphic Tee: How about both? Graphic tee (or sweatshirt) for me, and costumes for the kids.

I just purchased this sweatshirt recently from EverlyGrayce Etsy Shop, and I love it. I wore it last Friday to school, and got so many compliments. You can’t be the price tag either!

Costumes for the kids through the years…

  • Chili or Soup: Again, both! But if I had to choose, then chili. I make chili pretty often whether it’s the Major’s chili or Chicken Chili.
  • Casper or Hocus Pocus: While I like both movies, Casper is so cute!
  • Skittles or Sour Patch Kids: My kids love Sour Patch Kids, and now I do too. They get them pretty often, and I always ask for a few!

How would you answer this or that? What’s your favorite thing about Halloween? Less than two weeks, and my kids still don’t know what they are going to be. Oh how times have changed…

6 thoughts on “This or That: Halloween Edition

  1. Definitely witches, chocolate, apples, treats, kit kat, books (though not too scary as I am a wuss), neither costume or graphic tee, soup, Casper and Skittles.

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