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Friday Favorites {#65}

Hey, hey! It’s Friday! Per usual, it’s been a busy week, and we’ve even had some crazy weather! I can’t believe we only have about four weeks of school left! Of course, that also means the end of the year craziness mixed with an already hectic spring schedule, but summer is on the horizon, and I’m here for it!

I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

We’ve seen lots of baseball in the past week. We went to my school’s high school game last Friday night. Then, on Saturday, we watched cousin Wyatt play his game.

Then, Wyatt (and fam!) came to Hayden’s game.

Hayden’s game on Wednesday we postponed due to the freezing temps and snow!

On Friday night, we tried a new gourmet hot dog place. We all love hotdogs (except for Hadley who settled on the chili cheese fries!) I can’t say “no” to a corndog, so that’s what I got, and Travis tried the “Ranch Dog” which looked so good. Hayden had the chili dog. We hope to go back when the weather is warmer and sit outside. The restaurant has such a picturesque setting!

Trav’s Ranch Dog

The kids’ service project has been a favorite. They baked and delivered cookies for church members this week.

They also wrote notes to those who were receiving the goodies.

Trader Joe’s flowers continue to be a favorite. I went to TJ on Sunday, and picked up some tulips. They look so pretty in the morning sunlight.

Well, it’s April, but 5th grade photos are in! They turned out so cute, and I love the background.

For perspective, here they are in kindergarten. We’ve gone from toothless grins to braces. #holdme

While snow in April isn’t a favorite, this is April in Kentucky, y’all! *English teacher nerd alert: one of my favorite literary terms to teach is “juxtaposition.” That’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the snow on the beautiful flowers on Wednesday morning.

Favorite Mom Meme:

I feel this meme deeply. Besides always wanting a bite of whatever I have, Hayden always asks for a sip of my Diet Coke, and ends up chugging half the bottle!

I saw this one on Instagram and literally laughed out loud.

{Ramblin’ Mama is so funny!}

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

Since today’s post had so many baseball photos, this 2014 photo of Trav and the kids before their first ever Wee Ball game, is appropriate. It was always fun having both kids on the same team!

Hayden with his hand on his chin is just too much!

Weekly Recap:

I was able to post every day this week! #whoamI ?! Here they are in case you missed one!

What are your plans for the weekend? We have a baseball game and Hadley’s dance competition, so those two things will definitely keep us busy. I think the weekend (and next week) looks to have warmer weather which is welcomed after our cold temps this week. See you back here Monday.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#65}

  1. I think I’m doing Trader Joe’s tomorrow am and I may copy your tulip idea! They look so lovely! What a week! Baseball and hotdogs – so American summer! Lol! We have a gourmet hot dog place too but I never think of it. Love a good hot dog from time to time. Trader Joe’s turkey corn dogs are good and my 3 guys really like!

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  2. My guys love the Turkey corn dogs from TJs that Amy mentioned. That is a lot of baseball but it’s so fun to watch! I’m so jealous that you have a month of school left! We have 7 weeks 😳 and it’s alternately flying by or going at a snail’s pace. Have a great weekend!

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