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April Monday Memes

Hello! How was your weekend? We had a good one! Friday was a pretty relaxed evening, and I went to be early! On Saturday, Hayden had an early game…in the rain! Then, I ran to Trader Joe’s, did laundry, prepped for Hadley’s dance competition, and did other household chores. On Sunday, Hadley had a very early call time for the competition! We enjoyed the performances, followed by lunch, and then headed back home to Lexington to pick up groceries, take Hadley to a birthday party, take Hayden to meet with his mentor, do laundry and prep for the week!

While Friday evening was lowkey, I swear the rest of the weekend was a blur!

WordPress told me that today is my 350th post, and I’m “celebrating” that with a funny Monday Memes post.


This one made me LOL. I will say that I tend to fall back on sarcasm when I’m feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed.


I feel seen.


I’m not ever super late, but this meme actually reminded me more of Travis. Not that he’s typically late, but I tend to add 15 minutes to “I’m almost home,” when that’s his response to my “When will you be home?”


I can’t quit pjs and comfy clothes!


I always joke about having FOMO…I at least want to be invited places even if I have to turn down the invitation.


I try really hard not to make eye contact with any in store surveillance camera.


You think I’d be in waaayyy better shape! (Although with the warmer weather, I’ve made the transition to White Claws!) 😉


I’ve seen this meme many times, and it makes me laugh.


Can’t quit the ‘gram 😂


This one is so funny! Nothing makes me panic more than rising gas prices!!

Every Monday needs to start with a little bit of humor! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great week.

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